How Long For a Tattoo to Heal

Each tattoo that is gotten by a person will go through a healing process that tends to be very similar. The time it takes to heal may take longer and may differ a bit but for traditional tattoos done by a tattoo machine, you will find the healing process very similar We will start by … Read more


Tatwax is a thick, soothing balm that is carried and recommended by many different tattoo artists and shops. It is free of lanolin and other animal by-products, alcohol, and petroleum making it perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin because it won’t clog pores. The natural ingredients help to promote comfort and the skin’s moisture barrier … Read more

Tattoo Aftercare Oil by Urban Nomads

Urban Nomads’ Tattoo Aftercare Oil is a 100% natural skin oil made for tattoo aftercare. The product is not tested on animals with no synthetic additives and made with only organic oils. Produced in Spain, the oil is guaranteed safe for sensitive skin and sensitive areas like lips and around the eyes. It won’t clog … Read more

After Inked Lotion

After Inked Tattoo skincare line offers an array of moisturizing tattoo aftercare products that are completely vegan, animal cruelty-free, naturally fragranced and made with non-GMO ingredients. It is tested by dermatologists and proven to be hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. There are no petroleum products used in the skincare line which prevents the moisturizers … Read more

Redemption Tattoo Aftercare

Redemption Tattoo Aftercare is a tattoo skincare product that can be used during the tattooing process as well as after to help with the healing process. The company is one of the few USDA approved products that does not contain any petroleum-based ingredients, ensuring that it is safe for sensitive skin. Used by the tattoo … Read more


H2Ocean is a skincare product line made for the aftercare of tattoos. The company sells both aftercare products as well as tattoo supplies, indicating that they are heavily involved in the tattoo industry, selling to both artists and tattoo clients. Their line of creams, ointments, and soaps can be used alone or together in order … Read more

Ora’s Herbal Tattoo Salve

Ora’s Herbal Tattoo Salve is a tattoo aftercare product that works to speed healing immediately after receiving body ink. The product is a thick balm that is applied onto the tattooed area to keep the skin supple and create a barrier against bacteria that cause infection. When used following tattooing, the skin is left moisturized … Read more

Hustle Butter

Hustle Butter is a unique line of tattoo skincare products that not only provide protection following the tattooing process but can be used before and during tattooing to create the best results possible. Hustle Butter Deluxe salve is used both during tattooing to ensure that the needle glides smoothly around the skin and afterwards, to … Read more

Tattoo Goo

Tattoo Goo is a line of tattoo aftercare products specifically designed to promote fast healing immediately following the tattooing process. The products, ranging from lotion with sunscreen protection to ointment, also provide comfort during the healing period where the skin is sore and swollen. There are options for immediate aftercare, sensitive skin, and a line … Read more

Motherlove Tattoo Care

Motherlove Tattoo Care is a USDA certified organic and petroleum free tattoo after care product that prompts quicker healing by giving the skin natural moisturizers and keeping the broken skin the vitamins it needs for repair. Avoiding petroleum ingredients in skin care is important to many because they have been known to be comedogenic and … Read more

Ed Hardy Tattoo Aftercare

Ed Hardy Tattoo Fade Protection is a silicone-based skincare and tattoo aftercare product from Ed Hardy that works as a sunless tanner and a tattoo moisturizer. The lotion effectively adds a bronze sheen to the skin with continuous application while protecting tattoos at the same time. Many tanning lotions reduce the vibrancy of tattoos as … Read more

Tattoo Skin Silk

Tattoo Skin Silk is a natural and holistic skincare line made specifically for the healing and hydrating of fresh tattoos. The hypoallergenic salve is completely natural and contains no lanolin, an animal by-product, and no petroleum-based ingredients which have a tendency to clog pores and cause irritation. Because petroleum is derived from refined oil, it … Read more