Children’s Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Our children are what drive us to be better people in the world. We get up every day no matter how tired we are. We go to a job that we hopefully like, but it doesn’t matter because we have to go anyways. We come home after a long day at work and spend time with our kids no matter how tired we are or how long the day may have seemed. We forget about many of our own personal interests in order for our children to create their own.

Our hobbies now turn into providing our children with the best life they can have. After having a child, not much else seems to matter other than providing and protecting them. We honor them this way. We also honor our children by getting tattoos representing our child as a show of our love. People get children tattoos as a show of support and a reminder of what’s important in their lives.

In this article, we are going to review some of the different ways parents get children tattoos and some of the different ways this tattoo can be represented. By the end of this, we hope the reader has gathered some good ideas of some ways they can honor their children in the tattoo they have inked on their bodies.


The portrait tattoo is a great way to represent your children in a tattoo. A realistic children’s tattoo immortalizes the child at that specific age, so a parent can remember the look of the child at that time. You might see a child’s face tattooed on a father’s chest or an infant tattooed on the breast of a mother as if she is holding the child at all times.

There are many different approaches one can take when getting a realistic children’s tattoo. Make sure when getting a portrait or realism tattoo, you look for artists that specialize in this style as it is not for everyone.


The footprint is a great way to represent your child in the form of a tattoo. Kids grow up too fast and the footprint tattoo is a way to stop time at that moment and remember your kid at that age. Instead of bronzing their first pair of shoes, a footprint tattoo is a great option. It’s also a popular option for parents that are immortalizing their child that has passed away. In awful times like these, parents might look for ways to always remember their child and a footprint tattoo is one way this can be done.

Animal Mother and Offspring

Many of us liken ourselves to specific animals or use animals as spirit guides in this world. There are many popular children tattoos and one style of this tattoo we tend to see is that of an animal and its offspring. You will often hear mothers refer to themselves as “mama bear” so a perfect way to show your parental pride might be to get a tattoo of a mother bear and her cub.

This also works with a plethora of different animals. Popular choices include a lioness and her cub or even a mother wolf and her offspring. Most mammals have the tendency to be very protective of their children so whatever animal you feel a closeness to might be the one you choose to represent your children tattoos.


Your child’s name is a very simple and effective way to represent the love you have for your kid. There are many different styles and fonts to work with when having your child’s name tattooed onto your body. One of the most popular styles of font we see when getting a child’s name tattooed is cursive. This seems to be a popular parental choice and looks great when done with a steady hand.


The date of birth or birthday is another popular way to get a child’s tattoo. This can also be done in many different fonts and styles. We have a lot of Roman numeral-style birthday tattoos lately and seems to be a new and creative way to have this kind of tattoo done. Generally, you will see the dates stacked on top of one another if there is more than one kid. This style of tattoo is also very simple and can be hidden if you’d like to keep your tattoo to yourself or have a job where they frown on tattoos.

Blooming Flowers

Blooming flowers are a popular way to show birth and growth. A child being born and growing can absolutely be likened to a flower blooming in the spring. Flowers have many meanings including those of rebirth because of spring but they can also be a symbol of beauty and newness.

Your children’s tattoos can be represented in other natural ways. For example, you might get a sapling tattoo showing a young tree growing. In addition, a flower or tree can be tattooed in different stages of growth and that might match up perfectly with the message a parent wants to portray when memorializing their child in a tattoo.

Child Artwork

One of our favorite ways that we have seen a parent get a tattoo for their child is through the artwork of that child. Nothing says commitment to your family like having the scribbles of your kid tattooed onto your body. Some might call it crazy, but we call it a beautiful way to get a child’s tattoo.

Fortunately, kids draw a lot and we will assume the parent will have plenty of options when getting this tattoo. It’s up to them which drawing or piece of art they use. Whatever they choose, a tattoo like this is the ultimate show of pride in your child.

These are some of the more popular ways we’ve seen a child’s tattoo. We have most likely only scraped the surface on different ways a parent has represented their child through the art of tattooing. We hope that by reading this article, you have a good idea of some of the ways you can memorialize your child via tattoo.

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