Earth Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The ultimate symbol of life, Earth is about as meaningful a tattoo as you can get, which is why it also happens to be one of the most commonly seen tattoo designs around the world today.

Not only are these tattoos extremely meaningful, they also happen to be beautiful and can be designed in a number of ways. On this page we will take a look at some of those design options and the meanings that you can attach to an Earth tattoo.

You might think of the planet itself as the only way that you can design an Earth tattoo, but there are a couple other styles that you can choose from. It really depends on the amount of real estate you have to work with, your budget, and, of course, your style preferences. We point this out because many people assume that they have to get the globe to get all of the wonderful meanings that come with the Earth tattoo, and you definitely don’t.

The non-planet Earth tattoo that most people opt to get is the triangular symbol used in alchemy. This symbol is a very simple downward-facing triangle with a line going through the bottom third of it. This is a fantastic budget variation, and it also happens to be one of the best Earth tats for your wrist or any other smaller area of your body. Of course, if you also happen to want an alchemist version of this tattoo, then this is definitely the one for you.

Some people will also include the other three classical elements with their Earth tattoos: Fire, Air, and Water. There are many ways that you can design the elements, so it really does come down to personal tastes. You can go with the simple triangles as mentioned above, you can fill in the triangles with a bit more detail, or you can even blend the four elements together into a somewhat abstracted image. Regardless of the design, these tattoos symbolize life as we know it.

Of course, most people choose to get the planet itself if they decide that an Earth tattoo would do a good job of defining a part of who they are. Once again, the amount of detail you put in your Earth tattoo comes down to your budget and the style that jumps out at you. You’re not going to lose or gain any meaning no matter what design you choose to get, but you should design it in a way that you will love for the rest of your life.

As we pointed out up top, Earth is the top symbol of life, which can mean many things to many different people. You could get one of these tats because you have a newfound respect for the preciousness of life, or you might get it because you love life that much and you want to show that in tattoo form. There are dozens of great reasons to get an Earth tattoo, so if you have your own important reasons, this might be the best tattoo for you.

The Earth tattoo also symbolizes community, which is an excellent meaning for anyone who finds a lot of value in being around and working with others. To make this meaning come through a bit clearer, you could have people holding hands around the globe, or you can add in other symbols that represent community or comradery.

Those looking to find a unique way to honor their mothers with a tattoo might find that the Earth tattoo is an excellent way to do just that. After all, many people see the Earth as the ultimate symbol of motherhood as it gives us life and protects us from everything outside of our atmosphere. An Earth tattoo can serve as the centerpiece of a tattoo honoring someone’s mom, or it can be one of multiple symbols of motherhood.

Choosing an Earth tattoo design can be a bit tricky for some people. Even if you know that you are going to be getting a globe of some kind, it can be tough figuring out exactly how to draw it up. Some people find it easiest to use a picture for reference and tweak it to their liking.

Others will remove most of the detail so they can shrink the planet down a bit in their designs. You can run into some issues during the design process, but that actually ups the chances of you ending up with a tattoo that you love since you put so much effort into creating it.

Placement isn’t actually too tricky at all with Earth tattoos since the majority of them are circular. You can very easily fit one on your wrist, your forearm, or even blow it up to fit on your back. As long as you know the size of the design, you should be able to figure out a great place to place it.

Regardless of whether you get the planetary symbol or some other type of Earth tattoo, you should definitely hire and artist who can make it look amazing on your skin. An inexperienced artist could easily make the Earth look more like a circle with zig-zagged lines inside of it.

If you do your research and find a local artist who is known for making some excellent designs, you great up your chances of ending up with the exact Earth tattoo that you were hoping for.

We hope you now have a good idea of the types of Earth tattoo designs that are out there and some of the meanings you can attach to these designs. The fact is that you can very easily turn the Earth tat into something amazing that you are proud to show off to everyone.

Just be sure that you are patient through the design process, you figure out a great place to put it on your body, and then hire a tattoo artist who can bring that design to life. Do all of that and you should end up being a very proud Earth tattoo owner.

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