Ear Tattoos

Not too long ago, it was quite rare to see ear tattoos, but these days plenty of people get them to show off who they are. They’re certainly not for everyone, but those who do end up getting them usually want to make sure that everyone who sees them gets a good idea of what type of people they are simply by looking at their designs. Below you will find information about ear tattoos, including some of the most popular designs that you can have drawn there.

On such a small, and sensitive, area of the body, tattoos placed on the ear are generally delicate and simple. You usually won’t find intricate line work or extremely large tattoos around the ears, though you will sometimes see extremely interesting designs that seem to look best around the ear area. Just keep in mind that if you are interested in getting an ear tattoo, it is usually the area where you want to get simpler pieces.

The space around the ear does not allow for much detail or intricacy so images chosen are usually creative and personal. The images or sets of symbols often tell a story about who the owner is or who they want to be without having to use complex line work. In fact, some of these smaller ear tattoos can tell more of a story than much larger designs can. Of course, these ear tattoos are much more public so it makes sense that they have this added effect.

Piercings are often incorporated into the images as well because of the commonality of ear piercings. They can be used to enhance the design chosen and added another element to the tattoo. If you do decide to go this route, you will want to make sure that the design will work well even without the earrings you currently wear since there may come a day when you won’t be into that style anymore and you want the tattoo to work on its own.

Small hearts are some of the most commonly seen ear tattoos for a variety of reasons. Not only does the “love” meaning work for just about everyone, the heart’s shape seems to fit perfect around the ear area. Some people will get multiple hearts, some will get just one, and others will include a heart or two along with other small symbols.

Leaves and flowers are often used as well, conveying a love of nature and the outdoors. If you do want to get a flower tattoo, then be sure to look up the meanings that come along with that flower. It might be tempted to just choose a flower by its looks and how it will fit around the ear area, but ideally you’ll find one that both looks nice and has meanings that make sense for you.

The jewelry of piercings is sometimes incorporated with flowers, serving as the center and creating a more eye-catching image. These designs are often made to look like they are part of the owner’s skin. The jewelry can look connected to the person’s ear while the flower adds a nice, meaningful ornament on the jewelry.

Another extremely popular ear tattoo design includes one or more bird silhouettes. Birds themselves are quite meaningful and the silhouette look allows people to include those meanings without having to get complex designs. These are actually some of the more meaningful all-black tattoos that you can get, especially around the ear area.

Music notes or other signs of musical notation are a fitting choice for a musician. It symbolizes the love of music and the idea that it is heard or thought of constantly. This is actually one of the better ear tattoo ideas since you can both show your love for music and promote the fact that you play music. Some people will just include a few notes in these designs while others will include mini instruments as well.

Shapes like triangles, circles or simple line work are some of the most commonly seen ear tattoos for a variety of reasons. First off, they are extremely easy to make, even in the ear area. Secondly, every shape has its own meanings that can work for different people. And lastly, they are the easiest to hide away or even transform into other tattoo designs later on.

Small animal designs can also work quite well as ear tattoos. Even though most people want to get larger designs of their favorite animals, others like the fact that they can get all of the meanings that come along with those animals in a design that is less than an inch tall. You can get quite a bit of detail into these ear tattoos, but most people opt to get outlines or silhouettes of their favorite animals.

Because the ear is an obvious symbol of hearing and sound, images and signs of sounds and noises represent memories that are significant to the individual. Images on the ear also give the impression that the design is a representation of what is on the individual’s mind. These are just more ways that you can easily tell outsiders who you are without having to say a word.

Images can be placed on the inside cartilage of the ear or just behind the ear, making it less visible in certain situations. This is a great way to have something every personal tattooed on you without having to share it with anyone. You can actually go your whole life without seeing some of these designs, which makes them that much more attractive to people who want to get private designs.

Tattoos placed behind the ear, however, can be much larger stretching onto the neck or around to the inside of the ear. Dragon images work well for this, curling around the ear and representing a macabre or more medieval persona. It’s important to keep in mind that ear tattoos like this will define who you are to people even before they get to know you. If that doesn’t bother you or you think it helps to weed out those who you don’t want to associate with, then you might find these ear tattoos to be quite fitting.

Minute tattoos can be placed on the very back of the ear as well. The almost hidden placement of this tattoo makes it that much more personal, a secret that the wearer may or may not choose to share. Small, personal designs work well here as well like initials, inspirational words, or other significant images.

Even though ear tattoos can look great, it is very important that you take your time and really think over this decision. The fact is that ear tats are a bit of a fad right now and they might fall out of favor sooner rather than later. More importantly, you might not think it looks great in a few years and these are not the easiest tattoos to cover up. With that being said, if you know that your ear tattoo will always be important to you, then definitely get one. Just be sure that you pick designs that are very meaningful to you and that fit well in that area.

If you do choose to get an ear tattoo, then you should definitely work with a top artist in your area. A good tattoo artist will know exactly how to shape your design to work well in the ear area. Some will actually help you to tweak the design to be just right. Your chances of loving your tattoo for years to come increase mightily when you work with an artist who has a lot of experience with ear tattoos.

Ear tattoos are often quite meaningful to people and they show that by being willing to put them on a very public part of their bodies. Considering that, people usually don’t regret getting these designs even though it might seem like there would be a high chance of that. As long as you give yourself some time to be sure you want to get an ear tattoo, there’s a great chance that you will end up loving it for the rest of your life.

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