Chevron Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

The chevron symbol consists of upward pointed arrows, one below the other. The arrows can be seen as much as four in a row, but not all chevron insignias have the same number of arrows. In heraldry, the chevron symbol is one of the most notable signs.

This symbol and its number of arrows in most cases represents the ranking of a particular member of the military or other armed forces. Each arrow itself is called a chevron. These chevrons come in a form of a patch or badge that are sewn onto the military jacket/police uniform of the individual. One chevron indicates that the individual is a private or lance corporal.

Two chevrons show that said person is a corporal. Three chevrons they are a sergeant and having four chevrons signifies a higher-ranking sergeant. Chevrons are used in many militaries all around the world, they are used as a way of identifying a member and what rank they are or how many years they have been in the armed forces.

This symbol did not derive directly from the military standpoint, however. This symbol dates back as far as the ancient Greco-Roman Empire when Greece and Rome interlocked civilizations. In the Roman alphabet, the chevron symbol is actually the fourth letter, or number. This is a symbol in the Roman alphabet that does not occur in the English alphabet.

The chevron was very popular amongst the people that they even used this symbol to paint on pottery for decorative purposes. Others took it more seriously and would engrave the symbol on the weapons used by the Greek Spartan warriors, most notably on the front of the shields. Because the Greek Spartans were known for doing this, the widespread of the symbol took off and is now a part of the worlds armed forces culture.

Military Chevron Tattoo

Having the chevron as a tattoo, there are many different ways, styles, and variations to a piece such as this. Depending on your reasoning for wanting this tattoo, there are different ways to go about the graphic; how big or small can it be, where should you get it, and how do you represent it on yourself, for what purposes.

Since the chevron is such a simple design, you can basically fit it anywhere you would like. Those who have been in the military or are maybe even serving in the armed forces that have chevrons on their jackets like to remind themselves of their accomplishments. This being said, many people of the military will get the number of chevrons they have and put it on the spot where it is displayed on their jacket. Normally a tattoo such as this is seen on the upper arms.

A more noticeable spot to have this tattoo to show off to the world would be on the forearm. A tattoo such as this one could be done as simple as the lines of the chevron, or you could make the outline of the chevron arrows and fill them in. Another idea would be to have the outline of the chevron arrows and have a camouflage style effect on the inside. Doing this could separate your tattoo with the rest of the chevron tattoos out there.

Viking Chevron Tattoo

The ancient Vikings even had their own chevron symbol. Much like how the Spartans would equip the emblem on their shields, the Vikings would also have a symbol for chevrons on their equipment. This symbol was a good luck charm to not only warriors but anyone in the presence of the chevron.

It is a symbol for moving forward and creating your own reality. Sightings of this particular chevron idea have been popular lately among tattoo enthusiasts and Viking lovers. This tattoo is so simple that many people have been getting this as a small finger tattoo, mostly on the sides of the fingers.

Double Chevron Tattoo

Chances are if you get this tattoo, you are in one of the armed forces of the military. As mentioned before, the double chevron symbol means you are a corporal of the military. As a corporal, you get another chevron on your patch or badge.

This is a promotion from an E-4 specialist to an E-5 sergeant and serves in an E-5 billet, being a leader of a firing squad. This is great promotion to those who strive to be the best they can in the military, if you only had one chevron tattoo to begin with, marking down another one on top or even beneath the first chevron is needed.

Triple Chevron Tattoo

A triple chevron symbol in the military world signifies that the individual wearing this marking has been promoted from E-5 sergeant to a sergeant. The duties of a sergeant are greater than those of an E-5 sergeant. Sergeants with the triple chevron have control over those with two or one chevron, including police officers but are under lieutenants. This is a ranking in which is very difficult to acquire. Just like every chevron, more responsibility is to be taken with each one being added. This tattoo displays your hard work, loyalty, and dedication to the country you serve.

Cottice Tattoo

The cottice is a chevron shape used in celtic symbolism. This chevron symbol like everything else it is used for, is displayed on a coat of arms. The symbol of the celtic chevron signifies defense or protection and is seen on many shields. Amongst the Celtics, this symbol represented a warrior or hunter. It may have even represented somebody in the community that was a builder or protector. This ancient symbol was looked highly upon and still is. Those who have this symbol tattooed on themselves for Celtic reasons are good people and must have heroic qualities.

Shield Tattoo

If you want a chevron tattoo but want to add a little creativity and warrior like aspect to it, you can get your chevron encased in the frame of a shield of your choice. There are many shield designs in heraldry depicting the chevron symbols. Adding colors to these shields and symbols can really help identify which warrior outfit you want to embrace! Tattoos such as these can be placed anywhere you would like.

As long as the graphic is in proportion with the are you are thinking of, it should work out. Popular places for shield tattoos are on the upper arm or the upper leg/thigh area.

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  1. The three chevron version has also been adopted by the families and friends who have a loved one who has Down syndrome. Deemed “The Lucky Few” tattoo it celebrates the 3 copies of the 21st chromosome that their loved one was blessed with. Search the hashtag #theluckyfewtattoo on Instagram or other platforms to see the many variations this tattoo can take!


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