Basketball Tattoos

Basketball is a majorly popular sport, especially in the United States, that speaks to many different people from all types of backgrounds. The sport is accessible to anyone as there is little to no equipment aside from the basketball itself and can provide a sense of belonging to those who join a team.

Basketball images can be designed in countless ways, incorporating different symbols to represent the individual’s story and personality. Basketball designs on their own are usually rendered quite simply, using simple line work to show the curvature and eight panels of the ball. Often, it is done in black lines, allowing the negative space of the design to create the remainder of the image. A jersey number or number of a favorite player can be added or the outline of the ball can be rendered in a heart shape to feminize it. More realistically, the ball can be designed like an anatomical heart, incorporating the sport with edgier imagery.

Larger pieces usually embellish the basketball with flames, wings, or the basket itself. The ball can be pictured sweeping through the net, indicating the skill of the player.

Broad wings are often added to the design, giving an angelic appearance. The wings create a sense of liberation that is found in participating in the sport, relaying the significance of it. For Christians, a crucifix can be added to the design, conveying the importance of basketball as well as one’s faith.
Crowns added to the top of the basketball added a sense of regality. This could be to emphasize the talent of the player or the prestige of the sport, or both. The phrase “King of the Court” is sometimes added and generally implied when the crow is added to the design.

Basketball players are popular images as well, either a specific favorited player or the silhouette, often leaping to dunk the ball. Particular jerseys are usually included with the image of a player, indicating the team and number.

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