Baphomet Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The Baphomet tattoo is popular amongst those that follow occult and mystical traditions. But the image is much more than that for the people that get the Baphomet tattoo. Baphomet is a mysterious figure with the head of a goat. This figure happens to be in many instances during the history of occultism.

You can imagine with the head of a goat, this might be a pretty wild-looking figure that can be tattooed in many ways. It’s a brave move to get a Baphomet tattoo these days. Regardless of what you think of the occult, a tattoo like this is going to draw eyes for better or worse.

Let’s talk about Baphomet so you have an idea of the tattoo you are thinking about getting. Baphomet appeared first in the trial transcripts for the Knights Templar in the 14th century. By the 19th century, the name had come into the popular English language.

Since back in 1856, the name of Baphomet has been associated with a goat-headed creature that was drawn by Eliphas Levi. Levi was an author of the occult by way of France. Anyways, the essentials of this drawing include elements that stand for the sum total of the universe.

At the time the Baphomet was drawn, Levi’s intention was to create a symbolization of his concept of “the equilibrium of the opposites”. It was a large part of his notion of Astral Light. On the other hand, the Baphomet stands for a sacrilegious tradition that is supposed to give rise to perfect social order.

However, the first time the name Baphomet was seen was in a letter by a crusader by the name of Anselm of Ribemont in 1098. In this letter, Anselm of Ribemont wrote they had “called loudly upon Baphometh” all the while praying silently to God. This was to defeat their enemies.

There is also a strong connection between Baphomet and the Knights Templar. When the Knights Templar were stifled by King Philip IV of France, in 1307, he had many of the French Templars arrested and then tortured these men until they confessed to their transgressions. King Philip also owed a debt to the Knights Templar, so this is one potential reason he had them all arrested.

There were over 100 charges directed at the Knights Templar. The same charges were brought against any enemy of the crown. These included sodomy, heresy, urinating and spitting on the cross. Historians claim there are too many charges to be completely made up and suggest the Templars did spit on the cross.

They were thought to have done so when captured by the Saracens (also known as Arabs) when they invaded the desert. Indeed, it was most likely true they had spit on the cross but only because they were forced to denounce their religion.

During these confessions, Baphomet was brought up on several occasions. One of the main charges against the Templars was the worship of a heathen named Baphomet. During the confessions, the description of Baphomet differed from one Templar to the next. Some described it as a cat, some as a body with a severed head and others as a head with three faces.

However, some of the Templars didn’t admit to worshiping the idol-head, Baphomet. The Templars did have several heads as shrines they worshiped that may have drawn suspicion but there was no proof they worshiped Baphomet.

Modern scholars say the Baphomet was a French exploitation of the name Muhammad. This was interpreted as some of the Templars had started to believe some of the Islamic ideas of the area they had occupied. Other scholars disagree with the notion that the Templars would have adopted the religious principles of their adversaries.

It seemed like the whole process was a bit of a witch hunt and the Templars were arrested because of the debt they were owed. King Philip didn’t want the Templars around anymore so this accusing them of heresy was a great way to have them removed.

The Baphomet tattoo can be represented by both men and women. In occult versions, Baphomet was reinvoked by Eliphas. He did so by painting Baphomet on a deck of tarot cars.

In Greek mythology, the god Dionysus had a companion named Satyr. Satyr was very similar to Baphomet in appearance with the legs of a goat and horns. It also has a small beard. Its personality revolved around lust and jokes but once Christianity was adopted by most, these gods were cast aside and considered unsafe to communicate with.

You tend to see the more graphic version of Baphomet on men. The realistic goat-like creature on their arm or on their back. This can be a very detailed tattoo, so you may need a bigger canvas than most tattoos. In men, the meaning of the Baphomet tattoo can be magic and occult. They may also want to shock the people seeing it.

On women, the Baphomet tattoo probably means many of the same things. Because Baphomet was associated with the sum of the universe (good and evil, male and female, etc.), this tattoo can be worn by all. In all cases, the interest in the occult and magic seems to be the driving force in getting the Baphomet tattoo.

When deciding the kind of tattoo you want to get, we suggest taking your time. In the case of the Baphomet tattoo, it’s going to be an attention grabber. This could be for good or bad but whatever your reason for getting this tattoo, please do your research and choose a good artist. Choosing the right shop and artist can make or break a tattoo and you will be living with this for a long time.

We hope that by reading this post you have a better idea of the history behind the Baphomet and feel a little more comfortable in your choices. Take a look at the pictures below to get some ideas of different styles of Baphomet tattoos and if you’re still having trouble deciding on a shop or artist, please reach out. We can help match you with a tattoo artist that will be perfect for you.

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