Batman Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

There are plenty of great superhero tattoos out there, but there is no doubt that the most popular ones are the many different types of Batman tattoos. They represent all that is cool in comics and superhero movies, and most of the Batman designs out there look extremely cool as tattoo designs.

If you are wondering if a Batman tattoo is the right tattoo for you, the information below should help to make your decision that much easier.

Batman, or Bruce Wayne, is a globally iconic superhero created by DC Comics at the end of the 1940s. He maintains justice in a city analogous to New York with vigilantism and brute force. Because of his absence of superpowers, he relies on his own martial arts skills, quick wit, and an array of gadgets. The fact that he is so human yet is a real superhero, people seem to relate to the caped crusader more than just about any other superhero.

No matter what type of Batman tattoo someone gets, you can be sure that they love Batman’s many great qualities and understand that he is flawed like every other human on the planet.

Batman’s humanity makes him a relatable character as his abilities are achievable by any dedicated soul. This, along with his overall cool look, makes it easy to understand why so many people get (or are interested in getting) Batman tattoos.

If you choose to use this Batman tattoo meaning over all of the others, then you should probably make sure that you include Batman’s face in the design rather than just getting the logo. Showing the man in the mask will allow others to know that you admire the man as much as you admire his superhero abilities.

The Batman logo is one of the most common images used in tattoos and can be rendered in many ways. The sharp-lined bat silhouette is originally solid black but can be filled with designs that make the image appear more intricate. This is one of the better Batman tattoos to get if you want a smaller design that can fit on your shoulder, your forearm, or even your wrist. Of course, the Batman logo tattoo looks great as a larger design, too, like a back tattoo.

Many people who choose to get the Batman logo tattoo also include other cool elements in the design. For example, some folks decide to get Batman’s face in the middle of the bat silhouette, while others will put the logo in the bat signal with a light shining up into the sky.

Another cool logo for this type of Batman tattoo is to get the outline of the logo and fill in a famous Batman quote inside of it. Within the outline of the logo images of Gotham City, Batman himself, any Batman villains, or anything else related to the comics will create an authentic image. It’s a great way to mix in as much Batman content as you want without the design looking messy. Of course, these can still be complex designs, so be sure to work with an artist who has experience doing superhero tattoos.

You can go in many directions with the Batman logo design, so take your time and come up with something unique if you don’t want to stick with one of the classic designs (though no one would blame you for getting a classic Batman tattoo – it’s a classic for a reason).

Because Batman began as a comic, the original images from the comic strip convey the history and origins of the superhero. Either black and white or in bold color, there are hundreds of scenes that serve as stunning images for tattoos.

If you want to add more meaning to the Batman tattoo that you get, you can get specific scenes inked on your skin showing off your favorite moments from the series. Or, you might decide to use an image from your favorite comic simply because you loved the expression or the mannerisms shown in that image. You have a plethora of great Batman content to sift through, so chances are you will find plenty of scenes that you would love to have tattooed on your skin.

Fight scenes that include iconic combat-written sound effects (BAM) or scenes that include dialogue can point to a favorite issue of the comic book or particular plot line. If you decide to go this route, then you should choose a scene that made you love Batman or that had an intense impact on you.

You’ll see that many people get their Batman tattoos with Joker in the image since so many of their interactions make up the most iconic moments in the Batman series. Some people will take those scenes directly out of the comic books, while others will get custom art done as a dedication to their favorite Batman moments.

If you are interested in getting one of the many Batman tattoos out there, Batman himself is an obvious choice and offers dozens of options for the costume after over 75 years in production. The different styles of “bat-suit” worn by the hero represent the different eras of the Batman comic strip.

The suit ranges from grey with yellow and a blue cape to the modern completely black, sometimes with a red bat symbol on the front, more commonly yellow. The material has shifted from tighter, spandex or cloth material to a heavier, armored suit with defined muscles to appear more intimidating. The decision in look and wardrobe comes down to your favorite Batman looks and the colors that you want to have inked on your skin.

Batman is also often pictured with his sidekick Robin, an often much brighter-colored hero who emphasizes Batman’s darkness. Including Robin in your Batman tattoo shows that you recognize the need for help no matter how strong you might be. It also might just mean that you really liked all of the moments in the series when Batman had his little buddy with him.

If you plan on including both of these characters (or any other characters) in your Batman tattoo design, you should use a larger part of your body, such as your back or your stomach.

Other popular Batman tattoos include any of the iconic villains such as the Riddler, the Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, etc. as well as Commissioner Gordon who calls upon the hero. While it’s more common to have just Batman or his logo in Batman tattoos, including any or all of these characters shows that you love everything about Batman’s story, not just the man himself. Again, these designs are often larger, so expect to use a large portion of your skin and for it to cost a bit more than other Batman tattoos.

The bat signal is also an iconic Batman image used by the Commissioner to alert Bruce Wayne of crime. Many people get very “epic” looking bat signal tattoos by getting detailed images of Gotham with the signal shining in the sky above it. Of course, you can also just stick with the bat signal, though it’s usually a good idea to make sure there is some dark ink behind it to make it stand out a bit more.

People who get Batman tattoos often want to tell others that they will “fight for justice” or they believe in something else that Batman stands for. If you find yourself constantly wanting to do something for those in need, such as those who are unjustly treated, then you might just be perfect for one of these Batman tattoos.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about if you want to get a Batman tattoo. You’ll want to figure out the size of the design you want to get so you can pick a good spot for it, and you will want to think about the type of Batman tattoo you want.

There are plenty of ways you can go with these designs, so be patient so you can choose the best one for you. If you take your time with this decision, there’s a very good chance you’ll be proud of your Batman tattoo for the rest of your life.

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