Calvin and Hobbes Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Calvin and Hobbes were characters of a hilariously clever comic book many read in their youth and continue to read today. The artwork displayed in Calvin and Hobbes’s books was addictingly classic and was combined with a wacky sense of humor. Calvin and Hobbes were made famous in everyone’s newspaper.

The Sunday funnies gave us a glimpse into the lives of these two uncommon friends. Calvin is a six-year-old kid with a peculiar relationship with her stuffed tiger, Hobbes. The reason that this pair dominated the newspaper comics is because of the intelligent yet risky way Calvin and Hobbes used to make people everywhere laugh.

Due to the bold outlines, Calvin and Hobbes’s Tattoos are easy to create. The images will be sure to pop on the skin. Outlines have always allowed tattoos to pop. They also create strong contrast in a tattoo. Calvin and Hobbes are best done in bold or faded colors but can also be done in plain black ink. Generally, these tattoos are done with brilliant simplicity. The statement “less is more” may apply here at an overly busy scene and might not play to true Calvin and Hobbes form.

Calvin and Hobbes walking over a river on a fallen tree is a prime example of this. Calvin and Hobbes sitting on a rock while Calvin plays around, and Hobbes reads a newspaper is another example of the simplicity in the comic strip.

As mentioned before, Calvin and Hobbes’s tattoos can be inked on your skin in color or in plain black and gray. If you choose color, you can get bold and vibrant colors or stick with the traditional Calvin and Hobbes strips and go with dull colors or black and gray. Either choice is solid and the style that you choose will say a lot about the person you are as well as what message you are trying to portray through your tattoo.

Calvin and Hobbes can be tattooed as characters alone or in a full scene. Most people will get a square or scene of the comic strip as a tattoo. A scene will allow the viewer to fully understand the tattoo but is not the only option. Having them show off one of their many countless expressions is another option if you do not want to incorporate an entire scene into your tattoo.

Calvin and Hobbes can be seen in all sorts of modes of transportation too such as wagons, boats and even spaceships in some of the newer editions. All these options are great choices for your next Calvin and Hobbes tattoo. Make sure to do lots of research looking at some older and newer images. You may find a quote you like as well. If you do, don’t be afraid to include that in your tattoo as well. Decide whether you like a detailed picture of the two of them or if you want a cartoon feel to the tattoo.

Some see Calvin and Hobbes as clever, while others see the paid as troublemakers. The reasons and meanings behind you getting a tattoo styled after Calvin and Hobbes can be endless. People choose to get the tattoo to show off their quirky side and the cleverness of Calvin and Hobbes helps to display that in a tattoo. Others will choose to get this style tattoo to show off their edgy, mischievous side.

Use a part of their comic strip to portray a message or tattoo some of the characters in the comic strip with a quote from the book to really show just how you are feeling. There are no wrong choices here and the great thing about Calvin and Hobbes is that there are so many expressions to be made here.

Calvin and Hobbes were not the only characters in the famous comic strip. If you want a Calvin and Hobbes tattoo but don’t want to go with the main characters you can choose others like the parents who have always been in the comics. This is a great way of referring to Calvin and Hobbes without using the main characters everyone thinks about.

The drawing of the tattoo, if done right, should be able to give the viewer a good enough impression of the famous Calvin and Hobbes artwork. Most people will choose to somehow include the main characters in their tattoo but again, this is not necessary to portray the style you are looking for. However, it will be helpful if they are included if you want to make sure people know that you love the characters in the comic, not just the style of drawing.

Hobbs plays an interesting part in the comic, where sometimes he will be a living, breathing tiger that talks and has a human-like interaction with Calvin. Other times he will be a motionless, defunct creature friend that seems to be the parts in the comic where you truly see Hobbs for what he is. Certain people say that Hobbes, in his living form, is a figment of Hobbs’s imagination. This is to say that he is his imaginary friend. This might want to be something you highlight in your Calvin and Hobbes tattoo.

Overall, a Calvin and Hobbes tattoo is a great choice for anyone looking to get a tattoo that is fun and classic in design. The drawings that depict the pair are unique and intriguing for anyone who sees them.

The iconic artwork is one of a kind and will be sure to impress any original or new Calvin and Hobbes fan out there. Be sure to do your research when deciding what kind of Calvin and Hobbes tattoo to get. There are lots of options when it comes to shape, color, and size. There are also differences in meanings between certain comic strips as well.

Lastly don’t forget that you can choose to get Calvin and Hobbes as a standalone piece or included in a scene. Have fun with this tattoo and you will be sure to love your new Calvin and Hobbes tattoo.

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