Beetle Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

When choosing your tattoo, you might be thinking of something that has strong traits and a lot of meaning.

You might determine the lion is a great option, maybe an eagle or even person you admire. However, you might be missing out on an insect that has been a symbol for hundreds of years with tons of meaning. The beetle is symbol that has been used as trinkets, jewelry and other decorations. The beetle tattoo is powerful image with a great deal of meaning.

Even before the days of ancient Egypt and their uses of the beetle image, primitive humans made pendants and tools that looked very similar to the outline of a beetle. Not only did they represent certain characteristics but the beetle was also a source of food during hard times. Early medicine men and shamans saw the beetle as a symbol of the higher because they spend much of their time flying through the skies.

In this post we will talk about the beetle and its purpose on this earth. We will also discuss the symbolism behind the beetle tattoo and what it might mean for the people wearing the tattoo. There are many options for a beetle tattoo so finding out more about the beetle and the different variations can help us determine the symbolism behind the tattoo. We hope that by the time you are done reading this you will be far more acquainted with the beetle tattoo and what it means.

About the Beetle

There are over 350,000 species of beetle in the Order Coleoptera. This is the largest order of insects. Beetle happens to be represented a fifth of the population of all living things. In addition to how many different species there are, the beetle is quite diverse in shape and size. They range from giant, sparkling insects to tiny and dull. There seems to beetle for everyone.

The beetle is said to have spawned around 240 million years ago in the Permian period. They have exploited almost all possible sources of food and occupied nearly every habitat. The beetle is a resourceful and durable insect. They are predators, scavengers and parasites and reside in habitats from areas around the equator to the Polar Regions.

Many beetles are real problems for the environment. They can do really hard to trees and crops. However, many of these beetles play a crucial role as recyclers by returning biological matter by way of multitrophic interactions. This contributes to the fertility of the soil. Because of the beetle’s ability to survive and adapt, they have become one of the most successful and plentiful insects of all time.

Beetle Tattoo Meaning

When talking about the beetle tattoo, many might wonder what this insect symbolizes. Beetle have long been involved in prayers of those looking for Divine intervention. The scarab is probably the most well-known beetle of its species. In Egypt, the scarab was known as the ‘The Creator’ and were believed to be represent the sun god. In the way the beetle will roll their ball of dung across the desert, the sun god Aten, pushed the sun across the sky as well.

Kheper is the Egyptian name for the scarab beetle and it translates to ‘to come into existence and transform’. This is why the image of the scarab and mummified beetles would be buried with pharaohs and noble men alike.

Outside of the Egyptians, beetles still hold some very important meanings that are represented in the beetle tattoo. These traits include strength, love, luck, organization, abundance, prosperity, creation, immortality, nobility and the Divine.

Beetle Tattoo Variations

From the big strong shape of the Hercules beetle to the ladybug, beetles come in all shapes and sizes. There are many variations to choose from and when factor in extra elements you might want to add, there are a million ways to get a beetle tattoo. Below are some of the more common beetles that are tattooed. Whether or not you choose one of these is up to you, but we wanted to share regardless.

Scarab Beetle Tattoo

The scarab beetle tattoo is a popular choice for those of Egyptian heritage and anyone that is a fan of the look and history. The scarab is found in every part of the world except for Antarctica. They are about 10 percent of all beetles. These scarabs have a rich history and meaning so if you are looking for a beetle with this kind of past, the scarab tattoo might be the one for you.

Hercules Beetle Tattoo

The strongest insect on earth takes its shape as the Hercules Beetle. The Hercules beetle will not be confused with other beetles as it is large and has huge horn like pincers on its head used for battling other males during mating season. In fact, these horns might be so big that they are longer than the body of the beetle. These beetles range from about 1.5 to 7 inches long. The Hercules beetle is symbol of strength and power. The female Hercules beetle doesn’t have the long horns, but it does have a taller body.

If you aren’t into the strength part of the symbolism of the Hercules beetle, in Japan, large beetles are also seen as good luck charms and symbols of great drive.

Dung Beetle Tattoo

The dung beetle tattoo is a beetle tattoo that is gaining in popularity. These beetles collect waste from other animals and roll it into a big ball. After doing this, they bury the ball to either lay their eggs in or eat later. The dung beetle is a symbol of organization and prosperity. Some people might not like the idea of a beetle rolling a ball of waste around, but they are survivors and the dung beetle tattoo will represent those quality traits in a person.

When getting your beetle tattoo, we suggest making sure your artist has a portfolio with some similar tattoos in it. You wouldn’t want to go to someone that has never tattooed an insect or the style of tattoo you were looking for. If you need a recommendation on where to go, we can help with that so reach out if you have questions.

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