Black Light Tattoos

Recently, a type of ink has been created that can be safely injected into the skin that remains incredibly faint until it is placed underneath a black light. Black light tattoos, also known as UV tattoos because they react to ultraviolet light, are done with a specific ink containing UV reactive chemicals. The ink can be used in conjunction with regular inks so that parts of the tattoo can be seen in any light while the black light ink only appears under ultraviolet light. Black light designs are commonly found on those who frequent clubs and bars that illuminate their venue with black lights, allowing for the ink to appear. Without the specific type of light, the tattoo is nearly invisible and so remains unseen. Any image can be enhanced with the black light ink, adding an extra element to the design.

Most often, a design is rendered in normal ink and highlighted with UV specific ink so that it is illuminated when placed under the right light. Nature scenes are often used with the stars and moon, or other lines within the scene, done in black light ink. Light is introduced into the tattoo this way, creating a much brighter and multidimensional appearance. City skylines are also frequently chosen where the buildings are rendered normally and the lighting in the building and sky are done with black light ink. This creates a duality of daylight and nightlight in the tattoo, adding more interest and visual appeal.

Constellation tattoos can be enhanced with UV ink as well, used to form the lines between the stars that create the constellation. Lightning tattoos also work well as they more closely resemble the flash of light when shining under the special light.

Because of the effect of the black light ink, parts of the skeleton are sometimes traced over so that an x-ray-like effect is created when placed under UV light.

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