When thinking about couple tattoo ideas, you really have to break down the important parts of your relationship with your partner. That will make it much easier to find a design that you both will love having for the rest of your lives. Below are just some of the many couple tattoo ideas.

The initials
This one is a classic, but that’s the case for a reason. Getting your partner’s initials tattooed on your body is a way of showing real commitment, and it gives you a ton of options when it comes to placement. You’re able to put this tattoo pretty much anywhere, and it doesn’t necessarily have to match that of your partner’s. You can get the letters on the back of your neck while he/she may get your letters on their wrist or ankle. Pick a font you love and find the spot that looks best on you both.

The friendship bracelet
Pick a symbolic image that both of you can agree on and see what happens when you make it two separate tattoos. Think of it the “BFF” locket you had in grade school, except actually permanent and actually meaningful. Being able to physically put the two images together is a unique way of showing off to your friends the awesome new tattoo you just got.

The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
Now this is a classic couple’s tattoo that plenty of people will find to be the perfect way to share a tat with the one they love. What’s great about the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse tattoos is that you do not have to get fully-detailed tats. You can simply get the outlines of their heads and pretty much have the exact same effect.

The king and queen
This is yet another classic couple tattoo idea. If you want to get a king and queen tattoo with your partner, you can choose from one of dozens of designs. One of the most popular ones is when both people get crowns, and they can either be identical or in different colors; and, of course, they can be different shapes. Some people even go further by putting “king” or “queen” text above the crowns.

The love birds
Love birds can range from your favorite bird species to lovebirds themselves. You can both get the exact same tattoo with two birds, or you can get one bird apiece to show how much you need each other. To make the meaning clearer, it’s a good idea to make sure that the two birds are different colors to show they represent something (you and your partner).

The sun and moon
Many people see the sun and the moon as “being in love,” which makes this a perfect couple’s tattoo idea. In most cases one person will get the sun tattoo while the other gets a moon tattoo, but it’s not uncommon for both people to get matching sun and moon tattoos. You can stick with simple designs or go all-out with very artsy-looking suns and moons.

The two arrows
Even though the two arrows tattoo usually represents war, it can actually symbolize love too. If you want to make the meaning clearer, you can add hearts to the two arrows or include the arrows in another design. You could also decide to get one arrow apiece to show that they (and you) belong together.

The Yin and Yang
This is about as classic as couple’s tattoos get. If you and your partner happen to be opposites who also happen to complement each other, then this might be the perfect tattoo idea for you. You can both get the yin and the yang tattoo, or you could decide to both get just one half of the design. How you color the tat is up to you, but many people decide to either keep it all black.

The love skulls
If you and your partner love skull tattoos, then matching skulls might be the perfect couples tattoo for you. You can either get matching skulls of different colors, or you can just get any skulls that are located in the same areas of your bodies. In fact, you can combine many of the other couples tattoo ideas listed on this page with the love skull design.

The Snoopy and Woodstock
Want something cute for you and your partner? Well, you can’t get too much cuter than Snoopy and Woodstock! When drawn correctly, these two Peanuts characters look fantastic on the skin and the message is very clear to anyone who loves the cartoon. Again, this can be a matching tattoo, though it is more common for one person to get Snoopy and the other to get Woodstock.

The matching hearts
What’s great about the heart tattoo is that you will have hundreds of designs to choose from. You can keep them extremely simple, or you can decide to make unique hearts. Some people decide to simply get the outline of a heart in the same location, while others will get larger hearts with a lot more detail. As always, it’s completely up to you to decide how you want your couple’s tattoo to look.

The kissing characters
These are very popular arm tattoos. You can get two famous cartoon characters kissing (one character on each arm), or you can come up with any two people to make kissy faces at each other. The idea is that when you put your arms together, the two characters will be able to put their lips together. This is certainly climbing up the ranks of couple tattoo ideas!

The anchor and helm
Nautical tattoos can be excellent to show your love for each other, and the anchor and helm might be the best ones for couples. The anchor symbolizes holding your loved one during the tough times, while the helm symbolizes steering someone from the darkness. This is an especially good tattoo idea if you both also happen to love the sea.

The incomplete tattoos
Though a bit less common than the other couples tattoos listed here, the incomplete tattoo can be the perfect choice for two people who have a tough time being apart. The idea is that half of the design is on one person and the other on the other person. If you’re creative enough, you can make sure your half-tattoo looks good even on its own, though people might not get it if the other person isn’t around.

The puzzle pieces
This is a tattoo that is both perfect for couples and fantastic looking. You can either get two puzzle pieces that fit together, or one person can get an image with the puzzle piece cut out while the other person gets the puzzle piece itself. Most couples who get puzzle tattoos get them in 3D to make them really stand out.

The holding hands
This tattoo set can be done in one of two ways. You can have matching tattoos of two characters holding hands, or you can get one character apiece holding their hands out. The characters themselves can be absolutely anything you want.

The perma-ring
This one is only recommended for married couples, or people certain that that’s where they’re headed. Getting your wedding bands in the form tattoos is a beautiful gesture that doesn’t require any huge design decisions. With how small it’s going to be, a simpler design is probably best, but that’s up to you and the person with the other ring tattoo.

The “we finish each other’s sentences”
You two are so cute it’s almost annoying. If the two of you have a song that you claim to be “yours,” then perhaps you pick your favorite lyric, split it half, and find a spot on both of you that you think looks good. This is especially cool if you’re able to put it somewhere like your forearm, where the phrase can be put together by putting your arms next to each other.

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