Divergent Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Divergent tattoos are designs made to look like the tattoos shown in the Divergent movie series. They range from the very small to the very large and each one has a unique look to it. Believe it or not, there are quite a few meanings that can be attached to Divergent tattoos, some of which are quite powerful.

The Divergent series was and still is quite popular, so it’s no surprise that quite a few people are interested in getting these tattoos. However, like most tattoos that were created in fictional series, it’s important to know exactly what each one represents before you commit to getting one. You want to up the chances of the tattoo always being important to you so you don’t have to get it covered up later on.

If you are thinking about getting a Divergent tattoo or you just want to know what all of them mean, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find some of the most popular tattoos from the Divergent series, some of the meanings that you can attach to those tattoos, and the different ways that you can get them designed.

Popular Divergent Tattoo Meanings

Obviously, the most common reason why people get their Divergent tattoos is because they are fans of the Divergent book and movie series. The tattoos often simply represent a person’s love for the series rather than anything specific about it. What’s kind of great about most of these tattoos is that they have meanings that a lot of people were looking for from their tattoos anyway, so they kind of get a two-for-one deal.

The raven tattoo on Tris, the lead character in the stories, is the most commonly seen Divergent tattoo for a number of reasons. The tattoo is placed on the collarbone with the birds flying down from the shoulder towards the chest. The ravens are meant to honor one’s loved ones, though in the books Tris is specifically honoring her three family members. This could be a great tattoo for anyone who wants to show their love for their family.

Another very commonly seen Divergent tattoo is the one worn by the character Tobias, who is Tris’ love interest in the series. All five faction symbols are placed down the middle of Tobias’ back along with other markings. This is easily the largest Divergent tattoo that you can get, but it also has some very cool meanings. The symbols represent honesty, selflessness, intelligence, bravery, and peace. The tattoo as a whole was meant to show that Tobias was a leader, though he was secretly with Divergent.

Other Divergent Tattoo Meanings

A slightly less popular Divergent tattoo is the black and white hawk that Tori has on her back and neck in the movies. It has a very striking look to it, with its wings wide open and glaring red eyes looking out at anyone who sees it. The hawk symbolizes protection from everything that the owner fears. Tori is essential to the series and is a great friend to Tris, but most people often opt to get the more well-known characters’ tattoos.

Those who don’t want to get a single character’s tattoo and instead want to represent a whole faction will often get the faction symbol(s) that they like the most. This is a great idea if you were looking to pinpoint specific meanings that you want to use and, rather than getting the complete Tobias tattoo, instead you can get the Divergent symbols that mean the most to you.

Divergent Tattoo Designs and Placement

It’s actually usually quite easy to choose a design and placement for Divergent tattoos since people usually choose to get them created and placed exactly how the characters have them in the films. Most people will also often choose to stick with the original all-black ink look, though some do add a bit of color to customize them.

Even though a lot of people do opt to get the same Divergent tattoos that they saw in the movies, you don’t have to go that route if you want to do something a bit different. For example, Tori’s hawk can be modified to look the way that you want it to look, maybe slightly larger or with a different look to the wings. You will want to think about the meanings that you are choosing to use to get inspiration for the design should you opt not to get the original.

There are also quite a few ways that you can place a Divergent tattoo. To use the hawk example again, you could choose to get it placed on your arm or even your chest rather than putting it on your back. If you decide to get a larger version than the original, you might actually be forced to choose a new place to put it on your skin.

The one Divergent tattoo that most people do choose to keep the same as the original is Tris’ Raven tattoo. That’s mostly because it seems to look best on the collarbone, though it wouldn’t be too tough to make a very attractive raven tattoo somewhere else on your body.

Is the Divergent Tattoo Right for You?

If the Divergent books and/or movies touched you in a powerful way or you truly relate to one of the characters in them, then you might just be a great Divergent tattoo candidate. They are often very simple tattoos to make, yet they do have a very striking look to them. They have a very modern all-black-ink look, yet they also have a classic tribal look as well.

Even though most of the Divergent tattoos look easy enough to make, you should definitely find a good artist to make yours for you if you end up deciding to get one. Good artists will ensure that the line work is correct and that the tattoo is lined up correctly on your skin, upping your chances of having a tattoo that you will always be proud of.

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