Best Tattoo Aftercare Products

Choosing the best tattoo aftercare product can be a daunting task. Not only is it important to choose a lotion/oil that feels good on your tattoo, but it’s also extremely important to get a product that is designed to maximize the healing process. Below are some of our favorite tattoo aftercare products currently on the market.

  • Tattoo Skin Silk

    tattoo-skin-silkTattoo Skin Silk is a natural and holistic skincare line made specifically for the healing and hydrating of fresh tattoos. The hypoallergenic salve is completely natural and contains no lanolin, an animal by-product, and no petroleum-based ingredients which have a tendency to clog pores and cause irritation. Because petroleum is derived from refined oil, it is not considered environmentally friendly nor is it recommended for sensitive skin. The absence of petroleum ensures a gentle and effective balm that is safe for sensitive skin and areas of the body. The balm is also water free so that the product is filled with only the essential ingredients in healing, without unnecessary additives. Tattoo Skin Silk is cruelty-free and vegan, a natural product that both soothes and heals while relieving the discomfort of tattoo aftercare.

    Tattoo Skin Silk is made with a blend of vitamin rich ingredients such as shea butter, coconut and olive oil, tea tree oil, rosemary and lavender. The gentle formula can be used on more than just tattooed skin as it works as the perfect moisturizer for any types of dry and itchy areas. It is naturally pleasantly scented and is so thick and creamy that it lasts much longer than other skincare products more than twice the size of Skin Silk’s 2 ounce tin.

    The rich balm can be used on fresh tattoos immediately after the application process but also on older, healed tattoos. The vitamin E enriched product is able to revive old tattoos that appear faded and worn by increasing the skin’s natural moisture barrier with its naturally hydrating ingredients. When used as an aftercare tool, the tattoo design retains more ink leaving the skin with vivacious color that appears like new every day.

    Tattoo Skin Silk is a five-star quality tattoo aftercare product that has been rated as one of the best on the market. It is available for order worldwide and used by countless satisfied customers.

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  • Tatwax

    tatwaxTatwax is a thick, soothing balm that is carried and recommended by many different tattoo artists and shops. It is free of lanolin and other animal by-products, alcohol, and petroleum making it perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin because it won’t clog pores. The natural ingredients help to promote comfort and the skin’s moisture barrier to provide faster healing. The first ingredient listed on the tin is canola oil which is proven to be an excellent hydrating agent for the dry and flaking skin that results from tattooing. Several other naturally derived oils are added as well, including castor seed oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. These mix with organic aloes, rosemary, shea butter, and vitamins E, D3, and A to create a balm that spreads smoothly and comfortably over inflamed, cracking skin. Tattoos are well maintained with Tatwax resulting in brighter colors and a design that appears fresher for longer.

    The Tatwax company, CamTattoo Supplies, has been producing and manufacturing tattoo aftercare balm for two decades and is trusted by countless artists and tattoo clients. They use only natural ingredients and naturally derived vitamins in order to prevent irritation and risk of infection. When the balm is used, an anti-microbial barrier is created between the skin and the open air that protects the fresh tattoo. The Tatwax formula is hypoallergenic as well which means that the user does not risk an allergic reaction.

    Tatwax is highly reviewed as a quality product that is simple and works well. It is available in convenient 1 ounce tins that are sold or provided by tattoo shops around the United States, where the aftercare line is produced. It can also be ordered and shipped all over the world for use by artists and shops or by individuals with tattoo care needs.

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  • Tattoo Aftercare Oil by Urban Nomads

    tattoo-aftercare-oil-urban-nomadsUrban Nomads’ Tattoo Aftercare Oil is a 100% natural skin oil made for tattoo aftercare. The product is not tested on animals with no synthetic additives and made with only organic oils. Produced in Spain, the oil is guaranteed safe for sensitive skin and sensitive areas like lips and around the eyes. It won’t clog pores as it easily spreads over dry skin without comedogenic ingredients and absorbs quickly. It is naturally scented with organic bergamot orange oil which works in conjunction with argan oil, sunflower, chamomile, calendula, rosemary, and lemon. The natural oils are full of vitamins E and C to enrich the skin as it moisturizes and protects. The oil can be used at any time and on any type of skin, tattooed or not. It is marketed for hair as well as skin because of its powerful and natural ingredients, safe for use all over the body.

    Urban Nomads distill their special oils into tinted glass bottles to ensure the longevity of the product. The 30 ml bottle is meant to be used for the four week period of the healing process after receiving the tattoo and can be used continuously afterwards. The oil can be purchased and used before the tattooing process occurs as well and used on the area of skin that will receive ink. Hydrating the skin prior to tattoo application, especially with a cleansing and antimicrobial product, allows for easier tattooing for both the artist and the client. A supple skin surface will help to reduce discomfort during and after the tattoo and speed recovery.

