Date Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Thinking of getting a tattoo of a meaningful date that pertains to something in your life? Although there are numerous reasons as to why you would like to, I will go over just a couple of ideas that go along well with this concept, and why you would decide to get a ‘date’ tattoo in the first place.

The date tattoo is one that I have seen quite frequently. Even rappers and hip-hop
artists are seen sporting these tattoos. One that is seen a lot is the birth date, or year, rather than the individual was born. Rapper/Hip-Hop artist Machine Gun Kelly (M.G.K) for example has a tattoo of the year he was born. Underneath his collar bones, on his chest, reads ‘Est. 1990’.

Roman Numerals are another way to express the year you were born. The Roman Numeral style has been becoming an even bigger trend now that famous rapper celebrity Kanye West recently got his son’s and mother’s birth dates written in Roman numerals on each one of his wrists.

Roman Numerals are a numeric system that originated in ancient Rome and remained the way of writing numbers throughout Europe. The Roman Numerals used today, are based on seven symbols from a combination of the Latin alphabet. These tattoos are usually seen on the forearms, chest, and wrists.

Losing a loved one, for anybody, can be devastating. Whether it be a family member, a
spouse a close friend, or even a pet that you have had for a while that you have grown a strong bond with. These types of tattoos can be a nice way of saying ‘I will never forget you, you will always be remembered.’ the birthdate and the date of the death are sometimes written underneath a picture of another tattoo.

It may pertain to a religion such as having a cross or angel wings with certain persons’ dates written in, or around, the image. The faces of loved ones are also common among the ‘date’ tattoo ideas. If you decide to get a face portrait tattoo. However, I would suggest you do a decent amount of research on your tattoo artist’s style and ability to be able to pull off such a grand task.

Bring a picture of the face portrait you are considering to your tattoo artist before you go in for the appointment. Explain to the artist how you want the portrait to look and ask if he has any experience with such a style of work; if he has proof and pictures of previous, satisfied customers, then you should be clear! In other words, make sure they can whip up intricate portraits that look just as realistic as the suggested photo. Always good to double-check! After all, you want to pay tribute properly.

Anniversaries are usually something to be cherished. Getting matching tattoos with your significant other has been a trend that couples from all over have been deciding to do. These tattoos are usually the date these couples met, the date they started dating, the date they got married, or even the birth date of one of their children. Generally, these matching tattoos are placed on the same spot on each person’s body.

Anniversaries are not just about being in love and celebrating a successful marriage.
Many people have gotten tattoos in remembrance of tragic events such as the day the twin towers in New York City were hit. The demolition of the towers was a horrible event that took place in American History. People still get tattoos even nearly 20 years later of the date of 9/11. September 11th, as a way of saying ‘We won’t give up, we will unite as a country and overcome.

Not so interested in putting down specific dates but still want a tattoo that conveys that time is precious, and every moment should count? A popular tattoo idea that can easily fit into your own personal style, you can even put down your own personal ‘date’ within it, is a clock tattoo.

Clock tattoos are pretty straight up. When you see someone with a clock tattoo, it almost always gets you thinking of time itself. How we spend it and how much it means to us as human beings. This idea was most recognized through the artwork of Salvador Dali.

In he has a surrealist piece titled ‘The Persistence of Memory’. Dating back to 1931, this piece shows a couple of clocks that seem to be melting in the sun on what is said to be a representation of a peninsula in north-eastern Catalonia. Because of his famous painting, many tattoo enthusiasts use the ‘melting clock’ as a new body art accessory.

Sobriety date tattoos are another example of how these specific styles of body art can
benefit the patron. For obvious reasons, if a person was addicted to or abusing a substance that virtually ruined their lives, then were able to perform the near-impossible act of kicking the habit, it means much more than anything else to them for being able to hit rock bottom and pick themselves back up.

A sobriety tattoo, or a ‘recovery’ tattoo can remind the person of what they’ve been through, reminds them of the turmoil and near-death experiences they may have had and to better help remind themselves that they do not need to go back to such a place and lifestyle.

All in all, with everything considered, the ‘date’ tattoo is really for those who are nostalgic and enjoy reminiscing on the better days. Whether you’re revealing these tattoos to the world or not, these forms of tattoos are usually always sentimental and dear to the holder.

Whether you’re celebrating a joyous occasion and it’s a date you want to remember (or try to remember) for the rest of your life, a date that makes you look back on the legacy of a loved one’s lifetime, a reminder to keep moving forward, or even a date to show off the year you were born, whatever the reason, it’s unique because it’s a special date that means something in your life.

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