A prominent area of the body, chest tattoos are often large, intricate, and hold significant meaning to the individual as they are easily seen and interpreted by others. Some people find that coming up with chest tattoo ideas is easy since they can get pretty much anything that they want in this location, while others find it to be a bit tougher to come up with ideas because they want to get the perfect chest tattoo. On this page we’ll go over a bunch of great chest tattoo ideas and why they might be the right ones for you.

More so than most body areas, the chest requires a time-intensive tattooing job since the artist needs to ensure that every line works with the client’s body. What this means to you is that you need to take your time to be sure that the chest tattoo idea you’re thinking about really will suit your specific chest area. After that it is just a matter of finding a way to make it work with every curve and line on your chest.

Larger pieces, with or without arching words or phrases are done often on men and women, projecting a specific theme or idea about oneself to the rest of the world. The best is actually seen as one of the best areas to get text tattoos since there is so much area to work with and owners can feel even closer to the words that are tattooed. People often like getting half of their chest tattoos with text and the other half with complimentary designs that bring even more meaning to the text.

Chest pieces are more often done on men than women because of the flatter, broader surface area and easier ability to showcase the image. Men also have more opportunities to show off the entire chest area, while women can only show above and below the bra area. That’s not to say women can’t get a chest tattoo, but men just have more of a chance to show off these meaningful tattoos.

For women, chest tattoos are generally smaller pieces that rise above the breasts and extend upwards to the collar bone. This creates a bit of a challenge for tattoo artists since they want to make the design pop but have to work with a trickier area. Of course, there are some fantastic chest tattoo ideas for women out there, so these designs can match the beauty and meaning of any man’s chest tattoo.

There are countless themes that can be used in chest tattoos, but regardless of the images chosen, the piece is generally quite significant to the individual and telling of their personality as it is a prominent area. If you are thinking about getting a chest tattoo, it is vital that you take the time to go over designs and meanings that you will be proud of since the tat is going to be in such a public area.

Classic tattoo imagery is often used like realistically rendered skulls, roses, light beams, and handwritten script. This is a harkening to tattoo culture and traditional imagery. These types of images can be integrated into many other concepts, being added as a filler to create a fuller piece, or standing on their own. Since the area is so large, the chest gives people a chance to mix in many of their different tattoo ideas into a single design.

Religious beliefs are a common theme for chest tattoos, specifically Christian scenes with full clouds cut with beams of light, meant to appear to be emitted from the glory of God hidden behind. Crucifixes, angelic figures, and banners adorned with religious scripture are also often included. Arch angels suit the area well also, adding an image of a courageous and pious warrior often with spears or swords.

Smaller images can be placed on the chest as well, often keeping with the religious theme. Icons like the Sacred Heart, often placed over the heart, is a symbol of Christ’s divine love for the world. Simpler images like angel wings, multiple or single, crucifixes, or bible quotes work well on their own as they still convey a strong message of Christian devotion.

A very popular chest tattoo idea that took off in the last decade or so is the chest plate tattoo, which is a large tattoo that gives the appearance of the owner wearing armor. What makes these designs even cooler is that they can have other images that make up the armor, making them have even more meaning since they are the images that “protect” the owner. Creative people can do a lot with the chest plate tattoo.

Bird designs are often chosen for the chest as well because of the wide expanse of the surface area which allows the artist to showcase the wingspan of owls, eagles, falcons, and other large birds. Some people decide to get the full bird, including the head, body, and wings, while others prefer to just get giant wings. If you do decide to get a bird tattoo on your chest, be sure to check out all of the different bird tattoo meanings so you can get one that matches your personality.

Other winged creatures are also seen like moths, butterflies, bats, and more. Again, all of these creatures bring with them their own meanings so choose one that works for you.

Horned animals are chosen as chest tattoos for similar reasons, such as rams and bucks with their horns or antlers placed on each pectoral muscle with the head fixed in the center. These chest tattoo designs can have a menacing look to some people and, sometimes simultaneously, they look absolutely beautiful. It’s most important that you’re happy with the chest tattoo that you choose, but it’s not a bad idea to think about how it will be perceived by others if you want the message to be clearer.

A lot of the chest tattoo ideas mentioned here already are known for being great designs to cover the entire chest, but some people prefer to get their tats on only one side of their chest. These tattoos can sit on one side of the chest without expanding to the shoulder or back, but some people do like connecting one or more tattoo designs in this way.

If you have a tattoo design that is in a V-shape, then you probably won’t find a better location for it than on the chest. Even if you have a chest tattoo idea in mind that isn’t traditionally in this shape, you might want to think of a way to make it in a V-shape. For example, you can turn any portrait tattoo into a V-shaped tattoo simply by making the border of the image into the shape and filling it in with the designs you want.

While there are plenty of popular chest tattoo ideas out there, the chest area also happens to be a place where you can be very creative with your tattoo designs. You have so much skin to work with when getting a chest tattoo, so be sure to go over a bunch of ideas before you commit to one.

Even though you might be set on getting a chest tattoo, it’s a good idea to see if the design you want would look better with it spread further towards your shoulders or even downward towards your stomach. Even if you only get the chest tattoo now, leave open the possibility of connecting it to multiple other tattoos later on. This absolutely isn’t necessary, but it’s a good thing to think about if there’s even a possibility that you want to add more onto it later.

If you plan on getting a chest tattoo, it’s important to think about how you will get it colored. Like back tattoos, chest tattoos are prominent and will set the tone for any future tattoos that you get. If you decide to get your chest tattoo in bright colors, you will probably get all future tats with similar colors. Of course, you could also get a black and gray chest tattoo and possibly fill it in with color later.

So there you have it. Be sure to keep all of these things in mind when you are going over all of the chest tattoo ideas that work for you. If you’re able to find a chest tattoo that encapsulates something that means a lot to you, you’ll have a tat that you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life.

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