Diamond Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

What rock on the planet has more significance than a diamond? We aren’t sure there is one because the diamond is a huge part of Western culture and is used to represent the glamorous.

Not only is it beautiful and expensive, but it also has a great deal of symbolism. In terms of symbols, the diamond is a very well-known symbol that is almost always associated with wealth and beauty. They are worn as adornments in rings, necklaces and other types of jewelry.

Unsurprisingly, the diamond tattoo is quite popular when people either love the look of the jewel or want to combine it with another nice-looking tattoo design.

In this post, we are going to talk about the diamond for a bit and then get into why so many people love to have this image tattooed on their bodies. We will get into the symbolism of the diamond and then talk about some of the different variations of this beautiful stone and what it means to the people that have this tattoo.

By the end of this post, we hope you have a better understanding of the diamond tattoo’s meaning and what it symbolizes for those that choose to get this tattoo.

About Diamonds

A diamond is a form of carbon that is sold and has a structure that is a diamond cubic crystal. The diamond is well known for its unmatched physical qualities and much of the quality of this stone comes from the sturdy covalent bond between the atoms of the diamond.

The diamond has the highest thermal conductivity and hardness of any material in bulk. Those properties determine the main industrial usage of the diamond in polishing and cutting tools and the applications of diamond anvil cells and diamond knives in scientific studies.

If you find a diamond in nature, you are probably finding a stone that is between 1 and 3.5 billion years old. Most of the diamonds found were formed in the Earth’s mantle around 150 to 250 kilometers deep. However, some of them have come from depths of up to 800 kilometers into the Earth.

The high temperature and pressure cause the fluids containing carbon to dissolve minerals and replace them with diamonds. Between hundreds of million years ago most diamonds were brought to the surface of the Earth by volcanos erupting and then deposited in lamproites and kimberlites, or in other words, igneous rocks.

Diamond Tattoo Meaning

While diamonds are worn more often by women than by men, diamond tattoos are actually considered to be unisex. Both men and women can see the beauty in diamonds, so there are designs that are suitable for both sexes.

Some women will add more feminine designs around their diamond tattoos, while men will give their diamond tattoos a bit more of a masculine look. Of course, a plain diamond tattoo could also work for both sexes.

The word diamond is derived from a Greek word meaning “invincible”. This is an accurate depiction as diamonds cannot be destroyed. They are created by a massive weight weighing down carbon deposits and have reportedly been around since 400 B.C. When this diamond tattoo meaning is used, the owner might want to show that they will not be broken by anything that happens in their lives. It could also mean that they have made it past many tough moments in their lives.

Diamonds are seen as one of the most precious and sought-after stones in the world. This makes them a great choice for a tattoo design for someone who wants to represent these ideals and that of inner beauty and courage. This is not a diamond tattoo meaning that comes through clearly on first viewing, so some owners will use other tattoo designs to make the “precious” meaning a bit more obvious.

In ancient times it was believed that if you wore a diamond with you it would protect you from evil forces and give you strength to overcome your fears. As you might expect, this is a meaning that is a bit deeper than others and is one of the most personal of the diamond tattoo meanings. Someone with anxiety might choose to get a diamond tattoo to remind them that they do have the strength to get over the fears that pop up from time to time.

The Indian diamond throne of Buddha became a symbol of the center of the universe and infinity. This is one of the many spiritual diamond tattoo meanings out there and isn’t as common as some of the other meanings listed on this page. However, someone who loves the look of the diamond and wants to use a meaning that isn’t as obvious to outside observers might choose to get a diamond tattoo.

Diamond tattoos have also been linked to magic as it is rumored to have incredible magical energy. In the Middle Ages, only priests and emperors were able to wear them and legends state that Satan could not bear the sight of the light that was borne of the diamond’s brilliance. Interestingly, someone who loves the idea of magical forces might get the diamond tattoo for a similar reason as someone who gets it for its religious meanings.

Diamonds symbolize peace, purity, honest light and invincibility. When placed in an engagement ring setting they become of symbol and love and loyalty. Although rarer than other love tattoos, it isn’t extremely uncommon for two people to get matching diamond tattoos to show their love for each other. In the case of a man and a woman getting matching diamond tattoos, they may get them in different colors (one for the man and a different one for the woman).

If someone comes from royalty or they want to be seen as a powerful person, they might get a diamond tattoo with a crown. The diamond itself can sometimes symbolize this meaning all on its own, but the crown will make it obvious to people who see the tattoo for the first time.

Diamond Tattoo Variations

There are a plethora of ways to have a diamond tattooed on your body. In addition, you can add any symbols you want to either add to the symbolism of the tattoo you have or completely change the meaning. We understand there are many more examples of diamond tattoos but below are a few that we have enjoyed.

Matching Diamond Tattoos

The matching diamond tattoo is a great way to express your love for one another or just express the strength of a friendship. The diamond is known to be one of the hardest and strongest materials in the world so for a relationship, the diamond represents a bond that cannot be broken. Not only is it symbolic of a strong relationship but it also just looks cool and can be made small if you need to conceal the tattoo.

Diamond With Wings Tattoo

A diamond with wings depicts freedom where the diamond represents material wealth and the wings symbolize letting go of that materialism. This is the type of diamond tattoo that someone will get when they are ready to make changes in their lives. Obviously, it can also serve as a reminder to the owner to put more value in things other than money and power.

Black Diamond Tattoo

A black diamond tattoo is quite a bit different than other diamond tattoos. The black diamond is a symbol of rebelliousness and audacity, so the owner might want to show that they have a darker side. In these cases, the black diamond might be surrounded by skulls or other darker images.

Numerous design elements can be added to a diamond tattoo such as roses, skulls, flowers, rings, crosses, crowns or hearts. Many people opt to have their artist show the shine of the diamond by adding white highlighting. They might also come up with their own tattoo designs to add to the beauty of the diamond.

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