Daisy Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

The daisy tattoo is one of the most popular flower tats and its bright white petals and yellow center are often used as a symbol of peace and unity. This is one of those flowers that people initially want to get for its looks, but later find out that they like it just as much for its meanings.

On this page, we will take a look at why so many people choose to get daisy tattoos and why one might be the perfect design for you.

Daisies were used popularly in the new age and hippie movements of the 1960s which lead to changing attitudes within North American society. While that time has certainly passed, many people nowadays still look at the daisy as that same symbol of peace, love, and happiness. In fact, those are three of the many meanings that anyone can attach to their daisy tattoos.

Daisies, like many other flowers, are symbols of nature and can be rendered in a variety of colors. White is the most common color found, but the color you use will come down to what you want your daisy design to look like on your skin. Of course, if you find one color that adds a bit more personal meaning to your tattoo, then that is probably the best one for you.

The daisies have many long, thick petals that create a hardy and beautiful plant. There are dozens of types of daisies, which means that people who choose to get daisy tattoos have some options to go over before locking into one type. The Common Daisy is the large white flower most often imagined when the daisy is mentioned. Its Latin name, Bellis Perennis, translates to everlasting prettiness and is a representation of infallible beauty.

The flower is sometimes used in culinary dishes as well as in herbal medicine, making it a useful plant. Those in medicine who want to get tattoos often opt for a daisy design not only for its beauty but also for its medicinal uses. This is also why people who want to use the “healer” meaning will often add a daisy to a larger design.

The daisy is a term for a broader range of flowers that includes many species, including flowers that bloom white, bright red and crimson, sunny yellow, lavender, light blue, soft pink, and several other colors. Again, the color can add some additional meanings to the tattoo, but it really just comes down to what color you like and how you think it’ll look in tattoo form on your skin.

The specific color refers to the region from which the flower originates, so sometimes people will get a specific daisy based on where they’re from. Oddly enough, in this way, you can show pride in your heritage while also bringing along all of the other meanings associated with daisy tattoos. In most cases, people who use daisies in a “national pride” tattoo will include them as smaller symbols rather than having them as the focal point of the design.

Because daisies grow in virtually all habitats (save Antarctica and the North Pole) they are a globally recognized flower and further symbolize unity in this way. In fact, this is one of the better unity symbols considering that most people love the look of the daisy and it is one of the few unity symbols that also happens to have dozens of other meanings attached to it.

Certain types of daisies grow singularly while others multiply on bushes, giving a lot of options for imagery. You won’t be adding too much meaning by getting multiple daisies in your tattoo, but the design might just make you happier by having a bunch of beautiful flowers in your design. You might also find that a full bush of daisies actually fits better where you want to place the tattoo.

The daisy can be pictured on a chain or vine with multiple other daisies, creating a floral design. This image is feminine and enhances the idea of delicacy and softness. If this is the meaning that you want to use and the look you’re going for, then definitely think about putting this type of design along your ribs, up and over your shoulder, or flowing down your forearm.

A daisy pictured more realistically and standing with a sturdy stem draws a more independent and strong symbol that points to individual growth and success. This is an excellent wrist or forearm tattoo since it’s often a source of pride for people who attach these meanings to their designs. Of course, you can use the exact same meanings regardless of where you put it.

Gerber daisies are a brighter and more colorful variety than the others. They are a clear symbol of cheerfulness and are counted as many people’s favorite flowers. Like all daisies, they also serve as a representation of innocence and purity, especially when rendered in white. These are certainly daisy tattoos for people who want to tell the world that they are proud of being positive people and that they look for the best in everything and everyone in their lives.

Red daisies are said to represent childlike energy. If you are the type of person who still likes to dig down and find your inner child every once in a while, the red daisy tattoo might just be perfect for you. Even if that meaning doesn’t work, you can choose to get a red daisy design if you simply like the look of the red daisy more than all of the others.

If you want to get a daisy that symbolizes innocence, then you’ll probably want to go with a white daisy tattoo. This is the classic daisy tattoo that people have been getting for decades and for good reason. Many see it as one of the cleanest and most stunning flowers in existence and it represents something many people want to hold onto into their lives.

Many people get blue daisies to show that they are not afraid to show emotions. This is the one daisy tattoo that you will see a lot of men get to show that not only can they be emotional in front of others, but they are also usually the type of men who are just as comfortable with women as they are with other men.

The most commonly seen daisy tattoo, the yellow daisy, represents intelligence. The truth is that there aren’t too many flowers that symbolize intelligence, so this is usually the one people go for if they take pride in the power of their brains. Plus, many people see the yellow daisy as the best version of the flower for much larger designs, such as a back tattoo.

What’s great is that you can choose one or more daisy colors based on the meanings that you want to use in your daisy tattoo. That’s actually what we recommend doing if you happen to be a daisy lover since it will greatly up the chances that you will end up with a unique design.

Even if you only use a single color, you should still aim to get a customer design made to make your daisy tattoo that much more special to you. And, of course, you should hire a great tattoo artist to do the work for you so you can be sure that you end up with the exact design that you imagined.

Daisy tattoos make sense for so many people, which is why they have become one of the most popular flower tattoos in the last decade or so. You have a bunch of different colors you can choose from, and even more design options, and you can be sure that your tattoo will end up being very meaningful to you.

If you know that you will probably end up getting some type of flower tattoo, definitely at least consider getting one of these daisy tattoos mentioned above; it’s the type of tattoo that people very rarely regret getting.

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