Cheetah Print Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Animals are well known for representing many characteristics and traits that we love. Whether they are known for being sweet and cuddly, aggressive, or cunning, you will most likely be able to find an animal that represents what you are all about.

So, the question stands, what is the right fit for you? If you are visiting this page today, you are looking for more information on the cheetah print tattoo meaning.

While this tattoo isn’t exactly an image of the cheetah itself, the owner of this tattoo is even more involved or connected with the cheetah because they are taking on some of the characteristics of this animal and in this case, it’s the pattern on their fur. By doing this, the person with the cheetah print tattoo is taking an extra step in taking on some of the characteristics of this beautiful animal.

In this post, we are going to talk about the cheetah and the pattern in which people are getting inked on their skin. We will talk about the meaning of this tattoo and what it might mean to the person wearing it. The variations are slight with this tattoo as the cheetah looks a certain way, but we will talk about any variations of the cheetah print tattoo that might be found.

About the Cheetah

In order to understand the symbolism behind the cheetah print tattoo, we should talk about this graceful cat. The first thing to mention that is generally linked to the cheetah is its speed. The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world and can run up to 70 mph. Imagine that; the cheetah can run as fast as a car on the highway and it can reach its top speed in about 3 seconds.

When moving that fast, you might think that control would be an issue, but the cheetah uses its tail in a way to help steer their body when running. Their tail is long and muscular, and they can use it like a rudder on a boat because of its flat shape. While they’re running at their full speed and potential, the cheetah takes strides that are about 21 feet. Their feet only touch the ground two times during each one of these strides. You could say they were almost flying.

Another aspect of the cheetah that helps with their running prowess is their paws. They have semi-retractable claws which serve as something like a pair of cleats on human feet. This gives them a great deal of traction while sprinting at high speeds. In addition, while most cats have soft paws, the cheetah has hard paws which can be compared to the tires on a vehicle. The cheetah’s paws mixed with the claws help with traction.

Staying with the football theme, cheetahs have “tear marks” which are similar to the black marks under a football player’s eyes. On the cheetah, these marks run down from their eyes to their mouths and serve as a way to help them “aim” at their target and stay focused on the kill while they’re chasing.

Another popular choice of tattoo is the cheetah cub because they are obviously cute, but they also have a strange haircut. They have really long hair that runs from their head all the way to the start of their tail. There is a purpose to this and it’s to help the cheetah blend into tall grass and also to look similar to a honey badger. Both of these traits help the cheetah cub survive the likes of hyenas and lions.

They need this protection because most cheetah cubs won’t make it through their first year. The mother cheetah will birth between 2 and 8 cubs for each litter, so she needs to make sure they stay alive. Cheetahs aren’t big enough to face other big cats in the area, so they have to depend on these types of disguises for their cubs.

This leads us to another fact about the cheetah. Because they can’t compete with other cats, they choose to hunt during the day to avoid the competition. Cheetahs will get chased off by any other big cat so avoiding competition is key to their survival.

Cheetah Print Symbolism

The cheetah print also has a great deal of symbolism. You can find a lot of meaning in the marks on the Cheetah. The cheetah print is used for camouflage and there is a lot of meaning in camouflage. It makes us think about how we feel about the things surrounding us. Do we want to blend in or do we want to make ourselves seen? We don’t always need camouflage to survive but it is there if we need it. Sometimes you have to stand up and face the issues at hand.

Cheetahs have a lot of different characteristics that make them great subjects to be tattooed. The cheetah symbolizes:

– Assertion
– Passion
– Speed
– Survival
– Expression
– Evolution
– Protection
– Flexibility
– Adaptability
– Opportunity
– Survival

Cheetah Print Tattoo Variations

Because the cheetah print is what it is, you might not suspect there would be a great deal of variations. However, people tend to get very creative with their tattoos and we appreciate that. Below are some different variations of the cheetah print tattoo and what it means to the person wearing it.

The cheetah, being the fastest animal on land, is a popular choice for those who want to convey a sharp, quick wit and keen animalistic instincts. Accompanied by designs, alone, or used as a pattern to fill in another image the cheetah print is a sign of a free and undomesticated spirit. Cheetah print is often used as a feminine symbol but is easily adopted by males as well, emphasizing the predatory aspects of the feline.

Cheetah Print Placement and Color

Cheetah print can be rendered in its natural black and tan toner, black and white, or with the addition of brighter, unnatural colors intermingled into the pattern. A black and white print is neither feminine nor masculine and serves as an appropriate image for the untamed regardless of gender. The pattern usually covers a large area, extending over the thighs, abdomen and side, or arms, giving the individual the appearance of cheetah fur. The hunter or huntress is invoked with the cheetah print in this way, focusing on the survivalist instincts of the creature.

Floral Cheetah Print Tattoo

Flowers and bows are often incorporated with the cheetah print to feminize the pattern. The great thing about incorporating floral patterns into the tattoo is that depending on the flower, you can add more meaning to the image than just the cheetah print by itself. The rose has different symbolism than the lily so if you find something you like that means something to you, add it to the tattoo.

Other feminine objects can be added as well to emphasize one’s sensitivity and compassion such as hearts, jewels and ribbons. Pink, or other bright or pastel colors are interjected into the print to make the image pop, creating a more eye-catching appearance. In these images, the symbolism of the print becomes more of the modern feminine rather than the primal savage.

Claw Mark Cheetah Print Tattoo

Claw marks are sometimes introduced to the pattern, emphasizing the predatory instincts of the cheetah. The scratches or scars can serve as a symbol of the survival of victimization or any type of trauma. Occasionally the cheetah print will serve as a filler for the claw marks, giving the appearance that once scratched, the cheetah within is revealed. Whether imaged inside an image or on its own, the cheetah print is the symbol of the hunter.

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