Brother Sister Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Having a brother or sister is a gift. Growing up with a sibling such as a brother to a girl or a sister to a boy is filled with teasing and patience. Once you get past your childhood, it takes a little bit of effort to make the relationship work. After all of this, you grow up and look back hopefully with a true appreciation of the bond that was formed between you.

Then you start to realize that all you have been through together actually brought you closer and now you have the best relationship ever with your sibling. Being a good brother or sister is something to take pride in, something to be proud of. What better way to show that than getting a brother-sister tattoo?

Getting a brother-sister tattoo is a fantastic way of showing the significance of your brother or sister. This can be anything from a small wrist tattoo that shows your brother’s love for martial arts, or a large back piece that shows your sister’s passion for painting. It is important to note that the gesture itself is a sign of love and respect for your brother/sister. Beyond the gesture, the tattoo should be a meaningful piece that reminds you of the good times, bad times, and growing up together times you have shared.

A tattoo is a permanent way of showing how much you love your brother or sister. Through all the ups and downs, you will always remain. That is exactly what this tattoo will show. If your sister loves to travel, a small plane on the ankle would be a great way to display that love to yourself as well as the many people in your life who will ask you about the tattoo. If your brother loves cars then a hotrod on your wrist will show that you love and respect your brother and are willing to get something permanent on your body to show that.

The most important part about choosing a brother-sister tattoo is to make sure it is meaningful to you. Make sure that this tattoo reminds you of significant times in your life. Think of all the experiences you have shared over the years and try to make that special moment come to life on your skin.

Maybe you both went to a concert together in the past and you want to reminisce about the music so you get a music note to symbolize the memories you have shared. Getting matching tattoos is also a great way to show your bond and the connection you share with each other.

What better way to connect than to get a set of matching tattoos? This could be both your last names or something as simple as your grandmother’s name to remember the times she used to take you to the park.

Some brothers and sisters also choose to get family symbols such as seals or a tree that stood outside of the home they grew up in together. Another great idea is to keep it uncomplicated and get each other’s initials tattooed on you. This can be small or large but is guaranteed to remind you of your brother or sister and how much they mean to you.

Sometimes brothers and sisters share an inside joke. For example, your mother one time filled up both of your cereal bowls with water instead of milk. So you both get milk cartons as a funny inside joke. This is extra special because it will mean a lot more to you two than anyone else. This is a very significant part of brother-sister tattoos. Keep it lighthearted and playful. This covers all bases of being meaningful and witty as well. Frequently there is no better tattoo than a clever tattoo. This will be a sure way to impress your brother and sister.

Location can also be a way of showing your brother-sister bond through a tattoo. You don’t always have to get the same tattoo to make it a brother-sister tattoo. Some brothers and sisters choose to get different designed tattoos on the same area of the body. For example, a brother gets a sun on his calf to symbolize the light that his sister shines on his life, while the sister gets a moon on her calf to symbolize her brother always being there even through the dark nights.

These are just examples to show that locations can be just as symbolic when it comes to brother-sister tattoos as the piece itself. Matching locations on the body is a great way to display your love and admiration for each other when it comes to brother-sister tattoos.

Lastly, phrases are timeless tattoos to show off your brother-sister relationship. Find a deep-rooted quote or an intricate poem that means something to both of you. This can be a quote from your favorite scientist or statesman, or a simple two-line poem that explains just how you two feel. You can each get the same script, or change it up and get half while your brother or sister gets the other half.

This adds to the charm as you need each other to complete the meaning or phrase. You could also get your brother or sister’s favorite quote or phrase tattooed on you while they get your favorite on them. There is no wrong or right method to choose in this circumstance. All these forms should be special and unique to you while extenuating the bond you share.

Whichever brother-sister tattoo you choose, make sure you make the decision together. This might single-handedly be the most important part of getting a brother-sister tattoo. Make it unique to your relationship and the experiences you have had over the years together. Brother-sister tattoos will strengthen the bond you have built over the course of your lives. One thing is for certain, you will be sure to love your brother or sister even more after you get a brother-sister tattoo.

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