Best Friend Matching Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

When talking about being best friends, it is implied that you’ll be there for that person through thick and thin. Best friends have a unique kind of love for each other. There is nothing in writing that keeps best friends together.

However, there is an unspoken rule between these friends that says you’ll be there for the other one whenever they need a helping hand and have their back no matter what.

Best friends do certain things to commemorate their friendship. They may go out to weekly dinner, they may go have a glass of wine together or they may go get best friend tattoos. Best friend tattoos are tattoos that represent the friendship between the people in question and show a real commitment to one another as getting a tattoo is binding and a real commitment.

At the same time, we can’t think of a more loyal way to say that you’re proud of your best friend and want to show everyone how strong the bond between the two is.

When it comes to best friend tattoos, you’d probably be surprised by all of the design options that are out there these days. It’s always best to come up with one on your own so you can make the design as personal as possible, but it’s also a good idea to see some popular design ideas to get you started.

Once you have a best friend’s tattoo design in mind, you can then tweak it any way that you want to so it works for you and your best friend.

Let’s take a look at some popular best friend tattoo designs…

Getting matching “two peas in a pod” tattoos is a great way to show that you and your best friend were made for each other. It’s the perfect design for best friends who feel like they are like siblings without sharing the same set of parents. As far as the design goes, you can both get the exact same two peas in a pod tattoo, or you can each have a pod that is missing one of its peas. The rest of the design elements are completely up to the two people getting the tattoos.

One of the more common best friend tattoos is a design that reminds the two people of when they met. What’s great about these best friend tattoos is that they are usually unique since the two people have a unique experience that they are sharing through the tattoo.

An example of this would be two people who became best friends at an amusement park as kids, which could result in them both getting a roller coaster tattoo to always remember the origins of their friendship. Obviously, these tattoos could be anything from a shared interest to a strong memory.

Peanut butter and jelly tattoos are excellent designs to show that you work perfectly together and complement each other. This design is a great one to choose if the two people have very similar interests yet come from very different backgrounds. It’s actually surprising that this design is not more popular as a best friend’s tattoo.

Of course, it’s pretty important that both people actually like (or liked) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since they will have these tattoos on their bodies for the rest of their lives.

Most people who understand tattoo meanings know that two arrows crossed means friendship, which makes it a great best friend tattoo choice if you want the meaning to come across to everyone who sees the tattoos.

Simply put, one arrow represents the owner of the tattoo while the other represents that person’s best friend. Many people like to keep the arrows simple, but you can add even more meaning by putting a bit more detail into the wood or the feathers. Also, these two arrow tattoos can come in any size, though they are more commonly smaller tattoo designs.

Puzzle pieces that fit together are another cool tattoo design idea for BFFs. With this best friend tattoo, the two people will get different puzzle pieces that have connectors that fit together. If they want to add even more meaning to the tattoo, they can get half of an image in their sections of the puzzle to make the message a bit clearer.

These puzzle-piece tattoos are often smaller designs, but there’s nothing to stop best friends from getting them as large as they want them.

Another great set of tattoo designs that work well for best friends is the sun and moon tattoos. This combo is often used by best friends who think that they are opposites, but it can also be used by friends who feel like they are both equally valuable in the relationship. Actually, there are a ton of meanings you can give to these two tattoos when they’re used as best friend tattoos, so it’s no surprise that they are shooting up in popularity these days.

When two best friends get Yin and Yang tattoos (one part for each person), it shows that their differences make them better as a whole. This is a very strong tattoo meaning because it means that both people feel like they’re incomplete without the other. If you happen to notice someone with half of a Yin Yang tattoo, you can be sure that there is someone else out there who greatly respects and loves that person.

You’ll usually find that people who get Yin and Yang best friend tattoos keep the designs simple, but it’s not too uncommon for these designs to have extra elements to make them a bit more personal.

Matching text is yet another great idea for best friend tattoos. A popular example of the matching text tattoo is to find a song lyric that means a lot to both people and get the lyric tattooed in the exact same place. Another one that best friends like to get is a design that has half of the words on one person’s body and the other half on the other friend’s.

The matching text tattoo can be absolutely anything that the best friends want, but it’s a good idea to get a design that suits the two people in a way that will work for the rest of their lives.

As you can see, there are plenty of great best friend tattoo designs out there. And we only pointed out a small percentage of the popular ones. You don’t necessarily have to come up with a unique tattoo design to work with you and your best friend, but whatever design you do choose should be as fitting as possible.

A good way to go about choosing a best friend tattoo is to take the time to analyze your friendship. Do you have similar personalities? Then maybe something like the two peas in a pod tattoo would work well for you.

Are you opposites that just happen to work very well together? Then you might like the sun and moon design a bit more. In the end, you want a design that both looks good on the body and describes your friendship without you needing to tell people about it.

Below are some best friend tattoos to take a look at if you are looking to get inked with something that will represent how good of a friend you are.

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