Cherry Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

There are many types of fruit on this planet and like flowers, most of have some sort of symbolism behind the image of that fruit. We even see people get tattoos of their favorite fruit.

The nice thing about getting a tattoo of a piece of fruit is that most people will not know what it means to you, so this can either lead to some fun conversations or they’ll think you are just a fan of fruit. In this case, we are going to be talking about the cherry tattoo.

Of all the fruit in the world, the cherry seems to have the most symbolism behind its image. It can range from sexuality to codes in the samurai’s life. This fruit is a simple looking one, but it has a great deal of meaning for the people with the tattoo. It also ranges based on the culture and the country in which we are talking about.

In this post we will talk about the cherry tattoo. We will talk about the fruit itself and some fun facts about this delicious fruit. We will also talk about the meaning of the cherry tattoo and what it symbolizes to those that are donning this image on their body.

Cherry tattoo variations will also be a topic of conversation and we will discuss what these variations mean to the people with the tattoo. By the end of this post, you should have a better understanding of the symbolism behind the cherry tattoo and maybe so much so, you will want to have one of your own.

Cherry Tattoo Meaning

Most of the symbolism behind the cherry tattoo comes from the cherry tree itself. The general nature of the cherry tree revolves around revival and new beginnings. Every spring the cherry tree blossom and releases its sweet smell. However, the flowers on the cherry tree are short-lived and represent the shortness of life. We should value each and every moment we have on this earth. The cherry tree tattoo symbolizes this zest for life and to no wait around for life to come to you.

The fruit that falls from the cherry tree symbolize immortality and the elixir of life. The juice of the cherry represents reincarnation and immortality of our souls. Most of the symbolism for the cherry and the cherry tattoo come from the natural cycle of the cherry tree. The tree blooms flowers and they fall off. The cherries are either eaten or fall to the ground and turn into just the seed which, in turn, forms the next cherry tree. It is the cycle of life.

In summary, we can say the cherry and cherry tree symbolize a zest for life. Immortality of the soul and quick lives. So, live it to the fullest and rock your cherry tattoo like there will be no tomorrow.

Cherry Tattoo Variations

There are different variations of the cherry tattoo. Most of which revolve around the fruit of the cherry tree but also the tree itself. Below are a few variations we’ve seen and enjoy.

Cherry Tree Tattoo

The cherry tree tattoo is one that we see periodically and as said above, it symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth. However, like the flower of the cherry tree, life is short, so you have to grab life by the horns and attack it with a ferocity unlike anything you can imagine. Those with the cherry tree tattoo are aware of this and live life as best they can.

Two Cherries Tattoo

Most tattoos of cherries will have them as a pair, and they grow like this for the most part. For the most anatomically correct version of the cherry, the pair of cherries tattoo is your best bet. The cherry tattoo represents the juice of everlasting immortality and is linked to the cherry tree in the way of rebirth.

About the Cherry

Cherries have been enjoyed by people all over the world for many years. Archaeologists say that we’ve been eating them since the stoned ages. Fossilized cherries in Asia and Europe have been found in prehistoric caves and they had even been written about by Theophrastus.

In his book, History of Plants, cherries were mentioned along with many other fruits and cataloged in this work. This happened at around 300 BCE and at the same time, the Greek author Diphilus of Siphnos wrote that cherries were used as a diuretic.

The Romans were also well known for eating cherries. This is especially true for Roman soldiers. They would throw the seeds of the cherries they were eating on the ground and over time, cherry trees sprouted up all over the empire. There was a Roman saying that to find the Roman roads, on must follow the wild cherry trees.

Americans didn’t see the cherries that we know today until the 1600s. When the Europeans arrived in America with the cherries that we do know of, there were already a few varieties present. The kind of cherry already found in America included chokecherries and black cherries. Across the Great Plains, chokecherries were commonly eaten, and they were used as an ingredient in pemmican (a paste made of meat, fats and other ingredients).

At this point, there are over 1000 varieties of cherries. From Royal Anns and Lamberts to Rainers and Lapins, there are over 500 kinds of sweet cherries. There are also about that many versions of the sour cherries. However, in commercial production, only about 20 percent of those are used.

Sweet cherries are the ones we think about when talking of eating cherries and sour cherries are used more for cooking. Michigan grows over half of the total amount of tart cherries in the country. As far as growing sweet cherries, Washington takes the cake. Washington is responsible for around 62 percent of all sweet cherries grown in the U.S. Behind Washington, California and Oregon grow most of the sweet cherries. Between these three states, they grow around 94 percent of the country’s sweet cherries.

Whatever you decide is the best version of the cherry tattoo for you, make sure you take your time in finding an artist. Have a consultation with the prospective artist and make sure you feel comfortable. After you’ve sorted that out, enjoy the process and your new tattoo.

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