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We live in a very serious world where bad things happen every day. We try to manage and get through life as best we can but with so many things happening, it’s hard to let your mind be free. The greatest people in this world were dreamers. They aspired to bigger and better things. While everyone was deep into the rat race, these dreamers were the ones coming up with things that have changed our lives for the better.

The dreamer tattoo is a symbol of letting your mind wonder and be creative. Some people might think it is a sign of being unmotivated or lazy but some of the most creative and hardworking people I know are dreamers. We seem to be getting to a point in society where people that think outside the box are more socially accepted. These are the people that don’t fall in line with social norms and these are the kind of people that might have a dreamer tattoo.

In this post we will talk about what it is to be a dreamer, what it means and why someone might get this tattoo. We hope that by the end of this post you will understand the meaning of the dreamer tattoo and if you were thinking about getting it, you will feel a bit more comfortable about it now.

What is a Dreamer

A dreamer can be defined simply as someone who dreams at night. However, as the creative people we are, we know dreamers are much more than that. To be labeled a dreamer can come with a negative connotation. To dream means it is not reality and some might say if you are a dreamer you are just wishing for something to happen. On the other hand, nothing great came from someone who didn’t dream big. So, to be a dreamer is a great thing and is the practice that created great men and women.

When you were a kid, you dreamed of being a police officer or maybe a fireman. You may have even dreamed about being the President of the United States of America. If you never dreamed about it, chances are you wouldn’t have gotten to accomplish your goals. Athletes dream of winning the big game or making the big play. Fighters envision themselves with their hand up in victory at the end of their fights. This visualization is crucial to accomplishing goals that you, let alone other people, wouldn’t have thought was possible.

I wouldn’t want to know someone that wasn’t a bit of a dreamer. Those that don’t dream about bigger things are destined to become average.

Dreamer Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

The dreamer tattoo meaning is subjective based on the reason the person got the tattoo. However, there is some symbolism behind the word “dreamer”. There is also a lot of correlation between dreamer and dream catchers and we will talk about what a dream catcher is a symbolizes as well.

To be a dreamer symbolizes hope. Whether it is hope for better days or hoping to accomplish a goal you were aiming for. Dreaming is just dreaming without action but it all starts with a dream. Biggie even stated in his song “Juicy” that “It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine.” His statement started as dreaming of being one of the best hip hop artists ever and evolved into this actually happening. The dreamer tattoo is a steady reminder to not give up on your goals and to keep dreaming big.

Because the phrase “dreamer” is often associated with a dreamcatcher, we should discuss the symbolism behind that as well. A dreamcatcher is associated with Native American cultures. It is a woven mesh with feathers hanging off of it. The purpose of the dreamcatcher is to be hung over your bed. It catches the bad dreams that might enter your mind and only allows the good ones to come through. The dreamcatcher is a symbol of the Native Americans and also represents positivity.

Dreamer Tattoo Variations

The dreamer tattoo seems to be a simple phrase that wouldn’t allow many variations, but the message can be portrayed with words and images. Below we will talk about a couple different dreamer tattoos we have seen and talk about what it means to that person.

Dreamer Dreamcatcher Tattoo

As we stated above, the dreamer tattoo is often associated with the dreamcatcher. You might see a dreamcatcher tattoo with the word dreamer incorporated into the tattoo. The two ideas combined portray the idea of dreaming good dreams or having positive dreams. Because the dreamcatcher only allows positive dreams to reach you, it represents all that is positive about dreaming and the dreamer tattoo with the dreamcatcher can only allow you to dream big with positive results.

Dreamer Word Tattoo

In most cases, you will see the dreamer tattoo as just the word “dreamer”. This tattoo is simple and effective. It gets the idea across that you are a dreamer and you will shoot for the stars. This tattoo can be tattooed in many different fonts depending on your heritage. Sanskrit and Latin are a couple variations that look cool and might make people ask you what it means. Then a conversation starts about your tattoo. We have also seen the dreamer tattoo inked in a watercolor fashion. Dreaming is already whimsical so adding a watercolor style to the image really empowers the word. The dreamer tattoo mixed with the beautiful and colorful watercolor style creates a powerful image to be displayed for all to see.

The beautiful about the dreamer tattoo is that you can dream up your own variation of it. It would only make sense for this to happen but if you are having a hard time deciding on how you want your dreamer tattoo inked, we hope you got some better ideas from this post and the pictures underneath. If you need advice on a tattoo artist who can make your dreamer tattoo vision come true, let us know because we would love to give you a recommendation.

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