Deadpool Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

From action figures to hit movies, Deadpool is one of the most popular Marvel characters in the world.

His popularity was really pushed to the forefront with the success of Marvel’s Deadpool movie in 2016. It was so popular, in fact, that it grossed $132,434,639 in the opening weekend. This ranked the movie number 1 all-time in top opening weekends for a rated R movie.

Because of this popularity, you’re starting to see more and more people with Deadpool tattooed on their bodies. In this article, we’ll talk about the origins of Deadpool and what makes him one of the more intriguing comic book characters out there. The Deadpool tattoo comes in many styles and shapes but no matter how it is inked, there is no mistaking that red mask with those big black eyes.

The story behind Deadpool starts with the man behind the mask. Wade Wilson is an enigmatic man. Not much is known of the Canadian. What we do know is that his mother died of cancer when he was a young man. This left him in the care of his abusive military father.

Wade was a bit of a wild child and would act out. This was most likely in spite of his father, but I digress. Wade was drinking in a bar with some buddies when his father tried to come in and take Wade out of the bar. One of his friends took Wade’s father’s gun and killed him with it.

Now being parentless with no guidance, Wade ventured into the world of being a mercenary. I suppose one redeeming quality of Wade Wilson was he would only take contracts on people that he felt deserved to die. In his mercenary work, Wade traveled all over the world taking on contracts and when he failed, he would use plastic surgery to disguise who he was.

When Wade eventually made his way to the United States he fell in love with a young streetwalker named Vanessa Carlysle. They both grew up in hard times and therefore connected on a level that neither of them had felt in their lives.

Wade then learned he had cancer which, understandably, threw him for a loop. Instead of being honest with Vanessa and telling her about it, he broke off their relationship so she wouldn’t have to be there when he eventually passed on.

Wade then went back to Canada to join the Weapon X program in hopes of curing his cancer. He was specifically involved in Department K which was a branch of the Weapon X program. Wade became a test subject in the program and his cancer was halted because of a healing factor that was implanted into Wade. This was the same healing factor they were able to harness from working on Wolverine.

After Wade was made to be able to heal, he was put into the field with three other members of the program where they carried out covert missions. Wade ended up killing one of his teammates and was put into Hospice where the government treated failed superhumans. He was then under the care of Doctor Killebrew and his assistant Ajax.

However, Doctor Killebrew had other ideas. Little did the government know, Killebrew was conducting experimental treatments on his subjects and other people in the program began to make bets in what they called a “Deadpool”. Here they would bet on how long each patient would live.

Wade is known to have a smart mouth and would always have something to say to Doctor Killebrew and Ajax. Since they couldn’t break Wade, they lobotomized one of his friends. As a show of mercy, Wade killed his friend and any patient that killed another was sentenced to execution. It was Ajax who then tore Wade’s heart.

Filled with a thirst for revenge, Wade’s body was essentially jump-started and his heart was regenerated. However, his regeneration didn’t include surface scars that he had all over his body. Wade then took the name Deadpool as his own and escaped the facility with a few friends.

From there come all the stories of Deadpool’s misadventures. Deadpool doesn’t have the classic superhero attitude which might be part of the reason he is so popular with people. He’s quite gruff with a sense of humor that not all people think is funny. However, people are still willing to get a Deadpool tattoo.

This might be because he looks really cool in his sleek, form-fitting, red ninja outfit. It could also be because of his odd attitude and demeanor.

There are many different ways we’ve seen people have a Deadpool tattoo inked to their bodies. You’ve got two styles in which you might have already seen Deadpool. One of those is a realism tattoo where he might look like he did in the movie. Another way to get a Deadpool tattoo is a comic-style tattoo.

Most people that are fans of Marvel have most likely seen Deadpool in this capacity. We’ve seen other styles as well including watercolor, new school, black & grey and traditional. No matter what style you decide to get, you’ll have a cool remembrance of the popular Marvel character on your body for years to come.

The one thing to remember when getting a tattoo is to make sure you’ve done your due diligence. People have been known to make decisions without thinking them through and then end up with a tattoo on their body they’re not proud of. We hope you use this article as a reference point on the kind of person Deadpool is and use the pictures below to get a better idea of the kind of tattoo you might be interested in getting.

If you are still having trouble deciding on the type of Deadpool tattoo you’d like to get after reading this post, please reach out.

We would love to help you find the artist or shop that will best suit what you are looking for out of a tattoo. We look forward to hearing from you.

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