Dice Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Dice are one of the most common symbols you see when it comes to going to the casino or having anything associated with gambling. Dice, or die in plural form, are not only famously known in the gambling community, but even used in some of the best board games.

The origins and time period which dice were invented are unknown. Evidence of the use of dice on a sort of backgammon-like game set was excavated in south-eastern Iran, estimated to have been from a time period of the years 2800 to 2500 B.C.

Dice are small objects with different numbered dots, also known as ‘pips’. Each side of the square contains a dot and as you turn the square around, you see that the other sides go up and down in the number of dots that are displayed.

One dice holds up to six dots. During a game when dice are used, if there is more than one die, you simply add whatever number of dots that turns face up when you shake the die around and throw it onto a flat surface such as a table.

Dice are such perfect devices for gambling because when shaken around in your hands or in what is called a dice cup, releasing the die on the table or dice tray is completely random and there is really no way to control how the dice will roll and what number they will land on.

There are a couple of different shapes and variations that dice are made, in most instances however, when it comes to tattoos at least, the classic square die is the most notable. Down below will be examples of the dice tattoo and also the meaning and symbolism behind the die themselves.

Gambler Tattoo

If you are going to go through with getting the infamous dice tattoo, chances are you enjoy gambling. Whether this be gambling in the casinos, taking and making bets with others, or just being a daredevil and taking your chances at gambling with life through adventure. No matter how you look at it, to others it will show that you are a real-life risk-taker and like to have fun.

To some, the symbol of dice is good luck. This may be because they are skilled in gambling at the casino or they just find the image of dice to be appealing. After all, you would not want a pair of dice tattooed on you if the game itself just brought bad luck, right?

Often times when playing a game of dice or playing games that involve dice, the game calls for a pair of dies. Because this is so, when getting a tattoo of dice, it is a popular idea to get the image of two die instead of one. This really adds to the tattoo and makes it more interesting to look at. Oftentimes, these dice will look as if they were just rolled, sprawled out a little but not too much as to where the graphic would look strange.

Grouping the two dice together at a slight angle where both of the numbers of the pips are visible. Depending on if you have a particular number in mind for the dice or not, a common number spelled out from the pips, or the dots, is twelve. Having doubles of a six-pip when the die is rolled is considered lucky and sometimes will help win the particular dice game you are playing.

Tattoos such as these look great just about anywhere, many enthusiasts of this tattoo get it on their chest or add it to a ‘gambling sleeve’ theme.

Snake Eyes Tattoo

Snake’s eyes may be the most well-known phrase in the world of dice gambling. The term itself means when someone rolls the dice and they get a pip on each die by coincidence, resulting in a total of two, this is considered to be bad luck because the number is so low. Doing this in games such as ‘craps’ will result in a big chance of you losing the game. Even though this outcome is the worst imaginable in the world of dice slanging, people embrace the misfortune and get tattoos of this particular display.

You could easily get the snake eye tattoo by using an image of two dice with one pip on each die, or you could be a little more creative and bring the name ‘snake eyes’ to life. The reason for the name itself is because of the resemblance of eyes the two one-pipped dice have. Graphics for this concept can be done in a couple of different ways.

Having a snake slither and circle its way around the dice can give the effect of the snake protecting the dice. Other images may show two different snakes coming out of the one dot on each dice almost as if the snakes are hiding inside holes waiting to come out to attack. What kind of snake you decide to choose for this particular graphic is up to you.

The popular snake that everyone can recognize is the cobra however, with its hooded shape and flaring sides puffing out, the cobra makes the perfect venomous snake to have accompanying the snake eye dice. Instead of having the snake intertwining its way around the dice, why not make the dice a part of the snake itself?

The name of the game is Snake Eyes, so having dice in place to where the snake’s actual eyes would be a sort of unique and creative way to go about the tattoo.

Gamblers Sleeve

Chances are that if you have a love for the symbol of dice and enjoy playing gambling games involving dice then you must also have a love for other games as well. Many people who gamble and are often found heading to the casino do not just play one game.

This being said people will not only get one graphic to represent their gambling lives but an entire sleeve. These sleeves can consist of diamonds, a flush of cards, poker chips, eight balls, flames, and skulls.

Those are just a few examples of what other little images you can get to go along with the dice. These tattoos all signify that you are a real gambler who has a deep love for the craft and takes life more on the edge.

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