Cool Tattoos Ideas

On this page we will take a look at some very cool tattoo designs and why they might be the right ones for you.

The dream catcher

Dream catcher tattoos are big, beautiful, and meaningful. These fantastic designs look equally great on men and women, which is why they have flown up the charts as far as tattoo popularity goes. The dream catcher is meant to catch all of the bad dreams that come your way, allowing you to have peaceful dreams.

The sword

Why is a sword tattoo cool? Because it’s a freakin’ sword, that’s why! Some people get their sword tattoos on their arms to make sure everyone can see them, while others will get them on their backs to feel a bit more protected. Either way, with a good design, chances are everyone is going to tell you that you have a very cool tat.

The pinup girl

The pinup girl tattoo is the classic cool tattoo. In fact, this is one of the few older tattoo designs that still look cool even after 20 or 30 years. Another reason why the pinup girl tattoo is so extremely popular is because they look just as good on women as they do on men. These tattoos basically scream that the owner is wild and proud of it.

The birds

There are definitely some bird tattoos that don’t fit into the cool tattoo category, but there are plenty that do. If you find a bird that represents something that is meaningful to you, tweak the basic design a bit to make the image really pop. With a good artist, you can very easily turn a boring bird tattoo into an extremely cool tat without it losing any meaning.

The Celtic

The reason why Celtic tattoos have long been seen as some of the most beautiful tat designs around is because they usually have unique, complex looks to them. Seriously, you could get a Celtic circle and, while it’s just a circle, you would be proud to have it because it really doesn’t look like any other tattoo design out there. You can even get the outline of a classic Celtic design and be extremely proud to wear it.

The fairy

Fairy tattoos are awesome because they have a great look to them no matter what the final design looks like and they allow people to be creative with their designs. Even an all-black fairy tattoo looks great on the skin, so you really can’t go wrong with this cool tattoo idea. Fairies have a bunch of great meanings that you can use, but the one that most people like to use is the “forever young” meaning.

The Haida

If you have never seen Haida tattoo designs before, you owe it to yourself to check them out. While the original Haida tattoos were worn to represent the owners’ families, they can now be mixed with other designs to create absolutely stunning images. If you are looking for a cool tattoo that uses a lot of black with a splash of color, you should definitely look at the Haida tattoo as an option.

The wings

Wing tattoos are almost cool by default. Regardless of why you get your wings tattoo and what it represents, you can expect to have people giving you plenty of compliments. You can get wings tattooed on your back for an angelic look, or you can even get them on your wrists as “mirror image” tattoo. These tattoos can have spiritual meanings or they can simply represent being protected from dark forces.

The classic butterfly

While it’s true that many thousands upon thousands of women got butterfly tattoos in the early 2000s, that does not mean you can’t get one. In fact, since the butterfly’s wings allow for an infinite amount of design possibilities, you can be sure that an artist can come up with a butterfly tattoo that is yours and yours alone. Plus, most people love all of the meanings that come with these tattoos, which include rebirth and beauty.

The dragon

Dragons are the epitome of cool because they look fantastic and they’re mysterious. This is yet another design that you can go in any direction with. Since dragons are mythological, you can very easily create a brand new type of dragon and people would easily know what it is. Dragon tattoos are cool tattoos regardless of whether you get a huge one all the way down your body or just a small one on your back.

The tribal

While it’s true that tribal tattoos were seen as a fad in some circles not too long ago, these days trial tats can be beautiful without looking like every other tribal tattoo out there. If you want to get a unique tribal tattoo, it’s a good idea to use some existing designs and mix them up to get a design that looks good on your and has a meaning that suits your tastes. Most people get tribal tattoos on their arms and their chests, but you are not limited to just those areas.

The stars

You might not think of the stars tattoo as being overly “cool,” but the fact is that you can do a lot of cool things with these designs. You can create unique designs that are in a star shape, or you can even use stars to create the outline of a whole other design. The possibilities are endless, but you can be confident that you will end up with a cool tattoo if you create something new for you and other people to look at.

The angel

If you are interested in getting a cool tattoo that also happens to be very meaningful, look no further than the angel tattoo. Usually the angel stands out in a big tattoo design, but you can do absolutely anything you want with it. You can give it a dreamy look, or you can stick with a classic angel design. Angel tattoos often serve as memorials to people the owner loves, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also look fantastic.

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