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Chicago Tattoo Removal

There are times in life when we look back at something we did in the past and cringe. This could be a person we dated, a picture we took or a tattoo we got on spring break 2008. In these cases, we can either live with the mistakes or take the matters into our own hands.

In this case, we are going to be specifically talking about tattoo removal. We all know someone that has a tattoo they would like to get rid of. Whether it’s the name of an ex or just a tattoo you got on a whim and are not happy with. There are still options for you and we want to try and give you some options.

Before we get into your options of where to go for tattoo removal, we thought we should mention some things that people might want to address before going through the long and painful process of getting a tattoo removed.

First thing to remember is to keep your expectations realistic. There is no guarantee the tattoo will be completely removed with the use of lasers. Sometimes they leave behind what’s known as a ghost image and raised scarring.

Secondly, the process of removing a tattoo is a long process. It’s not going to happen during one session. You may have to come back many times before your tattoo is completely gone. In addition to many sessions, you are looking at 4 to 6 weeks before treatments because the body needs time to heal. If you are told your removal could take up to 10 sessions, it could take over a year before you are all done.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if your tattoo is far away from your heart, it could take longer to hear. The circulation of blood is the main healing factor in the removal process, so it is naturally going to take longer if the tattoo is on your forearm versus your bicep. In addition to wear the tattoo is, the way it was tattooed also makes a difference. If you were dealing with an amateur tattoo artist, they may have gone way to deep making this a more difficult task to deal with.

Below you will find a list of some of them most best and most popular tattoo removal businesses in Chicago. There are always new places popping up but for now, these are some of the better places to go to have your regret physically removed from your body.

Hindsight Tattoo Removal

Address: 1062 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60642

Phone: (773) 342-4444


About Us: Hindsight Tattoo Removal offers a pleasant difference to your normal tattoo removal. Hindsight operates out of Insight studios and has two tattoo friendly physicians devoted to removing tattoos or cleaning up existing tattoo work already on the body. Hindsight Tattoo Removal is the only laser removal studio that is operating legally in Illinois

Whether you have an ex’s name or need the green taken out of your sleeve to put in blue, Hindsight Tattoo Removal can help you get rid of what you don’t want or keep what you want.

The lasers being used are by Cynosure. We use a Revlite SI and a Picosure here at Hindsight. These happen to be the the industry standard for tattoo removal and are proficient in removing every color you can think of. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to working with you.

Vamoose Tattoo Removal

Address: 1864 N Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: (773) 661-2300


About Us: Vamoose Tattoo Removal was established in 2013 and is Chicago’s first and only Exclusive Tattoo Removal shop. Our focus is in affordable tattoo removal with state-of-the-art equipment. We are owned and medically directed by dedicated physicians and our expert laser specialists walk you through the process.

Come visit us for a free consultation. Visit for more information about laser tattoo removal and other services.

“Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin”

Marc Falleroni and Howard Bennett are board certified anesthesiologists who have been in practice in the Chicago area for more than 15 years each. They finished their anesthesia programs at Northwestern University Medical School and have widespread experience with all types of surgical procedures. They bring the culture of patient safety to Vamoose and that is obvious in the operating room. They are members of the American Society of Anesthesiology, and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.


Address: 1133 W Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60614

Phone: (773) 529-5277


About Us: This state of the art laser is the most progressive and effective for removing tattoos. It combines picosecond and nanosecond technology to eliminate ink particles and to remove tattoos rapidly. Traditional lasers can take up to an additional 20 sessions to remove a tattoo. Today you can get rid of unwanted tattoos with as few as 3 to 9 treatments.

The enlighten laser uses a 750 picosecond or 2 nanosecond pulses to photo-acoustically break down melanin or ink particles so the body to re-absorb them through the lymphatic system. Treatments should be scheduled at least 6 to 8 weeks apart.

Enlighten™ by Cutera is the most advanced tattoo removal laser accessible today ad offers unique strengths to tattoo removal for patients of all needs:

Dual wavelength – With two wavelength choices (1064 nm and 532 nm), the Enlighten can remove countless colors of ink from a tattoo. Previously, multiple lasers were often necessary to effectively remove a tattoo of various colors, lengthening the removal time.

