Disney Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Just about everyone has a favorite Disney movie, so plenty of people are interested in getting Disney tattoos. What’s great is that you can pretty easily find a Disney character or scene from one of the films that can hold the exact meaning that you were looking for from a tattoo.

On this page, we will take a look at some of the different Disney tattoos that you can get and the meanings attached to those designs.

The movies created by Walt Disney have been popular for decades with adults and children alike. A great sense of nostalgia is conjured when the characters and images of those movies are carried through childhood into adulthood. Disney tattoos not only give people a great way to show who they are, they are also the types of tattoos that are conversation starters since everyone gets a bit nostalgic when they see images from these movies.

Many people choose to use these Disney characters as tattoo designs, carrying that piece of their childhood with them forever. The colorful scenes and melodic musical numbers create captivating films that entice children of all ages.

Disney tattoos materialize a reminiscence that serves to comfort while also appearing whimsical. In some cases, it’s all about just choosing a character that has always held a special place in your heart, while in other cases it’s a combination of loving the character and finding some important symbolism in them.

Cartoon animal characters created by Disney are extremely popular, harkening to the simplicity and joy of childhood. There are literally hundreds of great Disney animals to choose from and millions of people who love each one.

Mickey Mouse is still probably the most popular of the Disney tattoos, though other characters have come closer to him in the rankings in recent years. In many ways, Mickey Mouse is the best Disney representative for happiness, though you could argue there are some characters that are as positive and as cheerful as Mickey. Mickey Mouse is also the tattoo many people get when they are having a tough time choosing from all of the great Disney tattoos out there.

While both men and women get Mickey Mouse tattoos, the Minnie Mouse tattoo is a symbol of femininity, so far more women get her than men. You can also get Mickey and Minnie as matching couples tattoos, which is a great idea for couples who both love Disney.

Simba from The Lion King is a great symbol of courage, perseverance, and, like Bambi, a survivor of a parent’s death. Some people will get Simba by himself, while others will get him with some of his friends from the movie.

Robin Hood the fox is a perfect rendering of a clever hero, determined to fight for justice. This is an excellent Disney tattoo for people who find themselves regularly arguing against injustices.

Peter Pan serves as the ultimate relic of childhood while Wendy represents a more sensible mind. These two work very well as individual Disney tattoos, but they also work combined either as one tattoo or as matching tattoos.

The Disney Princesses are some of the most popular images created. Each princess and movie showcases different strengths of the female, and male, characters that are involved. It really comes down to your favorite movie or character and what they represent. Some people even go further than that and get most if not all of the Disney princesses in their tattoos.

Cinderella tells the classic tale of the mistreated maiden whose value is finally uncovered. If you think about it, many women (and some men) feel exactly like Cinderella did before she was found out for the wonderful girl that she was. This is a great choice for anyone who feels like they have a lot more to offer than people give them credit for.

Snow White proves herself to be resourceful and self-preserving when her life comes under threat. She’s an excellent Disney character tattoo to get if you take a lot of pride in being able to be self-sufficient.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid pushes herself far beyond her boundaries to gain what she wants most in the world. For a very long time, Ariel was the most popular Disney princess tattoo since she did have that cool look and the movie was such a hit. This is the Disney tattoo to get if you feel like you have a lot to offer if you can get past your own personal restraints.

Regardless of the princess and specific movie, their images serve to represent a beautiful strength within oneself that must be harnessed in order to achieve one’s goals. As we pointed out above, you really can get any of them and use some of the same meanings, so it comes down to which ones impacted your life the most.

Winnie the Pooh is another classic story full of beloved characters. Winnie is instantly recognized as a loveable and languorous teddy bear, an image that portrays comfort and security. Eeyore the donkey is associated with moodiness and pessimism, the perfect symbol for a realist. The Piglet is a representation of meekness and timidity, an adorable design that conveys a quiet or reserved, cautious person.

Aladdin tattoos are more popular for showing off scenes from the movie, but some people do get one or more of the characters rather than a full scene. The carpet itself can be a cool tattoo on its own, though most people opt to get Aladdin and possibly more characters on top of it.

Many Disney tattoos work extremely well as matching tattoos for friends or couples who want to share in the tattooing experience. We pointed out a few of them earlier, but you will find that a lot of these movies have two characters who are close in those films and who represent different traits. They work well as couples tattoos, friendship tattoos, and even family tattoos.

You will want to think about how much skin you want to cover with your Disney tattoo. This will help you figure out how large your character can be or if you can fit in more images from your favorite Disney movies.

For example, if you are planning on getting a wrist or ankle tattoo, you will want to design your Disney tattoo in a way that makes the character stand out even though you don’t have much skin to work with. On the other hand, if you want to get a Disney tattoo on your back, you might be able to fit in 10 or more characters and other elements from the movies.

If you have the space for it and you really love a Disney movie, you might want to consider multiple characters or a fully detailed scene from your favorite Disney film. Yes, these are more expensive tattoos, but they’re totally worth it if they look amazing and hold deep meanings for you. Obviously, you will want a good artist to do the work for you if you are not an artist yourself.

Regardless of how large or small your Disney tattoo is going to be, we highly recommend seeking out a top tattoo artist to apply your design for you. Heck, the best ones will even create custom designs for you based on your ideas. You definitely do not want to go into a random shop and hope you end up with the exact design you were thinking of; that rarely works out for people.

Just search around online for some reviews of local artists and you’ll probably be able to narrow down your options pretty quickly.

As you can see, there are a ton of options for you to choose from if you are interested in getting a Disney tattoo. Each of the movies and characters represents something different, so you should be able to find one that defines who you are.

If you do plan on getting a Disney tattoo, be sure to take your time while designing your tattoo and find an artist who will make your character(s) or scene look amazing.

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