Believe Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

One of the most inspirationally versatile words in the English language, “Believe” is a popular choice among those who want a constant reminder of keeping faith and positivity. The text is a descriptor for a belief in the possibility of all things and all outcomes with hope for the future.

“Believe” indicates many things for many different people but in any case, the word is a sum of personal faith, dreams, wishes, and hopes and the ability for them all to be possible.

There are countless styles and fonts that “believe” can be rendered in although a calligraphic script is usually chosen in order to emphasize the beautiful meaning of the word. Generally, it is done in black or greyscale or another dark tone like blue or violet.

A capitalized “B” can be designed as a heart shape, adding a cute and lighthearted tone to the image as well as harkening to the positivity of the word. The heart is often done in a different color from the rest of the word, often red or pink, to feminize it.

Along with “believe”, stars, butterflies or bird silhouettes can be incorporated into the design, creating a fuller appearance. The added details also further personalize the image for the individual. Doves and crucifixes are introduced into the design to transform the word into a Christian mantra, a faith in God.

“Believe” is often imaged with other inspirational words, such as “faith” or “hope”, and rendered in a shape rather than a single line. Additionally, “believe” is designed as part of a larger infinity symbol, with or without other images like stars and hearts, in order to emphasize perseverance to always have faith and “believe”.

“Believe” has also been used by cancer survivors and the family and friends of those survivors or victims of the disease. The “L” in the word is rendered as a cancer ribbon, variously colored depending on the type of cancer, highlighting the strength and faith necessary for recovery.

The word ‘believe’ itself is the perfect example of an inspirational word. Like many tattoo lovers, inspiring words mean the world to them. It is also a subtle way of giving hope and faith in others when they see the word.

Getting the word tattooed and inked on your skin forever says a lot about you as a person. Being the one to help inspire others and help others in their struggles is one of the best things a human can do for another person. If this sounds like you then the ‘believe’ tattoo is the perfect piece to add to your collection.

As mentioned above, there are an endless amount of different font styles and ways of writing this word. Depending on where you get this word however should determine what kind of font you use and how large the letterings should be. For example, getting this tattooed on your wrist, which is a popular area to have it, the font should be readable and small enough so that it is not wrapping around your whole wrist.

Graphics and Designs

If you want to take your ‘believe’ tattoo to the next level, a creative and unique idea is to get a graphic along with the word. Adding a graphic gives the tattoo more imagery and a better understanding of the word. Oftentimes, angel wings or halos are a good representation. Stars or even birds are another great piece.

The image of a bird along with the word ‘believe’ help describe each other. A bird, being a free-spirited animal, soaring through the sky is one of the most peaceful pieces of imagery. The bird flying in the air is also a representation of believing in yourself and chasing after your dreams.

Adding color to the tattoo is another option. If you want some color but do not exactly want the letters in the word itself to be colored because of how it may look or fade, having, for example, a baby blue blotted background with the word ‘believe’ written across it helps give the tattoo some life. It also looks nice depending on how the tattoo is positioned and where you get the blotted background. This is a great idea if you want the tattoo to be small and done on the wrist or ankle.

Although some people may say that this is a tattoo that girls get, this is not true whatsoever. This is a tattoo for not only girls but guys as well. Inspiring words are for everyone, they help us get through the day and give us hope when we are struggling. Although a man may not get this tat with hearts or flowers along with it, a good alternative is the word itself in big, bold letters.

The word ‘believe’ written in bold lettering really gets the message across. It is almost as if the tattoo is telling you to believe. This is perfect for those who are constantly doubting themselves. It is a tattoo that when you look down at it in times of depression, lifts you up and gives you more hope.


An infinity symbol, the one that is done in a figure 8 sort of design, is another option for a ‘believe’ tattoo. This symbol with the word ‘belief’ written either on the inside or written along the lines of the infinity graphic is another way of representing this inspirational word. The infinity symbol along with the word ‘believe’ says that you should never stop believing. As time goes on, the struggles may get harder.

This is a daily reminder to never stop believing in yourself no matter what happens. It is a sign of hope and a deep love for yourself and others. This is another tattoo that looks great just about anywhere you fit it. It is also such a simple design that it can be illustrated however big or small you would like. As long as the graphic is large enough to fit the word itself in, there should be no problem depicting what it is or says.


This one may be a little off the normal standards of the ‘believe’ tattoo, but if you are a fan of the paranormal or the idea of extraterrestrial life forms, having a tattoo of the word ‘believe’ along with a graphic of alien-like images is an amusing idea. This has been a saying since the idea of aliens has come about.

There will always be people out there who believe in extraterrestrial beings and find joy in believing in them. This goes the same with ‘bigfoot’ images as well as any other mythical creature. Having an outline of a spaceship, or an outline of a Sasquatch or even the loch ness monster make for great ‘believe’ tattoos. Yet again, this is an idea that can be displayed just about anywhere on your body. The forearm is a great place to have this done, it shows off your ink and your beliefs.

Stay Silent and Believe

A creative placement for a ‘believe’ tattoo would be the side of your pointer finger. The text may have to be reduced to a small font depending on how large your finger is, for it to be able to be read easily. This is such a great placement idea because the pointer finger is also the finger that is used to make the ‘hush’ or ‘shush’ sign. Raising your pointer finger up to your lips signals to others to be quiet.

Having the believe tattoo on this finger can remind yourself to ‘be quiet, keep believing’. A tattoo such as this is not only a reminder to yourself, but a reminder to others who see it. We are all full of doubts when we should not be. Believing in yourself is perhaps one of the most important things you can possibly do for yourself and others.

Deciding on getting this tattoo is never a bad idea. This is a tattoo that brings hope and promise to not only yourself but others as well. Wherever you decide to place this magical word or in whichever way, the meaning is all the same.

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