    The ingredients in the tattoo oil are naturally anti-inflammatory and combine into the most effective remedy for dry and itchy skin. They work as a natural cleanser, creating a barrier between the skin and infectious and harmful bacteria. The oils are sourced from farmers local to Barcelona where the Aftercare Oil is manufactured, making it a sustainable product available for order all over the globe.

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  • After Inked Lotion

    after-inkedAfter Inked Tattoo skincare line offers an array of moisturizing tattoo aftercare products that are completely vegan, animal cruelty-free, naturally fragranced and made with non-GMO ingredients. It is tested by dermatologists and proven to be hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. There are no petroleum products used in the skincare line which prevents the moisturizers and lotions from leaving a sticky, gooey residue on skin. Along with the benefits the moisturizer provides for tattoos, it can be used to effectively heal and soothe sore skin following tattoo removal. The company is based in the United States and manufactures all of their products in the country.

    After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer has been featured as the go-to tattoo aftercare lotion on tattoo culture-based television shows and boasts world renowned tattoo artists as part of their clientele. The moisturizer contains grape seed oil which is an antioxidant rich in vitamins E and C. In addition to grape seed oil the lotion owes its effectiveness to shea butter, vegan beeswax, jojoba seed oil, and orange oil which lends the product its citrus fragrance. For the environmentally conscious, After Inked ensures environment-friendly packaging that is easy to recycle.

    Along with the moisturizer, After Inked’s jelly can be used to help speed the healing process, although either product can be used effectively on its own. The jelly is vegan, cruelty-free and petroleum-free like the moisturizer but uses castor oil as its base with the addition of rosemary, lavender, olive leaf, and goldenseal root. It enhances the effects of the moisturizer and can also be used by artists as a gliding agent during the tattooing process.

    The moisturizer, or any other After Inked product such as the non-petroleum jelly and Ink Seal tattoo spray, can be purchased worldwide through a variety of retailers, including Whole Foods grocery, as well as several websites online. The product is among the most highly reviewed and preferred by many tattooed individuals as the best in moisturizing.

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  • Redemption Tattoo Aftercare

    redemption-tattoo-aftercareRedemption Tattoo Aftercare is a tattoo skincare product that can be used during the tattooing process as well as after to help with the healing process. The company is one of the few USDA approved products that does not contain any petroleum-based ingredients, ensuring that it is safe for sensitive skin. Used by the tattoo artists during tattooing, Redemption Tattoo gel will work to soothe the skin, replacing the petroleum jelly that is still used by many artists and tattoo shops. The gel helps create a more comfortable tattooing experience by moisturizing the skin and reducing the pain and soreness that is felt during healing. It doubles as an aftercare product as well, maintaining the skin’s moisture to aid against over-drying and the scarring it may lead to. The product can also be used before receiving tattoos to keep the skin soft and smooth, giving the tattoo artist a supple canvas to work on.

    All of the ingredients used in Redemption Tattoo Aftercare products are 100% organic and suitable for sensitive skin and those concerned with using non-organic substances. The first ingredient listed is castor oil, a by-product of castor beans. In addition, coconut oil, sunflower oil, calendula oil, and glycerin derived from vegetables are used with arrowroot powder, rosemary, beeswax, and vitamin E to create an all natural product. The gel is hypoallergenic and naturally fragranced by its organic ingredients.

    Redemption Tattoo Aftercare does not carry a large variety of products in their skincare and aftercare line because their tattoo gel is effective for all tattooing needs. Highly reviewed by artists and clients alike, the lubricant boasts impressive results in healing, reducing itchiness, and maintaining the ink’s vibrancy. The triple-use product is manufactured in the United States and sold all over the country through various retailers and tattoo shops. It can also be purchased online by individuals and artists.

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  • H2Ocean

    h2ocean-tattoo-care H2Ocean is a skincare product line made for the aftercare of tattoos. The company sells both aftercare products as well as tattoo supplies, indicating that they are heavily involved in the tattoo industry, selling to both artists and tattoo clients. Their line of creams, ointments, and soaps can be used alone or together in order to maintain vibrant tattoo color and healthy, moist skin.

    H2Ocean’s Ultimate Tattoo Care Kit is a three-piece system that contains an ointment to be used for the first couple days following the tattooing process in order to prevent loss of ink from the tattoo. Keeping the skin moist after the initial process is critical for maintaining a smooth, supple surface while the skin heals. When skin dries and begins to crack, the design can become less vivid and start to scab and itch. Using the ointment and then the thick cream will prevent itching and scratching which can draw the ink from the skin and result in a faded appearance. The kit also includes a foaming soap that cleanses as it is used to help protect from bacteria that may cause an infection. The cream can be used for as long as desired, beyond the healing process, to keep the skin hydrated.

