Dog Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Dog tattoos have been extremely popular for years now. No, we are not talking about tattoos on the dogs themselves.

We’re talking about people getting tattoos of dogs on their own skin. It’s a great way to show your love for one specific dog or dog in general. On this page, we will go over some of the reasons why people get their dog tattoos as well as some of the ways that dog tattoos get designed.

Images and portraits of a beloved dog are the ultimate tribute an owner can make for their furry family member, living or deceased. In a way, this is a family tattoo for people who get them because they see their dogs as brothers, sisters, sons, or daughters.

They get their dog tats because they want to show that they will never forget their pet and they want to talk about this special family member that they have chosen to get inked on their skin.

Often, simply the name of the dog is used with the addition of paw prints, either silhouettes or possibly the actual paw print taken from the individual dog. This is an excellent option for anyone who does not want to have to get a fully detailed dog tattoo but does want to honor their pet in any way that they can. These are also the types of design options that are great for people looking to get smaller dog tattoos.

A favorite toy could be added as well, creating a cute image of a happy memory. If you had or have a dog that has a favorite toy and some of your best memories with him or her were playing with that toy, this could be an excellent addition to your dog tattoo. In fact, you could even get the toy by itself and the tattoo could be just as meaningful.

Leashes, collars, or tags could also be used. The point is that you really can use anything in your dog tattoo as long as it is meaningful to you. For example, if your favorite moments with your dog were taking walks with them, then a leash could be a perfect addition to your design. And, just like with your favorite toy, you might find that you only want to include the leash or collar for it to be meaningful to you.

Realistic images of the dog, portrait or entire being, make much larger tattoos but provide a permanent reflection of the animal. This is the best option for people who want to go all-out with their designs and they have a lot of skin available for ink. If your dog is or was your best friend and you want to always have the chance to look at them at their best, you might want to consider getting a dog portrait tattoo.

Most people choose to use their favorite pictures of their dogs for reference, but you can also just tell your artist to look at an old image and then make a unique tattoo design of your dog.

More simply, the outline of the type of dog creates a subtle but striking symbol of adoration. This isn’t just an option for people looking to save money, either. It’s an excellent option for anyone who simply likes the look of silhouette tattoos. These designs can easily be shrunken down to fit just about anywhere you want to place them, too, so there are plenty of reasons why people choose the dog outline over a realistic image.

Tribal style dog designs, which sometimes resemble wolves, work well for images of larger dogs. The sharp and swirling line work of the tribal design signifies the ancient relationship between humans and dogs and can be made large or small. On top of that, these designs look unique and they can blend in very well with other tribal tats.

Dog images that include angelic wings, clouds, and sunbeams are a symbol that the animal has passed on. The memory of the dog is made permanent by the tattoo, portraying the great respect between the owner and the canine. You really can add in any extra images that you want to honor your dog, but it’s a good idea to have multiple designs drawn up for you to get a good idea of what they will end up looking like on your skin.

Portraits of dogs, usually done in a traditional tattooing style, are sometimes designed with clothing, making the image ironic. This design serves as a satirical comment, anthropomorphizing the canine. The portrait is often set in an antique-style frame, incorporating another ironic element. These images are usually not specific to a beloved pet although no design is limited.

The name of the dog is most often included with an image of the animal. If you do include the name of your dog, it’s a good idea to test out a bunch of fonts until you find the one that works the best with the image you’re using. Since most of these tattoos are made to honor a dog that has passed, most people won’t want to use a font that is too flashy or that takes away from the other parts of the dog tattoo.

Barking or growling dogs, sometimes bulldogs, are used as an ominous symbol of warning. The dog in this case is an image of aggression, rarely a tribute to a pet but rather an analogy for the character of the individual. These dog tats can also represent security, which is a great way to show that you are someone who takes pride in protecting those around you.

The image of a dog is often a representation of playfulness and an energetic attitude. Obviously, this is a great meaning to use if you are known for being the life of the party or if you are proud to still have that child-like playfulness that many people lose over time.

A dog tattoo can also symbolize devotion and loyalty since these animals are some of the most loyal creatures that we have on this planet. This is why dogs are sometimes added to military tattoos and why they are some of the better family and friendship tattoos that you can get.

Even though most people get their dog tattoos to honor their own dogs, plenty of people choose to get their dog tats simply to show that they are huge fans of the animals. The fact is that there are millions of dog lovers out there, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people get their dog tattoos because they want everyone to know how much happiness these animals bring into their lives.

Picking a dog tattoo design is completely up to you, but it’s a good idea to have multiple designs drawn up before you commit to one. You might initially think that you only want to get the dog’s head, but you should at least look at some full-bodied dog tattoo designs before you make your final choice

Some people might find it a bit tricky to pick an area of their bodies to place their dog tattoos. However, this decision should be made easier after you have come up with a design that you like. You can also choose a location before you start designing, but in most cases, you want to choose the best overall design and then find the perfect spot for that tattoo. Also, a good tattoo artist will be able to help you tweak any design that you come up with so it can fit perfectly wherever you want to place it.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why people choose to get their dog tattoos. They are usually very attractive tattoos that catch some eyes, but way more important than that is that they make their owners happy.

If you have a dog that you want to honor or you simply love these animals, then definitely consider getting a dog tattoo.

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