Cactus Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

There are a lot of great plant tattoos out there, but the cactus tattoo is the perfect one for certain personalities. It’s also a very attractive tattoo in most cases, which is yet another reason why these designs have shot up the rankings in recent years.

Below you will find some information on cactus tattoos, including some of the more commonly used meanings and some of the ways that these tattoos can be designed.

Before we go into the cactus tattoo meaning, let’s take a look at the cactus itself. It’s a plant that’s generally found in dry locations because it has a rare ability to conserve water for very long periods of time. It also has a natural defense system in the form of a spiny exterior. Unsurprisingly, those unique qualities have made the cactus one of the most respected and revered plants on earth.

If we go way back in time, the Greek meaning for cactus is mystery. Even though it might not be clear to outside observers, some people will get the cactus tattoo to represent their mysterious side. That kind of makes sense since those people might not want others to know the meaning. Of course, if you do want the meaning to come through the design, you can always add in other symbols of mystery with the cactus if you find something that blends into the design well.

When using the mysterious meaning for the cactus tattoo, the design will usually be unique rather than simply being a standard cactus plant. Even those who want the meaning itself to be mysterious will usually do something extra to the design to make it stick out more than a basic cactus would. An easy way to do this is to make the cactus a bit cartoony, but you can take that a step further by putting small symbols of mystery on or around the cactus.

Naturally, the cactus has been very meaningful to Native American tribes for centuries. They have long used nature to help give life more meaning, and the cactus has inspired many tattoos, totems, and war paint designs over the years. In fact, many people who still get Native American tattoos today will include the cactus for both its looks and its meanings. You might not be able to imagine it, but a cactus can easily be included in one of these designs without throwing off the look of the tattoo. The meanings you’ll find below are usually the same ones that Native Americans have used for their designs.

Perhaps more than anything, the cactus is known for its adaptability. Throw any type of climate at it and it will usually be able to adapt. People who want to make big changes in their lives such as moving to a new location will get the cactus to represent their willingness to try new things. It can also remind the owner to not be afraid of trying new things.

Similar to adaptability, the cactus also represents being a survivor. The cactus plant has been able to survive even tough plenty of other species of plant and animal have gone extinct in the dry southern and western states. Some people will get the cactus tattoo to symbolize their survival. This can mean that either they survived something or that they are willing to fight through whatever life throws at them.

Even the cactus flower has multiple meanings to people. One of those meanings is motherly love since it is able to protect itself in the harshest of conditions. This is the perfect cactus tattoo meaning for women who do not want to use one of the more commonly used mother tattoos. It can also be combined with other mother tattoo designs to create a cool-looking combo tattoo design.

The flower is also known for its protective qualities because its juice was long used as a medicine to cure both wounds and multiple sicknesses. The cactus flower might not be the most popular of the cactus tattoos, but it could be argued that it is more meaningful than the cactus itself. Some people might even argue that it is the more attractive tattoo choice because you get to add in a bit of color to the design.

As is the case with most other tattoo designs, some people get the cactus tattoo simply because they like the look of the plant. It’s one of those plant tattoos that really stands out because it has so many unique properties that just look great in tattoo form. On top of that, there are many different cactus tattoo styles, which makes them a nice options to anyone that finds that one or two of the plant’s meanings work for them.

There are cartoony cactus designs, designs that stretch around the torso, and there are even simple black and white designs that can be placed anywhere on the body. To be honest, we are sure you would be able to find a great design for your tattoo if you are at all interested in cacti and any of the cactus tattoo meanings listed above.

We’ve been pointing out each individual cactus tattoo meaning, but it’s important to remember that you can use as many of these meanings as you want. You might find that more than one of these meanings really does define a part of who you are. That’s great! You can use the exact same design regardless of the meanings, or you can tweak the design a bit to make all of the meanings clearer in a single design.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t feel like you can’t get one of these cactus tattoos just because one or more of the meanings don’t make sense for you. Yes, it would be nice to pick a design that encompassed everything that means something to us, but it’s nearly impossible to find that design. All that really matters is that the cactus represents something truly special to you and then you can forget about all of the other meanings. In some cases, you might look at those meanings later on in life and find that one or two more now do mean something to you.

The cactus tattoo has so much meaning in it regardless of the design, so people can get the tattoo and wait until later to figure out the meaning. This isn’t the approach that we suggest, but we also get it when someone sees the cactus tat and can’t help but get one. Plus, as we mentioned, it’s pretty easy to pick out a meaning or two that really does work for you after you get the design inked on your skin.

Those who do want to add in a little bit more meaning to their cactus tattoos can simply find other plants or completely unrelated images and add them to their designs. You don’t want one image to take over the design, but there are some ways to make everything blend into an awesome design. If you don’t have drawing skills, you can hire an outside artist or even talk to your tattoo artist about the ideas that you have.

Another thing you can do to make your cactus tattoo meaning a bit clearer is to tweak the cactus itself. For example, those who are using their cacti to represent protection can add in extra detail to the spines of the plant. You want to be happy with your design for the rest of your life, so it’s important that you are patient throughout the design process. Think of your meanings, then think of how you want to design your cactus tattoo to express those meanings. You might find that you still stick with a more basic cactus, or you might make big changes to it to make it unique to you.

If you do plan on getting a cactus tattoo, be sure to tell your artist the meanings you plan to use. This is a step in the process that many people don’t take very often, which is a shame. If your artist knows exactly why you are getting your cactus tattoo, they will naturally take that job more seriously because they know you put thought into it.

It will also help to explain any design decisions you’ve made, and you might even find that your artist can give you some tips on the design based on the meanings that you’re using. You don’t have to tell your artist the meanings you’re using, but it can definitely help in multiple wayscom.

You’re probably a bit shocked by how many great cactus tattoo meanings there are, and we don’t blame you. It’s not a plant that people think about all the time and it’s not as popular as flower tattoos, but it is one of those tattoos that can work for a lot of people. If you found that one or more of the meanings makes sense for you and you really like the look of the cactus, definitely consider getting one of these tattoos.

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