    The foaming soap product contains aloe in order to work effectively as a moisturizing agent as well as benzalkonium chloride which works as a gentle antimicrobial additive that prevents infections as it cleanses. The Aquatat ointment is a petroleum-based product with lanolin which means that it is non-organic and not vegan like many other tattoo aftercare lines available. The advantage is the heaviness of the ointment and the ability to instantly moisturize as it is absorbed into the skin. The Ocean Care cream, made for use after the ointment, is made with coconut and vegetable glycerin as well as moisturizing jojoba oil, rose hip seed oil, and aloe vera gel. The ingredients work together as a hydrating product that is guaranteed to significantly reduce the healing period.

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  • Ora’s Herbal Tattoo Salve

    oras-amazing-tattoo-salveOra’s Herbal Tattoo Salve is a tattoo aftercare product that works to speed healing immediately after receiving body ink. The product is a thick balm that is applied onto the tattooed area to keep the skin supple and create a barrier against bacteria that cause infection. When used following tattooing, the skin is left moisturized in order to promote comfort and quick healing while relieving the itchy skin that arises during the healing period. It is naturally scented with no artificial fragrances added to ensure that it is suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

    Only organic ingredients are used in Ora’s Herbal Tattoo Salve that are derived from natural sources. Beyond the tattoo salve, all of Ora’s products begin with a natural base oil that uses a recipe designed by the company to promote safe and completely natural skincare solutions. The oil is comprised of grapeseed oil and a multitude of organic herbs including calendula, comfrey, licorice, chickweed, plantain, St. John’s wort, thyme, and burdock. The salve is 100% cruelty-free, ensuring that no animals are harmed in the making of the product, which also can be considered vegan. The tattoo salve itself also contains coconut oil, beeswax which creates the balm-like consistency, vitamin E, rosemary, and tea tree oil.

    While this specific product is marketed towards tattoo healing and aftercare, the balm can be used on any part of the body, tattooed or not. The production of the salve ensures that the product remains completely natural, using neither plastics nor metals to contain the oil as it becomes infused with the herbs. The list of natural ingredients makes it safe for sensitive skin and areas and can help to heal stubborn dry skin as well as all sorts of other skin ailments. It is highly reviewed and available throughout the United States at a variety of retailers as well as available for shipping through several websites.

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  • Hustle Butter

    hustle-butterHustle Butter is a unique line of tattoo skincare products that not only provide protection following the tattooing process but can be used before and during tattooing to create the best results possible. Hustle Butter Deluxe salve is used both during tattooing to ensure that the needle glides smoothly around the skin and afterwards, to promote fast healing. It has a thick, butter-like consistency that works well into the skin as it warms on contact. When used by the client before receiving the tattoo, the salve allows for a soft and smooth canvas on which the artist can easily work. Used during tattooing, the cream allows for a more comfortable experience without erasing the stencil applied beforehand. It can be then used immediately after to keep the skin supple and eliminate the drying and cracking of skin that leads to scarring and loss of color. It is an effective multiuse product for both tattoo artists and their clients.

    Hustle Butter Deluxe is also available in a residue remover that helps to smooth away sticky substances from the freshly tattooed skin. Gunk is often left from tape that held a bandage in place over the new tattoo is easily removed as well as any bodily fluids that are often secreted during the healing process. The balm helps to easily wipe away these substances in order to promote faster healing while lessening the likelihood of infection. For the use of tattoo artists, and benefit of their clientele, Hustle Butter offers a 5% lidocaine foaming soap that works to numb the skin and provide a less painful experience.

    The ingredients of all of the Hustle Butter products are completely vegan and cruelty-free, using only natural and herbal additives such as shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, green tea, and much more. The deluxe salve is both petroleum and paraben free which helps to eliminate the risk of clogging pores as well as the instruments used in the tattooing process. This three-in-one product is used globally by artists and clients who seek a natural and effective skincare solution.

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  • Tattoo Goo

    tattoo-gooTattoo Goo is a line of tattoo aftercare products specifically designed to promote fast healing immediately following the tattooing process. The products, ranging from lotion with sunscreen protection to ointment, also provide comfort during the healing period where the skin is sore and swollen. There are options for immediate aftercare, sensitive skin, and a line that can be used continuously to help maintain the vividness of body ink. The lotions help to keep the skin from over-drying and cracking, which can lead to loss of ink. When ink is lost from the tattoo, pulled out from the deeper layers of the skin, the design is left appearing faded or incomplete.

