Depression Tattoos

In times like these, the stigma for mental illness seems to be getting less and less. We are starting to understand that most people are dealing with some sort of mental disorder. The severity might differ but nonetheless, we all have our demons.

Depression is one mental disorder that hits close to home for all of us. We most likely are either dealing with it ourselves or know somebody that lives with depression. One way to combat the effects of depression is to get a tattoo to symbolize our strength and courage in the face of this awful affliction.

A depression tattoo is a great way to remind ourselves of how strong we are and things will be ok. There are many variations of this tattoo and in this post, we will review some examples of depression tattoos and what it means to the person wearing it. This is a really important topic with so many people dealing with it. Even talking about it here helps get the word out and lets others know that it is ok to talk about.

History of Depression

Depression can be defined as having feelings of severe dejection and despondency. It is a feeling of hopelessness that can’t be fixed by just wishing it away. It’s something that many people live with and sometimes it gets too hard for them. This is why we need to be talking about this subject and if getting a depression tattoo helps remind you that things will be ok, then anyone dealing with depression should get one.

There are many reasons why someone might be depressed. It can be induced by medical treatments, personality, substance abuse, life events, psychiatric syndromes and gender identity issues.

Everyone deals with moments of depression and sadness but when it is an everyday occurrence, it can be hard to live with.

Depression Tattoo Variations

There are a variety of different symbols and sayings that are used as representations of fighting depression. Many choose to get these depression tattoos as a symbol or reminder to keep moving forward and to stay strong. Below we will discuss some of the more popular tattoos for those dealing with depression.

Serotonin Tattoo

The serotonin tattoo is a popular choice for those dealing with depression. Now even though serotonin or a lack of it, isn’t the cause of depression, it represents a lack of dopamine which is the chemical that makes us happy. People get this tattoo to remind themselves of the depression they are dealing with and to remind themselves that it isn’t their fault. The idea is even though you are feeling a lack of happiness, you can still make a life and move forward.

Semicolon Tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is another one that people dealing with mental illness like to have tattooed on their bodies. The semicolon movement is one of a continuing story. The semicolon tattoo represents the continuing of a sentence instead of an abrupt ending like the period. Many people dealing with depression have committed suicide or are considering it, so this symbol is a reminder that your story doesn’t have to end abruptly. The story always continues, and we don’t know where it is heading. What we do know is that we are the author of our own story and nobody but us decides when it ends.

Project Semicolon was started in Green Bay, Wisconsin and reminds people their story isn’t over. This nonprofit is based in faith and reminds those dealing with depression or other mental illness to keep fighting.

Scar Covering Tattoos

The scar covering tattoo is one way to move on from self-harming acts one might have taken against themselves. We’ve talked to many dealing with depression or other mental illnesses that have attempted suicide and instead of leaving the scar there as a reminder, they choose to get a tattoo to cover it up.

This reminds the person that these scars don’t define them. Don’t let mistakes of the past define who you are. We all heal at our own rate and when we are feeling better, we don’t want reminders of the mistakes we made. Some people choose to make the reminder disappear by getting a scar covering tattoo.

“This Too Shall Pass” Tattoo

The ‘This too shall pass” tattoo is a reminder to the person that the feelings they are dealing with at the moment will pass. Don’t get caught up in the moment or the feelings of anxiousness or depression and remember that things will get better. In most cases, we just need these subtle reminders to help us through the day. These positive affirmations can make a real impact in our lives. Getting a tattoo as a reminder is a great way to stay positive and to remember that depression can come in waves.

“I’m Fine” Tattoo

The ‘I’m fine’ tattoo is one similar to the ‘this too shall pass’ tattoo. Essentially, it’s a reminder to one’s self that things are going to be ok and even though the feelings of depression are creeping up and starting really impact you, you will be fine. Every feeling just needs a little time and we shouldn’t overreact to these negative feeling that depression forces upon us.

Warrior Tattoo

The warrior tattoo is a more aggressive way to show yourself that you can fight depression. The warrior tattoo in relation to depression is a reminder that you are a fighter and you will not let depression define you. It’s a mindset that says you will not let these feeling lead you to self-harm or affect your relationships.

These are just some of the ways people show their spirit versus depression. The depression tattoo is a way to anchor positive feelings, so you can always look to it when you are going to a dark place.

If you need help finding an artist to help you make your vision come to life, let us know and we can help. In addition, if you are struggling with depression and are having thoughts of self-harming, please reach out for help. You are not alone.

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