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Address: 23892 Remme Ridge Lake Forest, CA 92630

Phone: (949) 600-6340

In the days of the internet and endless shopping avenues, tattoo artists have a lot of options to choose from when deciding on a tattoo machine. There are many choices and many solid companies out there but we have noticed a few that stick out more than others and Bishop Tattoo Supply is one of those companies so we feel it is our duty to share this with you.

In this post we will talk about Bishop Tattoo Supply and their very famous Bishop Rotary machine. The reason we are talking about this product is because it is well known to be one of the best rotary machines on the market and we wanted to give you an opportunity to learn a little bit about this great product. By the end of this post we hope you feel a bit more informed on the subject of the Bishop Tattoo Supply company and the products they offer.

About Bishop Tattoo Supply

Bishop Tattoo Supply is an online retailer of tattoo equipment and supplies based in the United States. They are famously known for the Bishop Rotary tattoo machine, a machine that made its debut nearly 15 years ago and was designed specifically for endurance and reliability. Bishop Tattoo Supply was founded in Orange County, California by owner Franco Vescovi in 2009 after years of tattooing and designing rotary-style tattoo machines to suit his personal style. Unlike many other online tattoo suppliers that sell piercing supplies, Bishop focuses solely on tattooing as a testament to their dedication to the tattooing industry.

Bishop Rotary Machine

The Bishop Rotary tattoo machine is one of the only designs that can be used for up to four hours without running the risk of stress and pain on the artist’s wrist. It is perfect for those who have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel or injuries from long-term tattooing as the low-vibration does not wear on the wrist as other machines do and is lightweight (only 3.8 ounces). All Bishop tattoo products are proudly made in the United States of America, although many other brands can also be purchased from the online retailer. Additionally, the company provides information and videos on product usage, maintenance, and repair, as well as training videos in order to support the artists that purchase their products. Even more, Bishop Tattoo Supply offers a one year warranty on all of their tattoo machines so that in the event that the machine performs below standards it can be returned and replaced. They also repair machines at a fraction of the purchasing price.

These high quality machines have a feeling of weightlessness even though they weight around 3.8 ounces. This is because of the ERGO-design which makes the weight mathematically structured to just flow with the tube. What this great feature has done is give artists the opportunity to tattoo without as much risk for carpal tunnel syndrome cramps or other wrist pain issues that might come along when tattooing with inferior products.

The Bishop Rotary was created using aircraft quality aluminum on 5 AXIS CNC machines that are state of the art. They are hand polished and made for complete precision. This build allows for the Bishop Rotary to offer excellent finishes and tight tolerances. Each one of these machines is put together to assure exact function and fit. Everyone of these machines is built to the standards of the aircraft industry in both wear resistance in areas that are prone to friction and finish. The motors are also extremely high quality with Swiss made MAXON motors that create a motion of the needle that is linear. This machines also takes advantage not having to live by the old standard of rubber bands to make the downward force of the needle with a double sized needle clip. This clip eliminates lateral motion and keeps the needle in place when tattooing. Maybe you are thinking this isn’t that important but what it does is allow the artist to really nail those fine line details.

Run the machine at around 7.5 to 8.5 volts for shading and color packing. However, this will depend on the style and hand speed. Run the machine between 8 and 9 volts for lining and this will also depend on the style of tattooing and the speed at which the artist is tattooing.

As with anything new in life, the process of getting used to the Bishop Rotary will take time, but when you get comfortable with this machine, the sky will be the limit. Many artists agree that the Bishop Rotary can help increase tattoo time by 30% because of the speed of puncture rate. It also allows for faster healing.

Bishop doesn’t believe that adjustable give is the best thing for rotary machines like other companies do. The best way to get better is to train your brain to start remembering the feel of the Bishop Rotary that doesn’t have any adjustment options on it. There is spring that allows for the perfect amount of give that will let the artist use their hand pressure and speed to change their own give. This is a more natural way to learn how to use the rotary machine.

Other Products

Bishop also offers a variety of other products including cartridge tubes, traditional grips, grip covers and disposable tubes. You can also find a good deal of accessories on the site like tattoo lamps, steel files, grip adaptors, ink caps and cleaning brushes for the Bishop Rotary.

Common Questions

Artists might wonder why Bishop Tattoo Supply doesn’t offer a short stroke like a 1.7 mm or a 2.5 stroke. This is because if you like to use a shorter stroke like a 2mm, you can adjust the machine and tube to barely let the needle to come out of the machine to create the short stroke you have been looking for. The best part of this machine is that you can get the ink delivery of a 3.5 stroke machine all while getting the short stroke you desire by bringing the tube down to expose 1.7mm of the needle or 2.5mm. This is a great way to work and a better option than having the different options.

What Stroke Should You Use?

This is question that is asked a lot when looking into these machines and the answer is that it depends on the kind of tattooing you like to do. If you like working with really soft black and greys, the 3.5 stroke will work and if you like to run a stroke that is a bit shorter, you can adjust the tube so the needle is slightly exposed. The 4.2 stroke is best used to pack in solid colors like a traditional tattoos or tribal blacks and this is because it offers a hit that is very strong.

Come give the Bishop Rotary a chance and we promise you will be impressed with the outcome. Like anything, it will take time to get used to but your tattooing skills will grow with time and grow at a clip that other machines wouldn’t allow.

Just allow five to seven business days to get the shipping together and once it is shipped, you will get a tracking number in the email that will be sent to you from Bishop Tattoo Supply. The customer service is fantastic and they really look out for the average artist.

Bishop Tattoo Supply has a monthly newsletter available to all artists and customers who would like to receive information on new products and other innovations within the industry. This company is based in the USA and is continually putting out quality products to make life easier for the everyday tattoo artist. Bishop Tattoo is dedicated to artists all around the globe and providing them with information to help improve their practice.