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About the Shop:

NYC Tattoo Shop™ is centrally located in the historic district of Greenpoint, Brooklyn in New York City. Our shop prides itself on maintaining one of the highest levels of cleanliness and sterilization. Our tattoo artists are fully licensed and only use the very best state-of-the-art tattooing equipment and advanced cross-contamination prevention practices.



NYC Tattoo Artist Adam Suerte 1NYC Tattoo Artist Adam Suerte 2

Adam Suerte – Brooklyn, NY


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Adam Suerte is a New York local who can be defined as an illustrator, painter and tattoo artist. Adam Suerte is an extremely talented tattoo artist that has taken part in many solo exhibitions because of his tattooing skills. He’s won many awards over his career and if you look at his portfolio, you will start to understand why he is such a popular artist.

He can tattoo all sorts of styles and sometimes he will concentrate on urban iconography when painting or tattooing. You can say he is somewhat of a renaissance man and continues to illustrate, printmake, paint and tattoo among other things. If you want to get a seat with Adam, we suggest reaching out

NYC Tattoo Artist Dorothy Lyczek 2NYC Tattoo Artist Dorothy Lyczek 4

Dorothy Lyczek – Brooklyn, NY

Tattoo Profile: Since 2006, Dorothy has been tattooing in NYC. She was born and raised in Brooklyn and now tattoos in the same place she calls home. Her style developed out of her background in fine arts, expressive use of color and love of nature. Her work is inspired by techniques that were first created through painting. Her focus is on natural, botanical and floral designs using saturated and bold colors in her work. Dorothy gathers information and learns about the industry and styles via her travels to different locations and by researching traditions. Dorothy has tattooed in Chicago, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Kathmandu, Philadelphia the Netherlands and Poland so know that she is well versed in different cultures and styles. She won’t shy away from your custom idea. Reach out today!


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Drew Linden TattooDrew Linden Tattoo 1

Drew Linden – Brooklyn, NY

Tattoo Profile: Drew Linden was born in San Diego, CA and learned how to tattoo under Mike Martin in Imperial Beach, CA. Drew left the West Coast and headed to NYC in 2011 and has now been tattooing for over 10 years. Drew’s specializes in bold, clean and intuitive tattooing. In addition to tattooing, Drew has been microblading in recent years and learned the craft from Audrey Glass. He is the co-owner of New Moon Studio in Brooklyn, NY and is waiting for your call. Don’t wait too long before reaching out because Drew’s books are filling up fast.


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Brooklyn Tattoo Artist Craig Rodriguez 1Brooklyn Tattoo Artist Craig Rodriguez 1

Craig Rodriguez – Brooklyn, NY

Tattoo Profile: Craig Rodriguez is the owner and operator of Hand of Glory Tattoo in addition to Oculo Visitant Gallery. By 1997, tattooing was legal in NYC and Craig took part of a historic photo of the first 50 people to get an issued tattoo license. That said, he’s a pioneer in the area for tattooing and has traveled across the world learning different styles and methods. Craig specializes in American traditional and Japanese and if these are two styles you might want to get, contact Craig as soon as you can.


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NYC Tattoo Artist Anderson Luna 1NYC Tattoo Artist Anderson Luna 3

Anderson Luna – Brooklyn, NY

Tattoo Profile: Anderson Luna is a Brooklyn Tattoo artist with many years of experience. Through traveling and exploring, Anderson has derived a style that is all his own. He’s been tattooing since 2007 and was born and raised in Brooklyn. Brooklyn was able to keep one of homegrown talents in the city and to your luck, he’s available for tattooing. Anderson Luna specializes in black & grey with a focus on ornament, religious iconography, figurative and illustrative portraiture and script. If any of this sounds like it might interest you, reach out today because his books are filling up fast.


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NYC Tattoo Artist Patricia Mazza 2NYC Tattoo Artist Patricia Mazza 3

Patricia Mazza

Tattoo Profile: Patricia Mazza was born and raised in Queens and continues to bless the locals with her incredible tattooing skills. She’s been drawing since an early age which led her into a creative lifestyle. She loves to drawing, painting and tattooing styles from all over the world. She’s got a steady hand a gift for fine line tattooing. She can handle anything from realism to illustrative and black & grey to color. There is no challenge that she can’t handle.

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Royal Jafarov Realism Tattoo Artist 1Royal Jafarov Realism Tattoo Artist 2

Royal Jafarov


About Royal:

Royal works out of a private studio where he is focused on doing great work for his clients instead of promoting himself. This is the sign of a great artist and one you should be waiting in line for.

Royal is an extremely talented tattoo artist that does some of his best work in the realism realm. However, this doesn’t mean it is his only specialty. Royal can do it all. The Russian born tattoo artist has been tattooing in the United States since 2011 and he has been making beautiful tattoos ever since. Not only does he thrive in the creating realism tattoos, Royal really enjoys doing abstract tattoos as well. He’s a fan of the change of pace and his creative mind is allowed to run wild.

Royal is known for bringing fresh ideas to the table. From conceptual paintings to optical illusions, as long as the client has an open mind, Royal will take care of it.

Hand of Glory Tattoo 1Hand of Glory Tattoo 2

Hand of Glory Tattoo – Brooklyn, NY

Tattoo Profile: Hand of Glory was founded by Anna Sea and Craig Rodriguez in 2001. This shop was made to be a neighborhood shop that trailblazed the way for other shops in NYC not long after the ban was lifted. The goal at Hand of Glory is to reach for excellence through individual creativity, hard work, devotion to craft and collaborative effort. The artists at Hand of Glory specialize in all forms of tattooing, both modern and traditional, and always having an eye toward delivering a comfortable, safe and warm environment. The continue to stand the test of time thanks to the team of artists and the small group of people behind the scenes.


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