Biomechanical Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Biomechanical tattoos were the types of designs people could only dream about a couple of decades ago, but they are now totally possible and extremely popular in the tattooing world.

They are great tattoo ideas for people who love science fiction, or who just want to get designs that make them look half human, half machine! Below we will take a look at reasons why biomechanical tattoos are so hot right now, some of the more popular biomechanical tattoo ideas out there and why one of these cool designs might be great for you.“

Let’s be honest with ourselves – trying to decide on a design for a permanent body art decoration can often be overwhelming. There are so many designs to choose from, not to mention anything you can think of, the possibilities are endless. Often a tattoo is meant to express the “inner you.” Some people may feel that in this modern age, a modern-style tattoo is in order. Nothing can be more modern, if not downright futuristic, than a “Bio-Mech” or biomechanical tattoo.

A biomechanical tattoo is a form of body art that melds the human you with the machine in the form of tattoo imagery of machine or robotic parts. What makes these designs so popular is that you can get absolutely any body part “mechanized.” You might choose a location to give the tattoo its meaning, or you might just like the way that the biomechanical look works in that area.

There are some body locations that are a bit more popular than others, but the fact is that a great tattoo artist can make it work anywhere you want them to.

Part man, part machine, the biomechanical tattoo peels the flesh away to reveal the inner mechanical workings, steel, wires and gears, that make you tick. For example, someone might want to put one of these tats over their chest with a mechanical heart and wiring that connects to other parts of their bodies. These designs don’t require the ripped skin look to them, but many people like to add in this detail to show that what you’re seeing is their insides.

One artist who has made this a classic style is H.R. Giger. Giger was a painter from Switzerland who had a style that was unlike anything people had seen before. He loved to blend humans with machines in a way that made them look both futuristic and realistic. People still use his exact style in their biomechanical tattoos, though there have been some art styles that some of Giger’s work add a bit more to it.

Biomechanical tattoos are often done in black and grey, or very minimalist in the use of color when blended with human flesh. Some people will use a stronger silver color over grey, but in most cases, you will not see any bright, flashy colors being used. One color that is found in a lot of these tattoos is red, which is used to show the underside of the skin and, perhaps, blood running next to or along the biomechanical parts.

One of the most popular biomechanical tattoos is the spine tattoo. These are usually placed directly down the backbone and will include a pole-looking part to represent the mechanized spine. Some take this a bit further by expanding out a bit, showing the connections from other parts of the body to the spine.

Another extremely popular biomechanical tattoo is the biomechanical sleeve design. This is what you want to get if you want to show off the cool look of your biomechanical design. You can go with just mechanical parts, or you can mix in bones and mechanical parts to show that you are a mix of human and machine. Sleeve tattoos can stretch from the top of the shoulder and go all the way down to the wrist, or they can cover a smaller space along the arm.

If you don’t want your biomechanical tattoo to be too visible, then you might want to opt for the aforementioned spine tattoo or the rib version. With the rib tattoo, most folks will include the bones with rods attached to the ribs, perhaps with a couple of broken bones mixed in. These often look best with the ripped skin look we went over before, but that’s not totally necessary.

Yet another cool biomechanical tattoo design is the ripped hand version. These usually show tears in multiple parts of the hand with tubes and wires underneath. These designs can stretch from the wrist all the way up to the fingertips, or they might just cover a couple of little areas around the hand. If you do want to get this type of design, just be warned that hand tattoos fade quite a bit faster than most other tattoos.

It’s important to keep in mind that no two biomechanical tattoos are the same, so you have to either be a creative artist or work with one to make sure that you end up with a beautiful design. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can check out some cool biomechanical designs online and then tweak one a bit to make it your own.

Since biomechanical tattoos are quite detailed, you should know up front that these designs can cost quite a bit of money. Even if you get one that only covers three or four inches of skin, you can still expect it to cost a bit since it will probably take quite a bit of time to make it look perfect.

That doesn’t mean that you should avoid this type of tattoo; just be warned that it might cost quite a bit more than you thought. If it is a bit too expensive for you right now, it’s better to wait until you can afford it than to just settle on something else.

It’s always important to work with great tattoo artists, but that is especially true when getting biomechanical tattoos. These designs are complex, so you want an artist who has experience making biomechanical tattoos or something like them. Probably the easiest way to choose a good artist for these designs is to check out their portfolios to see if you like their style.

When choosing a location for your biomechanical tattoo, you will want to think about the message that you want to send to people who see it. Do you want to show that you have superhuman powers? Maybe you want to show that you have “programmed” yourself to be able to handle anything. Think long and hard about why you want this type of tattoo before committing to it.

Biomechanical tattoos are extremely cool looking and they give people a great way to express themselves. As long as you take your time in choosing a design, finding great meanings to attach to that design, and working with a great artist, there’s a great chance that you will love your biomechanical tattoo for the rest of your life.

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