Cross with Wings Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

The cross with wings tattoo has gotten so popular in recent years that it has surpassed many other religious tattoos that used to be automatic go-tos for plenty of people. It takes the classic cross design and “elevates” it to another level, giving people a beautiful piece that they can wear proudly.

On this page, we will take a look at what the cross with wings tattoo means and how you can get it designed to look amazing on your skin.

Even though you will find that the cross with wings tattoo often has different meanings than a regular cross tattoo, the fact is that some people add the wings simply to give the design a more striking look.

Sure, this does not bring with it any added meaning, but the cross itself is about as meaningful as religious tattoos get, so it really doesn’t need that added meaning. If you simply want to make your cross tattoo as beautiful as you can, then you might want to consider adding wings to it.

The shape of the cross makes for easy implementation of the wings. Some people will have the wings start at the “arms” of the cross and go up and out, while others will make their wings a bit larger, starting from the very bottom of the cross and expanding them out and up until they reach over the top of the cross.

How you have the wings designed will usually not change the meaning of the tattoo at all, so you really can go in any direction that you want. The main thing is that you end up being happy with the overall look of your cross with wings tattoo.

The wings can add even more religious symbolism by showing the most well-known parts of angels along with the cross itself. The wings often represent everyone who has passed away in someone’s life, ensuring that they will never forget them.

The wings can also simply represent the angels themselves, looking over the owner of the tattoo to help them through the toughest moments in their lives. The meaning given to the wings in these designs is completely up to the owners.

Interestingly, some people will get their cross with wings tattoos as a show of defiance towards their fellow Christians who think of tattooing as being sinful. If you are a Christian and you want to show that you do not believe that tattooing is a sinful act, then this might be the best way to express those feelings. The cross with wings shows that you are both proud to be a Christian and you don’t believe that getting inked makes you a bad person.

The most common reason to get cross with wings tattoos is because you want to honor someone who has passed away. Some people will include a name in their designs, though this is not totally necessary in memorial tats. These are obviously very personal tattoos, so as long as you know who you are honoring, that’s all that matters.

Another reason why someone might opt to get a cross with wings tattoo is that they or someone they know has escaped death in some way. For example, people who are in car accidents might get one of these designs to show that they had an angel looking out for them that day, keeping them alive for some reason. In these cases, the tattoo can be used as a motivational device since the people know they have a second chance to do more with their lives.

Plenty of people choose to include other images with their cross with wings tattoos. This is especially true for those who want to make this their main tattoo. Some of the images that are sometimes added include hands, the bible, religious texts, names, flowers, and ribbons.

If you have decided to get this type of tattoo, then you’ll want to take your time when designing your cross with wings. First off, you will want to think about the meanings that you’ll want to use and if those meanings are enough to justify getting one of these designs. Secondly, you’ll want to think about the type of wings you want to use and how you want them placed on the cross. Lastly, you’ll want to think long and hard about how large you want your cross with wings tattoo to be so you’ll know where it can work on your body.

The design itself is very important, but so is placement. Cross with wings tattoos are often placed on the back since that’s where wing tattoos seem to work the best, but you really can place these designs anywhere. Of course, if you are planning on getting a larger piece, your back or your chest might be your best option. Crosses with wings can also be excellent shoulder, forearm or even wrist tattoos if you have a design that will work well in these areas.

Regardless of what your cross with wings tattoo looks like and where it is going to be placed, you should definitely get a top tattoo artist to do the work for you. In fact, you will find that an experienced artist can actually help you decide how to design the piece and where it will look the best on your body.

Since these are usually quite detailed, you really have to get a good artist to do the work for you since they will recognize how important the tattoo is to you and will ensure that it looks good the day you get it and for years to come.

The cross with wings tattoo is the type of design you shouldn’t regret as long as you pick meanings that work for you and you get the exact design that you want. These are fantastic designs for anyone looking to get a Christian tattoo that is a bit different than other religious designs and that they can be proud of for the rest of their lives.

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