    Natural ingredients like olive oil, panthenol (B5 vitamin), lavender oil, as well as sunscreens protect ink and help prevent secretions. Tattoo Goo’s salves contain beeswax to create a thicker ointment that is appropriate for new and older tattoos. The salves both heal and protect, moisturizing and soothing the skin. Unique to Tattoo Goo, a cleansing soap can be purchased and used as an antibacterial agent to prevent infections and keep the skin fresh and clean. It works by removing the layers of dead skin that are presented as the tattoo heals. The company boasts a cruelty-free ingredients list, meaning that no animals are harmed in the production of their product line. Each ointment and lotion is dermatologically tested, ensuring that for the majority of clients, the product will not cause rashes or irritation. The sensitive skin line is available for anyone who has had reactions to skincare products in the past.

    Tattoo Goo products are available through a wide arrange of retailers as well as online, making it easy and accessible to anyone. With products for tattoo clients and tattoo artists, the company offers an immense line of aftercare items and kits in order to suit an array of needs. The skincare system has been sold to a global market and has been highly reviewed, making them a popular choice in tattoo recovery worldwide.

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  • Motherlove Tattoo Care

    motherloveMotherlove Tattoo Care is a USDA certified organic and petroleum free tattoo after care product that prompts quicker healing by giving the skin natural moisturizers and keeping the broken skin the vitamins it needs for repair. Avoiding petroleum ingredients in skin care is important to many because they have been known to be comedogenic and are not necessarily environmentally friendly. The ingredients in the skincare balm work to aid the ink as it sinks into skin, sealing in the color’s vibrancy. The company boasts a cruelty-free practice. Motherlove Tattoo Care is completely natural and safe for the environment, as well as swollen and sore tattooed skin.

    The thick balm spreads evenly over skin as it warms on contact for quick absorption and hydration. There are no artificial or synthetic ingredients added, leaving only organic herbs, butters, and oils. It is intended for use of broken and damaged skin but is an extremely effective moisturizer on any skin and skin type. The balm contains a blend of shea butter, beeswax, olive oil, calendula, and marshmallow root. Olive oil, a natural antioxidant, is the primary ingredient next to shea butter and the antibacterial beeswax which creates a moisture barrier between the skin and harmful infections. Unique to this aftercare balm, marshmallow root contains natural hydrators called ceramides as well as anti-inflammatory properties essential to fast and comfortable healing. These simple ingredients work together as the perfect moisturizer for the harsh effects of the tattooing process.

    Motherlove is certified by the FDA as an organic product that has been manufactured in certified facilities. Their products are guaranteed to be created with the finest carefully selected natural ingredients that are both effective and trustworthy. They support organic farming and labors to be as sustainable and thoughtful as possible in policy and their manufacturing process. The Motherlove skincare company is based in Colorado and is available at a variety of locations in the United States and in dozens of countries around the world.

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  • Ed Hardy Tattoo Aftercare

    ed-hardy-tattoo-aftercareEd Hardy Tattoo Fade Protection is a silicone-based skincare and tattoo aftercare product from Ed Hardy that works as a sunless tanner and a tattoo moisturizer. The lotion effectively adds a bronze sheen to the skin with continuous application while protecting tattoos at the same time. Many tanning lotions reduce the vibrancy of tattoos as skin is darkened by the formula but with patented tattoo fade protection technology, tattoos appear vivid even as skin becomes richer and darker in color. With added tyrosine, an amino acid produced by the body to increase melanin (skin’s pigment), the tanning lotion works with the natural chemicals of the body to safely darken skin without the risks of UV rays. The unique formula of Ed Hardy Tattoo Fade Protection allows the skin to darken through this method but also enhance tattoo ink.

    The product contains synthetic additives, alcohol, unnatural fragrances, and several added dyes to create the lotion’s dark color. The lotion is Jackfruit and Lotus scented and works with the company’s patented Nouritan Technology, as well as Ideal Lift Technology to increase elasticity and Body Fit Technology to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The added bronzers are both natural and unnatural to ensure that the desired results are obtained.

    The tanning lotion and tattoo protectant works instantly, darkening the skin after the very first use. The added dyes and bronzers ensure that the skin’s inherent tones are brought out, darkening to a natural, sun-kissed brown rather than unsightly orange like some tanning lotions. The product is a safe alternative to outdoor tanning, reducing the risks of skin cancer that accompanies exposure to UV rays.

    Ed Hardy Tattoo Fade Protection is not suitable for freshly tattooed skin because of the synthetic dyes and chemicals which can cause irritations and reactions when used on broken skin. The lotion should only be applied following the healing period on skin free of scabbing. However, the lotion will work as a maintenance product to keep tattoos looking bright and fresh, even on dark skin.

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