Infant and child tattoos are images chosen that serve as a tribute to a son or daughter, capturing them in their most vulnerable and dependent state. The image of an infant for a parent serves as a link to some of the most cherished and significant memories of that child. Portraits are one of the most common tattoos rendered although there are countless other options.

The portrait is a very difficult and demanding piece that requires a skilled and experienced artist. The face of the child is captured as realistically as possible, serving as a permanent photograph of the beloved baby. Names are often included as well as the date of birth.

Footprints and handprints are another popular choice for tributes dedicated to children. Like a portrait, the image of feet or hand prints are completely unique and capture the child in their infancy. Because feet and hand prints are often pictured with both left and right prints, they can be used to create other images as well. The prints can serve as butterfly wings or flower petals. Baby feet and hands, sometimes enrobed in a baby blanket, can be rendered as well, serving as a memory of their infancy. Names or initials and dates of birth are almost always included, often in a handwritten script to create a fuller image. Heartbeats taken from the child’s first moments of life are sometimes included as well.

Alternatively, just the name of the child can be used, although it is often accompanied by other images, such as a sleeping cartoon baby. Unfortunately, when angelic imagery (angel wings, halos, full clouds and beams of light) is included it often signifies the untimely death of an infant. The tattoo in this way serves as a memorial to the baby that has passed, commemorating an unimaginably difficult period of time.

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