As you probably already knew, tattoo needles are an extremely important part of the tattooing process and they need to be good quality to get the job done. There are plenty of different needs that artists have when they are looking for new needles, but the main one is always that they are dependable. Finding dependable needles can sometimes take a while because you are only going off of what the companies say, which is why we decided to make this page! Below you will find information on what you should look for from your tattoo needles as well as some of our favorites that are out there right now.

The length of the needle, known as the taper, is important to know about because different tapers create different effects on the skin. If you have a higher taper, the ink will move slower down the needle, giving artists more time to work on different areas of the skin. The lower tapers will do the opposite, making the ink run quickly to the end of the needle. Some artists swear by one type of taper or the other, but there are some artists who don’t really notice a difference between the two. Still, taper is worth knowing about when you are looking for new tattoo needles.

Choosing the right needle type is also extremely important when shopping for needles. Liners have a bunch of little needles tightly packed together, which makes it easier to do fine line work. Shaders have their needles more spread out, which makes it easier to cover larger areas. You are not going to choose one type or the other since you will need both when doing most jobs. However, you will want to find high quality shaders and liners so you can depend on them to do the jobs they were meant to do.

Tattoo needle size is yet another aspect of needles that you need to know about. Companies will let you know the size of the needles inside of the main needle and the diameter of each of those needles. Choosing a needle size will depend on your needs since the higher the size, the more area you can cover. Most artists get a variety of needles so they can take on any type of job thrown at them.

As we pointed out up top, the most important thing when picking tattoo needles to use is dependability. It’s pointless to just choose them by size or taper only to be let down by a poor product. There are now dozens of tattooing companies out there all trying to compete for customers with their needles, but only some of them make top of the line products. The following list of tattoo needles are the ones that we think every artist should try out regardless of their needs. They all have their own strengths, but you probably would be happy with any of them since they are high quality and built to last.

BIGWASP Premium Quality Tattoo Needles

Consistency is key with tattoo needles, and BIGWASP has built a reputation for making extremely consistent needles. They’re sharp, the tips will never bend on you, and artists’ clients often say that they barely felt a thing when these needles were used. Another huge pro with these tattoo needles is that they will fit in absolutely any tattoo machine.

The Package Includes:

• 50 pre-made burr free and sharp BIGWASP tattooing needles (0.30 millimeters)

ACE Needles 50 Mixed Assorted Tattoo Needles 6 Sizes

One of the big advantages of buying these ACE needles over some of the others is the fact that you get an assortment of sizes in a single box. Each needle found in the box is pre-sterilized and is made of the highest quality stainless steel. They’ll fit in any coil tattoo machine, so most people would be very happy with these needles.

The Package Includes:

• 50 high quality surgical stainless steel needles with built in proof of sterilization (EO gas indicating dot)

BRONC Quality #12 Standard Tattoo Needles 7 Round Shader

Artists who love round shaders will often turn to these BRONC tattoo needles. They’re high quality needles that are known for making the straightest lines and can be excellent for coloring too. These don’t fit all of the machines out there, but they are definitely worth checking out if you have a compatible machine.

The Package Includes:

• 50 EO gas sterilized stainless steel 7RS tattoo needles

PFT 100 Pieces Mixed Tattoo Needles

Getting an assortment of sizes is always nice, especially when it is in a box made by a trusted company. Every needle found in these boxes will be sharp and reliable, and they’re a great choice for artists who want all of their needles from a single source. If you have a machine that can hold these needles, they’re an excellent choice.

The Package Includes:

• 100 tattoo needles (10 pieces of each size: 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS, 5MS, 7MS)

Getbetterlife® 50/100/300 Needles Liner Shader Tattoo Needles

A lot of these boxes that come with multiple types of tattoo needles have inconsistent results, but it seems like artists have really come to depend on Getbetterlife for this product. The liners are particularly well regarded, but plenty of people have sung the shaders’ praises as well. There’s nothing flashy or new about these needles, but they are about as dependable as you can get.

The Package Includes:

• 50 sterilized liner and shader tattoo needles in assorted sizes (3RL,5RL,7RL,9RL,5RS,7RS,9RS,5M1,7M1,9M1)

ACE Needles 50 Mixed Assorted Tattoo Needles

Meant to fit in any tattoo machine out there, ACE needles have quickly shot up the rankings when it comes to trusted round liner tattoo needles. Artists who specialize in lining work have come to trust ACE thanks to their unique stainless steel design and the fact that these needles are known for staying strong and never bending.

The Package Includes:

• 50 assorted EO gas sterilized stainless steel tattoo needles in six different sizes: 1 3 5 7 9 11 RL