Autism Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Autism tattoos are a great way for people to show their support and awareness of the condition. You might think that there are only a couple of ways to show your support for autism through a tattoo, but there are actually a bunch of ways that you can do it. Below you will find all of the information that you’ll ever need regarding autism tattoos and all of the autism tattoos meanings.

With such a large spectrum of disorders, Autism is a special condition that has sparked a lot of support, awareness, and a path to understanding. Tattoos capture this process of understanding and caring while conveying a tone of acceptance.

This is important to point out because these are not the types of tattoos that you get to bring attention to yourself, but rather to a cause. None of the autism tattoos that you’ll find on this page are flashy at all, yet they are as meaningful as or more meaningful than just about any highly detailed tattoo that you can get.

The official symbol of Autism awareness and support is a puzzle piece often colored with a motley of rainbow shades. This is an excellent symbol to get because you can have it designed any way that you want it so it can fit where you want it to be placed. The color of the rainbow shades is completely up to you, though this symbol is most commonly seen with lighter-shaded colors.

A solid blue piece is also commonly used, originating from the Autism Speaks movement before evolving into a brightly colored image. While the multicolored symbol is definitely the more popular version of this autism tattoo, the blue one is still great if you love that color or if you want to use blue as a background in a more elaborate design. For example, some people will shade their puzzle pieces in blue because they want to use the pieces as a water background.

The theme of the autism symbol is to amalgamate the various disorders that fall under the Autism spectrum and highlight the characteristics that make those people unique. This is yet another reason why most people who use the puzzle pieces design choose to use multiple colors. To make this meaning even clearer, you will want to make sure that you get four very distinctive colors so people who see it can recognize that your symbol represents all of the colors of the autism rainbow.

The puzzle piece has been incorporated into many different symbols and images in order to create a bigger and more detailed piece. Often, the puzzle piece can be used within a word, such as replacing the “o” in “hope” or “love”, creating a subtle but beautiful image. What’s great about this is that you can choose any word that you want in your autism tattoo as long as it’s meaningful to you and will continue to be meaningful for years to come.

The puzzle pieces also can be arranged to imitate the petals of a flower or leaves, integrating a nature theme into the image. This is an excellent option for people who also want to represent themselves in the design since every flower comes with its own interesting meanings. If you do go this route, be sure to look up each flower’s meaning that you’re interested in to be sure those meanings work for you and the overall design.

The multicolored puzzle piece is often imaged simply as well, accompanied by a name or birth date. This is the perfect autism tattoo option if you are looking to honor a friend or family member. These are actually really fun to design since you get your choice of colors, fonts, and perhaps other images that symbolize who that special person is to you.

A brightly colored jigsaw puzzle pattern is also used to symbolize Autism. It can be used to fill hearts, butterflies, wings, crosses, and other shapes that represent the passions or interests of the individual. The puzzle itself makes a powerful image, usually with each piece colored differently in a vivid palate. The idea here is that you are making a beautiful piece or set of pieces that accurately describe how you feel about autism or someone who lives with autism.

Occasionally, one piece is missing in autism tattoos, depicting a puzzle that cannot yet be completed. This accurately describes the condition since those inflicted with it often feel like there is more work to be done in many of the things they do. What this design aims to represent is the person’s acknowledging that they are working hard to find closure or contentment in everything they do.

The puzzle piece(s) fit well with the encouraging words “able”, “aware”, “believe”, etc. The phrase “different, not less” is commonly used as well emphasizing the abilities and talents of an autistic person. It asks that the disorder not define the person. As with all other text tattoos, it’s important to look at many fonts before committing so you can be sure it is a design you’ll be happy with for years to come.

The shape of a jigsaw piece can also be incorporated into countless images. It is often removed from a larger image, creating the silhouette of the piece or negative space within the picture. This can potentially end up being an amazing tattoo design. They usually look best when what’s missing from the puzzle is obvious to onlookers yet also brings with it an air of mystery.

There is no set way of making most of these larger designs, so it will come down to your creativity and knowing exactly what you want to convey through your autism tattoo. Of course, you can always just search around for other designs that people have made, but we highly recommend at least tweaking one of those designs to make it your own.

An awareness ribbon filled with the pattern is also used to symbolize Autism, representing support and understanding. This is a great option for anyone looking for a smaller autism tattoo since the ribbon can be of any size you want it to be without losing any meaning. It can work just as well as a chest tattoo as it does a wrist tattoo design. You can even re-design the classic ribbon look a little bit to make the tattoo unique to you.

As with all other designs, it’s important that people think about how they want their autism tattoos to look on their bodies. This means you should first come up with the type of tattoo that you want, and then you’ll need to come up with a size that fits perfectly where you want to place it. The safest way of going about this process is to create multiple designs and then see how each would look on your body. Too many people rush through this part of the process, but you definitely shouldn’t, especially with something as meaningful as an autism tattoo.

Choosing a location for autism tattoos can be a bit tricky, but you can sometimes figure out the best places simply by looking at the shape of the design. For example, a circular design can work well on the shoulder, the calf, the chest, or even the forearm. If you are having any trouble with this part of the process, we highly recommend talking to a local tattoo artist since they can usually give you some ideas for where you can place your autism tattoo or how you can tweak your design to fit well on your body.

What’s really great about autism tattoos is that people rarely regret getting them since they are so meaningful to them. This is one of the most popular “awareness” tattoos going on right now and for good reason. If someone special in your life has autism and you want to show your support for them, an autism tattoo could be a great idea. They’re also wonderful ideas for anyone who works with people who have autism or even for people who have autism themselves.

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