Crab Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Crab legs aren’t the only thing good about this clawed creature. This crustacean is an important animal when it comes to symbolism and what it represents.

Most people just think these little guys just run along with beach ready to pinch you when you aren’t looking but they have a great deal of importance for many cultures and when it comes to tattoos, the crab also symbolizes many traits and qualities.

In this post, we plan to go over what the crab is and what it symbolizes. The crab tattoo can be inked in many variations and colors. This can even mean the symbols represent something else completely different depending on how the crab is depicted. We will talk about the meaning of the zodiac crab, the Hermit Crab and the King Crab tattoos to name a few.

We hope that by the end of this post, you feel a bit more educated on the crab and the symbolism the crab tattoo represents.

What is a Crab

Crabs are crustaceans that typically have a very short tail. They are in almost every area of the world including on land, the ocean and freshwater. They are usually covered in a hard exoskeleton and have a set of claws. Technically, crabs like the hermit crab and king crabs aren’t really crabs but are included when people decide to get tattoos about them.

Crab behavior differs depending on what kind of crab we are talking about, but they typically walk sideways. This is because the way their legs are make it more efficient to walk this way. Some crabs walk forward and backward and some even swim but for the most part, they will walk sideways.

They are omnivores and usually feed on algae but will also eat worms, mollusks and other crustaceans.

Crab Tattoo Meaning

Depending on what symbol of the crab you decide to get tattooed will have an impact on the meaning of the crab tattoo. Above all, however, the crab symbolizes the water element and the protection of the sea gods. The crab will give protection to travelers of the sea and will protect them from trouble from what waits on the road ahead. The crab knows how to navigate the waters and will also help you find the way.

In Egypt, the crab symbolizes rebirth and renewal and, in some cultures, like the Incas, the crab was a symbol of danger. In terms of rebirth, the crab sheds its shell as it grows out of it which would make the symbolism of rebirth ring true.

When looking at a crab from a strictly observational point of view, the crab has a hard exterior and protects its soft insides. This would symbolize the crab tattoo meaning the person wearing this tattoo had a tough exterior but was really a soft on the inside.

When looking at the claws of the crab, you will notice they are very powerful. Good luck prying a crab claw open once it grabs onto you. These little guys pack a punch. In this situation, the crab tattoo can represent an unwillingness to give up and resiliency.

The Chinese see the crab as a symbol of good luck in addition to be an aphrodisiac for men that suffer from a lack of sex drive. When the crab is fully extended, it symbolizes a sun and chases off negative feeling and the shadows of our lives. Used as a talisman, the crab is an excellent source of protection.

Crab Tattoo Variations

There are many crab variations when talking about the crab tattoo. The meaning of these tattoos will differ depending on who is wearing them. Your best bet to find out what they mean is to ask that person. However, we will go over a few variations we have seen and what they mean.

Cancer Crab Tattoo

In the horoscope, the Cancer symbol is the crab with it’s claws. The glyph for this symbol looks like a sideways ‘69’. This logo symbolizes the claws of the crab or more often the breast of a woman. The cancer symbol represents motherhood and womanhood.

Traits like caring, sensitivity, femininity, creativity and other feminine qualities are often associated with the Cancer symbol. Cancer looks after the zodiac which explains the sign also symbolizing family, roots and home.

Hermit Crab Tattoo

In the case of the Hermit Crab, the shell on it’s back is its home. This symbolizes the person wearing this is a free spirit and is able to make their way no matter where they are. The Hermit crab is able to take his home with him. It also represents being happy in a domestic situation.

The Hermit crab also represents many traits including exploration, resourcefulness, community, patience and adaptation. You may think community and the Hermit crab don’t coincide, but the truth is, the Hermit crab is in need of social connection. They generally form colonies of over 100 crabs.

King Crab Tattoo

King crabs are another popular version of the crab tattoo. These crabs are known for their size and how they taste as they are a popular choice for eating. These crabs are said to be ancestors of the hermit crab as their asymmetry is representative of the Hermit crab. King crabs look intimidating and have spikes all over their bodies.

The King crab tattoo symbolizes the tough exterior protecting a sensitivity on the inside. This is the case in many crab tattoos, but the king crab is much bigger and more daunting.

Of course, the crab can symbolize what you want it to and we have talked to many people wearing the crab tattoo what their tattoo means to them. To our surprise, the meaning for them has been all over the map. The important thing is that you are comfortable and happy with the idea of getting your very own crab tattoo.

We hope that by reading this post you have a better understanding of the crab tattoo and what it symbolizes. If you are looking for some direction in getting your crab tattoo, let the team at Tattoo SEO help you. We have years of experience in the field and would love to help you connect with the right artist.

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