Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

If you have seen a Dreamcatcher, then you probably won’t be surprised to hear that it makes for an excellent tattoo. The Dreamcatcher tattoo isn’t very high up on the list of popular tattoos, but it sure is shooting up that list.

Dreamcatchers are beautiful, which makes them attractive tattoo designs, and they’re also extremely meaningful. On this page, we will go over the origins of the dreamcatcher and some of the most common dreamcatcher tattoo meanings that people like to use.

Dreamcatchers are a handmade item in Native American culture. They are comprised of a woven net and are adorned with beads feathers, leather and other similar items. When in tattoo form, the dreamcatcher has to usually be very detailed in order to make the dreamcatcher look realistic.

Dreamcatchers are typically placed above one’s bed and are believed to let only happy and optimistic dreams pass through while capturing the bad dreams. If you think about it, this dreamcatcher tattoo meaning would work for most people. Most of us have bad thoughts and bad dreams that we want to stay away from and the Dreamcatcher tattoo can be a source of comfort. If you believe in its powers, you might feel better about everything in your life knowing that the Dreamcatcher tattoo is on your body.

The origin of the Dreamcatcher starts with the Anishinabe tribe and their belief of the Spider Woman. It was believed that this woman would travel around visiting the cribs of newborn babies and would weave magical webs above them that would protect the child from bad dreams and fill their sleep with good ones. As the tribe migrated they feared she would have difficulty visiting all the children, so the women of the tribe started creating their own to protect their babies.

Dreamcatchers are constructed of a loose string web around a wooden hoop with a hole in the center. The hole is where good dreams are allowed to enter. Someone who wants to allow more joy in their lives might put more emphasis on the hole in their dreamcatcher tattoo. A way to do this is by making the ring bright and colorful and using black and gray or muted colors on every other part of the Dreamcatcher. This is a good way to lean toward that dreamcatcher tattoo meaning specifically rather than the general concept.

Feathers are usually hung from the webbing and represent breath and air which are essential for life. While those two meanings could be used by anyone, they are specifically good for people with anxiety, who often worry about not being able to get air while having panic attacks.

The Dreamcatcher tattoo can be used as a source of strength when these episodes arise. Of course, even people who do not suffer from acute anxiety can use this dreamcatcher tattoo meaning everyone wants to feel like they can breathe easily no matter what life throws at them.

It is believed that each movement of the feathers signifies the passage of a new peaceful dream. Many people love this the most about their Dreamcatcher tattoos so they will be sure to give the feathers a wavy look. This is usually done by simply keeping the net straight and having the feathers angled. This is a very clear dreamcatcher tattoo meaning: the person wants to put aside their stresses and have more peace in their lives.

In some tribes, the web will have eight points to represent the eight legs of the Spider Woman, also known as the Spider Grandmother. The Spider Woman is classically known for being a great teacher and an all-around helper to those who need help. She was known for being wise enough to know how to give anyone the strength to get past any type of hard times, including illnesses.

Another who wants their dreamcatcher tattoo meaning to be wisdom, teaching, or helping might find that the best design for them is one that puts more detail in the net part of the dreamcatcher rather than the feathers.

Occasionally dreamcatchers are adorned with gemstones. One gemstone symbolizes one true creator whereas four gemstones symbolize the four ordinal directions. This is really cool because it means you can customize your Dreamcatcher tattoo simply by adding or removing gems. And you can then further customize it by using unique colors, which could add even more meaning to your Dreamcatcher tattoo.

The gems can be large or small, but it would be a good idea to make them bigger if you want their meaning to come through a bit more.

While it’s always easy to spot a dream catcher since they all have the same basic design, it’s not hard at all to make your dreamcatcher tattoo unique. An example of this is getting a Dreamcatcher tattoo that wraps around your arm. Most people get them going in a straight line, but you can get absolutely any design that you want and place it wherever you want.

In fact, sometimes the placement of a tattoo gives it a slightly different meaning. If your Dreamcatcher tattoo holds a very significant meaning to you and you want to see it often put it on an exposed part of your body. If you are using more personal dreamcatcher tattoo meanings, then you might want to get it on your back or in another place that is covered up the majority of the time. These are the types of things you should go over long before you head out to the tattoo shop.

When choosing a Dreamcatcher tattoo it is important to be mindful of the Native American culture associated with them. Even though you might think of one specific dreamcatcher tattoo design as yours and yours alone, others might not see it that way. The dreamcatcher is very much a Native American symbol, so you should show respect to their culture regardless of whether you do or don’t have Native American ancestry.

These tattoos can sometimes cause controversy if someone feels the tattoo is inappropriate, especially if the wearer is not of Native American descent. Even if you can’t imagine the dreamcatcher tattoo meanings you chose offending anyone, the look alone could offend some people.

That’s not to say you can’t get a Dreamcatcher tattoo, but instead, it means that you should know the symbol’s history and be willing to explain why the design is important to you. It can be a sensitive topic and it’s worth knowing your dreamcatcher info if you plan on getting one of these designs.

It is recommended to do plenty of research and to gain a general understanding of what the Dreamcatcher tattoo symbol stands for. As you have seen on this page, each part of the Dreamcatcher tattoo holds a different meaning to many different tribes. Get to know each part’s history and even go further than that by knowing how they’re made and what colors make sense with different types of dreamcatchers.

Once you have done your research and know the dreamcatcher tattoo meanings you’ll want to use, then it’s time to choose a design! Do you want a big, flashy dreamcatcher tattoo with purple gemstones? Or maybe you want a small dreamcatcher tattoo with larger nets and small feathers that you can get on the underside of your wrist? Whatever you choose, think about how it will look on each part of your body and if its placement will add to or take away from the dreamcatcher tattoo meaning that you want to use.

We have gone over most of the dreamcatcher tattoo meanings here, but you might be able to come up with one or two of your own that work with the overall look of the image. That’s 100 percent okay as long as it works for you and is something that you will want to be on your body for the rest of your life.

Chances are the dreamcatcher tattoo is one that you will love having since it usually looks great on the skin and there are some excellent dreamcatcher tattoo meanings that most people would be happy to use.

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