Dual pulse speed – Enlighten™ offers picosecond and nanosecond pulse speeds, making the ink removal process quicker and easier. The pulse speeds lower the chance of side effects, while eradicating ink as quickly as can be done.

Wide spot-size range – We can go from 2mm to 8mm, which makes it easier to treat tattoos both large and small in an efficient manner.

Speed – As soon as the decision has been made to get rid of your unwanted tattoo, the rush is on. With the power and efficiency of Enlighten, we are able to remove the tattoo more quickly than any other laser on the market.

Bare Removal

Address: 2037 S Indiana Ave., Chicago, IL 60616

Phone: (872) 215-1746


About Us: Our cutting-edge laser is precisely designed to target tattoo ink which causes the pigment to break up into small pieces that steadily fade away over a series of treatments. Laser tattoo removal treatments are spaced at least 4-6 weeks apart.

The number of sessions you will need depends on some factors, including density, location, colors and your skin type. Usually, you will be looking at between 3 and 10 treatments but it could be more. Many treatments last just a minute or two and feel like a rubber band frequently snapping on your skin. While not exactly a comfortable feeling, it’s endurable. We also apply the Zimmer Chiller which numbs the skin before, during, and after treatment to curtail any discomfort you might feel.

That is a quick overview of the process. Read our blog for more information or by contacting us directly. Our team is here to answer any and all questions you might have and will provide a complete overview during a free consultation.

Advanced Laser Aesthetics

Address: 5906 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60646

Phone: (773) 345-8000


About Us: Over time, the allure of that tattoo we got when we were 18 will dissipate. At Advanced Laser Aesthetics, our skilled group uses the PicoSure® laser tattoo removal system to help women and men within the Chicago area to rid themselves of tattoos without the risks of other methods.

Using the PicoSure tattoo removal laser, we are now able to remove tattoos anywhere on the body with a quicker process and with fewer side effects like bruising and/or scarring. Most tattoos can be removed in 5 to 7 sessions and we offer treat-to-complete packages – estimating six treatments. If it ends up taking more treatments, we will treat at no extra cost to you.

Reset MedSpa

Address: 11 E Congress Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: (312) 939-4000


About Us: Reset Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation MedSpa is very proud to be Chicago’s first MedSpa offer the world’s most progressive laser tattoo removal system, the PicoWay. The PicoWay has truly changed the way tattoo removal is done. It can attain optimal results for almost all patients. Using multiple wavelength technology, PicoWay’s delivery system has the highest peak power and shortest pulses. It penetrates tattoo ink at the different levels of the skin, picking up a diversity of colors to attain the most complete clearance on those tough to treat tattoos

Why does Rest off a better choice for Tattoo Removal in Chicago?

Fewer Treatments: The PicoWay laser employs picosecond technology (1/trillionth of a second laser pulse rate), an improvement over the nanosecond technology (1/billionth of a second pulse rate) you would get in most lasers traditionally being used in tattoo removal. Best results can be achieved on a wide variety of tattoo colors with its multiple wavelength system. What this means for you is few as half the treatments you might get from another method.

Far more complete results: The PicoWay has an extremely fast delivery of focused, high-power energy pulses. It will dissolve even the tiniest ink particles making it an easier process for the body rid itself of the ink.

Minimized risk: The FDA has given the PicoWay laser the ok for a wide range of tattoos and for a wider diversity of skin types.

Minimal discomfort: The PicoWay’s pulses are very fast which means clients will feel negligible discomfort during the process. We will also apply a topical anesthetic before and a chiller to your skin throughout the process for added comfort.

Old Town Medspa

Address: 1341 N Sedgwick St., Chicago, IL 60610

Phone: (224) 236-1899


About Us: What seemed like a really good idea years back may not look so good today. If you are in search of a fresh start without that regrettable tattoo, laser tattoo removal is your solution. Some colors can be difficult to remove during the treatments. However, our lasers are state of the art and able to remove those unsightly tattoos! Whether it be for:

– A new career opportunity
– A significant other
– A new version of you

It’s not too late for tattoo removal. Don’t wait to make those changes you have been looking forward to. Make an appointment with us at Old Town Medspa to get the outcome you have been looking for!