Circle Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

Sometimes the simplest of images provide the most powerful meanings. If you look around you or pay attention to what’s happening in the world, you will see simple images all over the place and many of these images hold a great deal of meaning. For example, how simple is the heart?

One or two lines complete this image and yet it holds all the meaning in the world. Love is powerful. The triangle is a powerful image with a lot of meaning along with the equal sign. These are just a few examples of simple images that hold a lot of meaning. The circle is also a symbol that is very meaningful. So much so, people will often have this image tattooed on their bodies.

With all the images that are simple and powerful, the circle has been known to be one of the most popular to be tattooed. From the days of the Neanderthal to modern man, circles have been used to represent certain ideas and meanings. One of the most basic, yet powerful, symbols, the circle is a representation of the universe in its most simple form. It is a primal symbol that portrays life and the cycle that leads to death and back to life again. The circle represents the cyclical nature of the universe and all life on earth, but we will get more into the meanings later.

This post will be a synopsis of the symbolism of the circle tattoo and what it means for those that have chosen to have this tattoo on their body. We will also talk about the different variations of the circle tattoo and what these different variations mean in terms of symbolism. We hope that we can help educate you on the circle tattoo meaning and help get you a little further into your research.

History of the Circle

Since the recorded beginning of history, the circle has been a shape that has been seen in every sense. Circles are all over the world. Natural circles have been seen including the Sun, Moon and other planets. The circle was the premise when building the wheel and led to other circular objects like gears which helped us to move forward into the creating of machinery. The circle is a big part of mathematics as well. In fact, the study of the circle helped in the development and creation of calculus, astronomy and geometry.

Many think there is something perfect about circles. In early astrology, astronomy and geometry, it was believed there was something divine about the circle and it impacted the way people thought about mathematics in general.

Circle Tattoo Meaning

There is a lot of meaning behind the circle tattoo and people get it for various reasons. There are also variations of the circle that will mean different things. However, we’re about to talk about some of the meanings for the circle.

The circle is a symbol that is known by everyone across the world. Some of the meanings behind the circle tattoo are perfection, wholeness and totality. Much of this is derived from the fact that a circle comes all the way around and connects with itself to complete the path. It is also said to represent all cyclic movement, God (in terms of divinity), timelessness, the Self and the infinite.

The circle can also represent the feminine and masculine. In terms of the sun, it has a masculinity about it and when talking about the soul, the circle has a feminine quality to it. Some have said the circle symbolizes the cycle of time and the idea of movement. Everything is in motion all the time. We are on a planet that is in constant motion around the sun, which gives the universe its rhythm.

It only makes sense there are various impactful meanings for the circle tattoo just based on some of the explanations above. However, the circle can mean anything you need it to mean and many people will add to the image to change or reinforce what they symbolism already is.

Circle Tattoo Variations

This leads us to the different variations of the circle tattoo. There are many kinds of circular images that have been tattooed on people over the years. In addition to that, the creative people that love tattoos get very experimental with their circle tattoos. If you look it up, you will find a plethora of different ways the circle has been tattooed. Below are a few examples of circle tattoos that we like. We know there are thousands of other ways to do it, but these seem to be pretty popular.

Completed Circle Tattoo

The completed circle tattoo is a great one to get if you want to have a discreet tattoo. It can be hidden almost anywhere and be really tiny if you need it to be. It can also fill an entire back if you wanted it to. A simple circle tattoo can mean any of the things we talked about above.

Ouroboros Tattoo

The Ouroboros tattoo is a very popular tattoo and it depicts the image of a dragon or serpent going around in a circle and eating its own tail. The idea behind this image is the continuous cycle of infinity and life. It also represents the idea of eternal return and eternity. You could also see this as death and rebirth which leads us to immortality.

Tribal Circle Tattoo

The tribal circle tattoo is essentially a tattoo with tribal patterns inside the circle. This image might just be because it looks cool, but it might also represent the cycle and rebirth of those with islander blood. Most islanders are very proud of their heritage so to see this tattoo might represent the never-ending love for their bloodlines.

Whatever your reason is for getting your circle tattoo, know that you can get creative with it and make it work for you. When looking for your artist to complete your tattoo, you will want to find one that has experience in fine line work. I you need assistance in finding someone to work with you, let us know and we’ll help you find your match.

Unsurprisingly, the circle tattoo can have many meanings and there are plenty of design choices to choose from. These designs range from a simple black circle to many different designs within or on the outer edges of the circle tattoo. There are even tattoos that have little to do with the circle itself that include a circle in them, giving those tattoos even more meaning.

A single circle on its own is a strong representation of a cycle. The circle can be considered a feminine symbol this way as it portrays menstruation and the natural rhythms of the body that allow for the creation of life. It can also represent everything that people go through throughout their lives and can be a reminder to live each day to its fullest. With both of these circle tattoo meanings, the circle can be one of many designs that hold the exact same meanings.

The circle of life is a universal symbol that connects all living things on earth. For this reason, people who love nature and/or all life on earth will often get a circle tattoo to show it. This can actually be a plain circle tattoo, but it is more common to decorate the outside of the design with trees, people, or other elements to make the message a bit clearer.

The circle is also a symbol of connection, either within oneself or to other beings. A cyclical perspective, as opposed to a linear perspective, forces strong connections between past and future that give more meaning to the present. In this way, someone who gets a circle tattoo might want a constant reminder that they only have one chance at each moment and to avoid looking too far into the future or spending too much time remembering the past.

The circle tattoo can also serve as a reminder of the life cycle and the importance of cherishing it. The circle is perfect for people who simply love life and everything that comes with it. They love the fact that each stage of life is quite different from the others and want to represent their love for all of those things with a circle tattoo. This meaning won’t be completely clear to outsiders, but it can be made a bit clearer by adding in more images. Of course, the owner might want the meaning to be personal, making a simple circle tattoo a better choice for them.

A circle represents the celestial bodies of the sky. The sun, moon, and planets are all called to mind and are easily depicted by the circle. Whole and complete, the routine orbits of these bodies render the circle as a symbol of predictability and reliability, facets that lead them to be worshipped throughout history. Someone who gets a circle tattoo of a sun, moon, or planets will sometimes want these designs to represent their reliability to their families.

The circle is a worldly symbol, a symbol of infinite knowledge and cosmic connections. Someone who is proud of their intelligence might get a circle tattoo to represent this. These circle tattoos could range from planets to simple circles. They can also use text to make the shape of a circle, which can add even more meanings to the tattoo.

The circle is a representation of the individual who bears it as well as all other living things on the planet. It is the perfect way to convey the connection that is felt through one person to the rest of the universe. This is why it is not uncommon for multiple people to get identical circle tattoos. They want to share with the world that they have a connection both with each other and to everything else that comes in contact with them.

Although it is a seemingly simplistic symbol, the circle is all-encompassing. It symbolizes life and all that life contains throughout the universe. It is the life force of the planets, interconnected by the sun and the galaxy, and the creatures that thrive within it. The fact that the circle tattoo holds all of these deep meanings means that people can get them and can always attach a legitimate meaning to it later on. This makes the circle tattoo one of the few designs that people can get on a whim and will not regret later on down the road.

It should be pretty clear by now that there are a ton of circle tattoo meanings that you can choose from. There are also plenty of designs to use that would all work with all of these meanings.

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