Dot Work Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The dot work tattoo is an excellent option for anyone who wants to take their designs to a new and different level. If you’ve ever liked a very popular design but wanted to make it your own, this dotwork style might just be the way to go.

On this page, we will take a look at why these dotwork tattoos have garnered so much attention in recent years and some of the types of designs that work very well with this style.

What are dotwork tattoos, you ask? Well, they are designs that use dots rather than solid lines to make images on the skin. There are thousands of designs that share this style, but it’s important to note that not all tattoos will look as great as dotwork tattoos. They are probably most popular in geometric patterns, but you can turn a lot of other designs into very cool-looking tats by using this style.

Something else that is unique to the dotwork tattooing style is the fact that you have to get close up to most of these designs to be able to tell that they are made up of small dots. Some people love this about these tattoos since they add an additional layer not found in most designs. Heck, the owners themselves sometimes forget that there are a bunch of dots on their skin.

In most cases, dotwork tattoos are created using black, grey, or even red ink. Yes, you can use other colors, but those three seem to be the most pleasing to the eye since they give a nice fading effect to the dots. What’s great is that the majority of tattoo designs already look great in these colors, especially black and grey, so most people are happy to use them instead of much brighter colors.

Unlike many other tattooing styles, the dotwork tattoo style does not add to the meaning of a design and is mostly just done to make the tattoo look that much more attractive. In fact, many people choose to use the dotwork style long after they have chosen designs and meanings to use; in this way, it is just the last step of the design process.

This is why it is much better to think of a great tattoo idea before you commit to a way to style it. You might just find that the dotwork style actually elevates your initial idea to a whole other level!

It’s important to point out that there are dot tattoos that have significant meanings on their own, but those are different than dot work tattoos. Dot tattoos are usually two to six dots that represent their own things. Dotwork tattoos are made up of a dot style that can be used with a huge list of designs.

Some people get the main part of their designs in the traditional fashion and then the dot work part is done in the shading. This is kind of like a combo tattoo in that you are mixing styles to get a specific effect. You can be very creative with this dot work style, making sure to draw people’s eyes into one part of your design simply by creating that part with dots rather than lines.

What’s really great about dotwork tattoos is that you can use this style with just about any design you can come up with. It really is just a matter of if you like the style and if you think it can work well with the design that you come up with. If you’re unsure, it’s a good idea to have someone show you the difference between the standard and dot work look for your design so you can make a more informed decision.

One of the most popular dot work tattoos is the mandala since its geometric shapes look pretty amazing in this style. In fact, it seems like just about anyone who sees the mandala in a dot work design chooses to use this style over the classic mandala tattoo. One of the add-on effects that it has with the mandala is it seems to give it an optical illusion look, which some people really like.

Other common dotwork tattoos include animals, portraits, butterflies, and arrows. As we pointed out earlier, it really is all about your personal preferences. If you were already planning on getting a lion tattoo, for example, you might want to check out what it looks like in the dot work style.

It gives face and wings an extraordinary look that, to some people, takes these designs to the next level. This is especially true with smaller symbol tattoos since they give people a chance to do something different with a design that has been done thousands of times.

The dotwork tattoo style takes quite a bit of skill to pull off, so you should definitely get a top tattoo artist to work on it for you if you choose to get one of these designs. They are time-intensive and take a skilled hand to do, so you really don’t want to just walk into the first tattoo shop that you see.

Ideally, you’ll find an artist who has a lot of experience with the dot work style, but the main thing is that you find someone who actually enjoys creating this type of intricate design. It’s definitely worth it to pay a little bit more for your dot work tattoo to ensure that you get exactly what you had imagined.

Choosing to get a dot work tattoo comes down to personal preferences, but we highly recommend at least considering this style for any design that you come up with. You might end up finding out that your idea and this style are the perfect combo. No, this style is not going to be for everyone, though it seems like it is a style that is going to continue to grow in popularity.

If you do end up deciding to get a dotwork tattoo, make sure that it is the best way to get your design done and, if it is, hire an artist who will make it look amazing on your skin.

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