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Chinese tattoos seem to be just as popular in the western world as they are in the country they derive from. These are the types of tattoos that you will want to get if you are looking for an extremely meaningful design that also happens to look beautiful in tattoo form. On this page we will take a look at some great Chines tattoos that might interest you.

Since there are so many great Chinese tattoo designs out there, it can be pretty difficult to choose the perfect one. That is why it is vital that you do your research and settle on the design (or designs) that make the most sense for you. Not only should you choose one that attracts your eye, you should also make sure that the meanings that are attached to them actually mean a lot to you. Ideally you will find the perfect mix of looks and meaning.

The Taoist symbol of Yin Yang is called Taijitu in Chinese and is often incorporated with other Chinese tattoos to make dramatic combinations. Much like life, every relation has two aspects and two sides to remain in perfect balance in peace. Followers of eastern spirituality see the yin yang as a symbol of internal balance and being centered. Yin is the female counterpart and the black component, representing earth, life, and harmony. Yang is the white component, symbolizing the male being full of change and chaos, air and day. The unity of these opposites is a common theme in traditional Chinese imagery.

What’s great about the Yin Yang tattoo is that it works well as a small or large design, and it can work just as well as a standalone symbol as it does mixed with other Chinese tattoos. Interestingly, you can use any “opposite” traits that you want it to so it makes sense for who you are, such as love and hate. This is an excellent symbol to get if you are looking for a wrist or ankle tattoo and the meanings work for you.

The dolphin, Koi fish and dragon are most commonly paired with the Yin Yang (and other Chinese symbols) in modern tattoos. These are the types of Chinese tattoos that most people opt to get in very large designs since they have so many cool features. Of course, you can get them as simple symbols that fit on smaller areas of your body, but they are most commonly found as feature pieces.

The koi in particular is an extremely popular Chine tattoo that symbolizes a person’s ability to learn and grow as they get older. They come in an assortment of colors and can fit pretty much anywhere on the body since they can be curved to fit. For example, you can easily make a koi fish tattoo work as a sleeve tat by having it “swim” from your forearm all the way up to the top of your shoulder. Many people include water with their koi fish designs, though that isn’t necessary.

Another popular Chinese tattoo that people from all over the globe like to get is the laughing Buddha tattoo. The Buddha is meant to perk people up when they are down by reminding them that life is about joy more than stress. Many people will get the laughing Buddha tattoo to emphasize that it is a positive symbol and to bring a smile to their face when they look at it. The Buddha is often a large design, though it can work as a smaller arm or leg tattoo.

Those looking for a larger Chinese tattoo often go with the Phoenix, not only because it looks great but also because it has a bunch of great meanings attached to it. Among other things, the phoenix represents resurrection and renewal, which are great meanings to use if you want to tell the world that you are getting past all of the hardships that you have gone through. A phoenix is a very detailed image in most cases, so definitely have a top artist do the work for you if you opt for this Chinese tattoo.

Of course, Chinese text tattoos have become extremely popular over the last decade or so. With these you can go in any direction that you want to, making sure that you know exactly what the Chinese words mean. These work just as well as vertical tattoos as they do horizontal, so you can get one that wraps around a body part or one that goes straight down your leg or arm.

The cherry blossom, which is one of the most beloved flowers in China, is yet another very commonly seen Chinese tattoo. The cherry blossom symbolizes beauty and fragility, which could be the perfect combo for some people. If you want to take this one a step further, you can get a large cherry blossom tree tattoo.

Ironically, in China tattooing is termed “Ci Shen” that translates to “puncture the body.” The art has been in traditional Chinese literature for thousands of years, but it was actually an uncommon practice and very undesirable as it was seen as defamation of one’s body in mainstream culture. Some people still see tattooing as being a terrible thing to one’s self, but that opinion is definitely not as widespread as it once was.

The subculture and minorities have stronger origins in traditional Chinese tattooing, and tattoos have gotten the stigma of being associated with the underground trades and organized crime. Criminals were marked with Ci Pei, the mark of a severe crime’s punishment was a face tattoo and exile to a faraway land.

Of course, most modern Chinese tattoos are simply designs that people choose to get both for their looks and their meanings. That being said, if you do plan on getting one of the Chinese tattoos mentioned here or some other Chinese design, you should be sure that you are respectful to the culture. The only reason someone should choose one of these designs over others is if they really do find that the images they get represent who they are as individuals or if they want to honor the culture. Otherwise, it is usually a better idea to choose some other type of tattoo.

If you do plan on getting one of the Chinese tattoos mentioned here or another one you have your eye on, be sure to work with an artist who will be able to give you the best design possible. Many Chinese symbols are quite complicated, so you will want to work with someone who will give them the care they need. You also want an artist who has experience with Chinese tattoos so you know they understand the techniques.

Those looking for a nice design with plenty of meaning might find that one of these Chinese tattoos gives them exactly what they were looking for. Most of these designs are universally seen as very attractive tattoos that come with a whole host of great meanings. As long as you take your time choosing one that really makes sense for you and you choose an artist who can make it look perfect on your body, there’s a great chance that you will end up loving your Chinese tattoo for the rest of your days.

Here are some of our favorite Chinese tattoo designs:

Chinese Tattoo 1
Chinese Tattoo 2
Chinese Tattoo 3
Chinese Tattoo 4
Chinese Tattoo 5
Chinese Tattoo 6
Chinese Tattoo 7
Chinese Tattoo 8
Chinese Tattoo 9
Chinese Tattoo 10
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Chinese Tattoo 19
Chinese Tattoo 20
Chinese Tattoo 21
Chinese Tattoo 22
Chinese Tattoo 23
Chinese Tattoo 24
Chinese Tattoo 25
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Chinese Tattoo 27
Chinese Tattoo 28
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Chinese Tattoo 30
Chinese Tattoo 31
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Chinese Tattoo 39
Chinese Tattoo 40
Chinese Tattoo 41
Chinese Tattoo 42
Chinese Tattoo 43
Chinese Tattoo 44
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Chinese Tattoo 46

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