Believe Tattoos

One of the most inspirationally versatile words in the English language, “Believe” is a popular choice among those who want a constant reminder of keeping faith and positivity. The text is a descriptor for a belief in the possibility of all things and all outcomes with a hope for the future. “Believe” indicates many things for many different people but in any case the word is a sum of personal faith, dreams, wishes, and hopes and the ability for them all to be possible.

There are countless styles and fonts that “believe” can be rendered in although a calligraphic script is usually chosen in order to emphasize the beautiful meaning of the word. Generally, it is done in black or greyscale or another dark tone like blue or violet. A capitalized “B” can be designed as a heart shape, adding a cute and lighthearted tone to the image as well as harken to the positivity of the word. The heart is often done in a differing color from the rest of the word, often red or pink, to feminize it.

Along with “believe”, stars, butterflies or bird silhouettes can be incorporated into the design, creating a fuller appearance. The added details also further personalize the image for the individual. Doves and crucifixes are introduced into the design to transform the word into a Christian mantra, a faith in God.

“Believe” is often imaged with other inspirational words, such as “faith” or “hope”, and rendered in a shape rather than a single line. Additionally, “believe” is designed as part of a larger infinity symbol, with or without other images like stars and hearts, in order to emphasize a perseverance to always have faith and “believe”.

“Believe” has also been used by cancer survivors and the family and friends of those survivors or victims of the disease. The “L” in the word is rendered as a cancer ribbon, variously colored depending on the type of cancer, highlighting the strength and faith necessary for recovery.

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