Cat Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

People absolutely love cats, so it’s no surprise that many jump at the chance to get some kind of cat tattoo. Cats are unique to all other animals on earth, both in their looks and their personalities.

Some people love to get their own cats tattooed on their skin, while others simply have a favorite species of cat that they feel represents their own personalities.

There’s a lot to think about when getting a cat tattoo, though. You have to think about the type of cat that you want to get inked on your skin and which of the many cat tattoo meanings you’d like to use. Well, that’s why we’ve created this cat tattoo page! Keep reading to learn about why cat tattoos are so popular and the cat tattoo meanings that you can choose from.

Felines, big and small, domesticated or wild, are a symbol of grace. If you have been told that you’re graceful or that is something that you strive to be, then a cat tattoo might just be the perfect animal tattoo for you. To show off a cat’s grace in tattoo form, you can have it drawn so that it looks like it’s gliding across your skin.

Another almost universal meaning for cat tattoos is cunning. Everyone knows that cats are sly creatures, so this cat tattoo meaning should come across clearly regardless of the design you get. Of course, you can make this meaning even clearer by giving the cat a cheeky smile. Some people who use this cunning cat tattoo meaning will opt to get a more cartoony-looking cat since many animated felines are extremely sly.

Cats have served as companions to humans for thousands of years, being found mummified and buried with their owners. Millions of people today own cats solely for that companionship, many of whom find it to be one of the best relationships in their lives. This closeness leads many current and former cat owners to get their feline best friends tattooed on their skin.

If you decide to get a cat tattoo as a sort of memorial to your cat, then you can add in more elements, such as flowers, to show how much that particular cat means to you.

Cats’ nimble bodies and nocturnal behavior lend them a meticulous quality that is associated with trickery, magic, the occult, and mystery. Mystery, in particular, is a cat tattoo meaning that a lot of people like to use. If you pride yourself on being someone who has a lot more going on than people recognize, then you might find that a cat tattoo is a perfect symbol of your mysteriousness.

The black cat is especially magical, often depicted as a familiar. Some people see the black cat as bringing good luck, but there are also those who think it does the opposite. That makes it an interesting tattoo choice since you can look to it as a good luck charm and also blame it for the tough times that you go through. The black cat, whether the domesticated version or a wild cat (such as the black panther), is a great choice for people who prefer black and gray tattoos over colored designs.

For a more feminine and delicate appearance, the silhouette of a small cat or simple line work is used to convey the softness of cats or kittens. These are perfect cat tattoo designs for those who are looking for a smaller cat tat. If you find that cats are gentler than they are given credit for and you want to show off your soft side, then this might just be the ideal cat tattoo for you. You can get a cat silhouette tattooed basically anywhere, including on your finger or your ankle.

Cat paw prints are often used as a tribute to a beloved pet. This is yet another simple tattoo design that is perfect for those who do not want a larger cat tattoo. Some people will get the paw prints by themselves, while others will also put the cat’s name above the paws. Paw print tattoos are fantastic designs to get on the wrist or the ankle.

Illustrated, cartoon-like cats enhance the cuteness and create a storybook character type of look. These images recall the nostalgia of childhood and innocence. In fact, some folks decide to get their cartoony cat tattoos simply to show that they still have some of their childlike innocence inside of them. Some of the most popular of these animated cats include Tom Cat, Tigger, Simba, Garfield, Silvester, and the Pink Panther.

What many people like about these tattoos is that it is very easy to find a great design to work with since they’re readily available online.

Cats are widely associated with Ancient Egypt, a society known to revere felines as sacred. Gold jewelry is often added to these tattoo images, harkening back to Egyptian aesthetics and the cultural significance of the cat. Even today people see the cat as a blessed creature, so they will use that old design style when they get their cat tattoos.

Along with happiness and love, cats were a symbol of motherhood and fertility in Ancient Egypt. While these are not extremely popular cat tattoo meanings today, those who want a unique feminine tattoo meaning might find the cat to be a great choice. Of course, if you decide to go this route, most people probably won’t recognize these meanings so it might be a good idea to also get other symbols that represent motherhood.

The Egyptian goddess Bastet is the cat-headed goddess of protection, joy, family, and love. She is also sometimes shown with the head of a lioness, emphasizing her ferocity. The Bastet tattoo is absolutely perfect for women who love their families above all other things and would do anything to protect them. She also looks amazing in tattoo form, so if you were looking for a larger cat tattoo, then this might be the best one for you.

The winged cat is also used as an Egyptian symbol of prowess and divinity. It is often portrayed with Egyptian jewelry reserved for the wealthy and elite, emphasizing its significance. The winged black cat is associated with Isis, a larger symbol of fertility. As you can see, it’s definitely worth knowing all of these great Egyptian cat tattoo meanings if you want to have a unique cat tat.

In Japan, the Maneki Neko is the symbol of the white cat with a paw raised in greeting. The “good fortune cat” is known to be lucky and serves as a good omen, a wise old soul brought to Earth as a companion for humanity.

It’s also worth knowing about every wild cat meaning out there. For example, the lion, which is one of the most popular cat tattoos, represents royalty and courage. The cheetah, the smallest of the large wild cats, can symbolize both speed and gracefulness. The puma can represent athleticism and agility, while the tiger is used as a symbol of ferociousness and sensuality. As you can see, it’s worth checking out each wild cat individually to see if their meanings fork for your personality.

If you are thinking about getting a cat tattoo, you’ll want to work with a top artist to come up with a unique tattoo design. Sure, you could just use the book, but most people want to have a cat design that is theirs and theirs alone. An experienced artist will take their time coming up with a version of the cat you like so that you can be satisfied for the rest of your days.

You’ll also want to think about where you want the cat tattoo to be located on your body. You can get one that wraps around your arm, that covers your back, or even a small cat tattoo that fits on your wrist or ankle.

These are more things you should discuss with your artist before you commit to any design.

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