Calf Tattoo

The calf use to be one of the last places people thought of for their tattoos, but these days people recognize that there are quite a few designs that look pretty amazing as calf tattoos. Most are smaller designs, but they can be just as meaningful as large arm, back, or chest tattoos. Below you will find out the types of designs that work great as calf tats and then you can decide if this is the type of tattoo that you should get.

Circular designs seem to be the best ones for the calf area since they look so natural in that area and they give people a unique way of showing off some of the more common designs. And what’s great is that even if you don’t have a perfectly circular image in mind, you can usually make that image fit into a circular design just by tweaking it a little bit or fitting it inside of something with that shape. What we’re saying is that just about any tattoo that you have in mind can be made into a nice calf tattoo, though it’s definitely true that some look more natural in that area than others.

One type of calf tattoo design that is shooting up the ranks these days is the portrait tattoo, both of humans and of animals. It used to be that portraits were always on the chest, back or arm, but the calf works quite well since you can put the portrait inside of a nice oval or circular frame. You don’t even have to add a frame into a portrait of an animal since the calf muscle itself can make the snout and other parts of its face push out nicely.

Symbols are also quite popular as calf tattoos since they often fit in this area better than in other places on the body. For example, you could easily put a cross tattoo on your calf, having the horizontal part going across your calf. If you were looking to get a classic symbol like the heart or the anchor tattoo, the calf can give you a unique place to put it on your body so it doesn’t look like many of the other symbol tattoos that people have.

In reality you can shrink anything down (or blow anything up) to fit in the calf area. We don’t recommend doing this if you were planning on getting a larger, highly detailed design that was meant to go somewhere else, but everything else works quite well. For example, if you decided that you wanted a lion tattoo and you wanted a cool way to show it off, you might find that the calf area works perfectly for just that.

One popular example of the “shrunken down” design that can look fantastic as a calf tattoo is the skull tattoo. Actually, the skull is probably in the top 10 most frequently bought calf tattoos since its shape can be designed perfectly on the calf. And, of course, there are hundreds upon hundreds of ways to have a skull tattoo designed, so it’s quite easy to make yours unique even if there are plenty of other people with their own skulls on their calves.

Another specific calf tattoo that a lot of people seem to love getting is some kind of ship design. These are generally larger designs that take up more real estate around the calf, but the center of the design is often right there in the calf area. This is a great spot for ship tattoos because the masts flow naturally up the leg and the boat itself is often designed to be floating towards the calf and out of the skin. This is a very cool effect that you can’t really pull off on any other area of the body.

Believe it or not, landscape tattoos can look very nice as calf tattoos if you have it designed in a way that has it conform to the natural shapes of your leg. These designs rarely wrap around the leg, but instead have a natural flow going up or down the leg. An example of this would be to have trees and mountains on your calf with the sky straight up higher up on your leg.

One thing you definitely should not do is get a calf tattoo simply because you can’t make your design fit well anywhere else. Unfortunately a lot of people do this because they feel like they have to get that specific design no matter what. This will often lead to regret since you aren’t getting exactly what you want and the most you’ll be able to do later on is cover it up with another tattoo. The only people who should get calf tattoos are those who see that area as the best one for their designs.

If you have a calf tattoo in mind and you are sure that it is exactly what you want to get in that area of your body, be sure that you work with a tattoo artist who can make it look exactly as you imagined it. Calf tattoos aren’t nearly as popular as upper body designs, so ideally you’ll find a tattoo artist who has done a lot of great calf tats. A good idea would be to go into multiple local tattoo shops and take a look at the artists’ portfolios for past calf tattoos that they have worked on.

As you can see, there are plenty of designs that you can choose to get on your calf, so you should definitely think of this area of your body if you have a design in mind that will fit there. It’s a great way to show off who you are in a different way, while also giving you a unique shape to work with as you are designing your tattoo. As long as you really want a calf tattoo and you find the perfect design to go there, you should end up being very happy with the final result.

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