Bicep Tattoos

Bicep tattoos have long been a great way for men and women to show off who they are through the art they choose to get on their skin. There are thousands of designs to choose from and plenty of ways to make them look fantastic on your bicep. On this page we will take a look at the different types of bicep tattoos, some popular designs, and perhaps why you might be a great candidate for one of these tats.

Interestingly, there are multiple locations to choose from when getting bicep tattoos. Some people get a circular bicep tat that fits on the front side of their biceps, others will get designs that wrap around, and those looking to get larger designs might opt to get a tattoo that goes vertically (and possibly around) their biceps. Where you should get your biceps tattoo placed completely depends on the design itself and how you want it to look on your arm.

Even though bicep tattoos are quite popular, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to come up with the perfect design. Sure, if you are getting simple bands it can be pretty simple, but in most cases you will have to look over multiple iterations before you find one that works on your biceps. As with all other tattoos, it’s important not to rush this process so as to avoid any regrets.

Tribal tattoos continue to be some of the most popular bicep tattoo designs around today. The popular line work and symbols seem to always look fantastic on the arms, which is why they have not gone out of style. All of these designs have fantastic meanings, so you should choose one or more of them that define who you are. If you do get a tribal tattoo, be sure to be respectful to the tribe whose designs you’re using, especially if it is not a design to honor that tribe.

Three dimensional eyes are also shooting up the ranks of top bicep tattoo designs. The reason for this is because of the shape of the bicep itself, which can fit an eye quite perfectly. Plus, eye tattoos just look cool and more and more people are looking to get very detailed biceps tattoos these days. Eye tattoos symbolize the owners having great intuition and the ability to see more in things than most people.

You might not think of the bicep as the best place for a flower tattoo, but it actually works quite well if you work with a great artist. You can get a flower design that wraps around the bicep, or you might opt to get one that goes vertically down the arm. Either way, you should make sure to pick a flower for both its looks and its meanings. Believe us, every flower in the world has multiple meanings attached to it, so chances are there is at least one that you’d be happy with.

Text tattoos are known as some of the best designs to get on the forearm or across the ribs, but they also look quite nice along or around the biceps. Even though you can get the text by itself, the bicep is usually an area that looks better with another design behind the text to make it blend in the bicep area a bit better. The bicep is where you want to get text that gives people a great idea about who you are since many will see it the first time that they meet you. These text tattoos could be song lyrics, favorite quotes, or even single words that mean a lot to you.

Another type of design that many people don’t think about when they are choosing bicep tattoos is the wing tattoo. These are generally very detailed pieces that go down the inside of the arm, though they can be placed on this outside or wrapped around the bicep as well. Wing tattoos usually symbolize speed, but they can also represent freedom or they can also be used to memorialize someone.

And there are plenty of other great bicep tattoo designs that you can choose from. The key is to choose something meaningful to you and then see if it can be designed in a way that can work in that area. In most cases you will find that designs can be fitted to the biceps area, but sometimes you’ll have to edit the design quite a few times to get it to look perfect. Since the bicep is a visible area of the body, it’s essential that you pick something that you don’t mind everyone seeing.

As far as bicep tattoo costs go, that will totally depend on the size of your design and the amount of detail that it ends up having. All of this comes down to how much time the artist will have to put into making your biceps tattoo look great. If you know that you want a design that covers your entire bicep, then plan on paying a bit more for the tattoo.

No matter what type of bicep tattoo you decide to get, be sure that you find a tattoo artist who is known for getting the job done and leaving his or her clients satisfied. Again, these are very visible tattoos, so you really don’t want them to do a shoddy job. The easiest way to do your research these days is right here online where you can check out ratings and testimonials for many of the tattoo artists in your area. We definitely recommend paying a bit more if you can get your biceps tattoo done by one of the best in your area.

It’s true that there are plenty of bicep tattoos out there in the world today, but if you are patient in choosing a design that makes sense for you, then yours will stand out from the crowd. Bicep tattoos, like all other types of tats, help to tell others who you are, so your focus should be more on choosing a design that defines you rather than trying to have the “best one.”

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