Domino Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

The image of a domino piece or multiple dominoes is a unique and interesting tattoo. Dominoes are game pieces that can be used to play in various ways. The domino tattoo can symbolize a love of the game, the “domino effect,” a significant date, or criminal history.

In this article, we’ll look at the different meanings a domino tattoo may have.

All About Dominoes

Dominoes are used to play games, similar to dice or cards. The domino pieces are rectangular in shape and can be made of plastic, bone, or other material. Each tile is divided in two by a line and each side is either blank or has between one and six dots on it. The backside of the tile is usually blank.

Dominoes are typically white with black dots. They can also be black with white dots or any other color combination. The most popular set comes with 28 dominoes though you can also get larger sets of 58 and 91.

Some popular domino games include Matador, Domino Whist, Texas 42, and Muggins. Other games include Fives and Threes, Mexican Train, Chicken Foot, Concentration, and Double Fives. Each of these games has its own set of rules to play by.

Domino Tattoos

Most domino tattoos are small in size, about the same size as an actual domino piece which is about two inches long and one inch wide. Since domino pieces are usually black and white, the tattoos are often done in these colors as well. Occasionally you will see a colored domino tattoo but these are less common.

Both men and women get tattoos of domino pieces, though they seem to be more common among men. This might be because men are more likely to have criminal pasts and engage in gambling–two of the reasons people get this tattoo.

Many domino tattoos contain a single domino, while others have two domino pieces. It is rare to see a tattoo that has three or more dominos. Usually, the domino is shown on its own, without any accompanying words or images.

History of Dominoes

It is thought that the original dominoes game began in China during the 14th century. This is a different game than what we would consider the modern-day dominoes. In the 1700s, people in Italy began playing dominoes and the trend spread throughout Europe and later other countries in the world.

The name “domino” came from a costume that was worn during the annual carnival in Venice. This costume consisted of a black robe and white mask, the same color as domino pieces. 

Dominoes has become a very popular game since the 18th century; it is played by children and adults alike. There are several different variations and rules for the game. Another popular way of using dominoes is toppling. This consists of standing them up on their ends, spaced slightly apart in a line, and then knocking the first one over–this results in the rest of the dominoes falling.

A Love of Dominoes

A common reason that people choose a domino tattoo is simply to show that they enjoy playing the game. Many people get tattoos to represent hobbies they engage in and the domino tattoo is one example of this. They might play just for fun with friends or they can be a competitive player who participates in tournaments.

In these cases, the number of dots on the domino may not be as significant as in the case of other tattoo meanings. Some professional players might choose a domino tattoo to act as a symbol of good luck. They might believe that it will help them win games when playing competitively.

A Significant Date

A domino tattoo can represent an important date in a person’s life. Since each half of the domino has a number of dots on it, these numbers can be interpreted as a specific date on the calendar. For example, a domino that has two dots on one half and five dots on the other half can represent the second month and fifth day: February 5th.

There are several reasons that an individual may choose to get a domino tattoo to represent a significant day. It is a much more creative tattoo than simply writing the numbers or the words. A person may choose this tattoo to honor a loved one’s birthday or date of death; it can also represent an anniversary, a sobriety date, or the date they got engaged.

The Domino Effect

When dominoes are toppled, every single piece falls over just by gently tapping the first piece–this is called the domino effect. It refers to a chain reaction of events that occur as a result of one action. In psychological terms, this can refer to choices that people make in their lives that lead to either positive or negative results down the road.

A person may get a tattoo of a domino to illustrate this domino effect in their life. For example, someone who made a poor decision in the past that resulted in disastrous consequences later on might get this tattoo as a reminder to think before they act. 

Alternatively, a person who made a good choice that led to opportunities and success might get this tattoo to remind them that small things can make a big difference.

Criminal Activity and Gangs

There is some indication that domino tattoos can represent a person’s experiences with crime. This tattoo is also associated with having spent time in jail or in prison. Domino tattoos might be related to drug use as well as gang activity.

The specific number of dots on the domino tattoo might be related to the number of days, months, or years that a person spent behind bars. A domino with six dots on one side and three on the other may illustrate that the person spent 63 months in prison. The dots can also represent the date of their release; for example, four dots and one dot can mean April 1st.

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