Ed Hardy Tattoo Fade Protection is a silicone-based skincare and tattoo aftercare product from Ed Hardy that works as a sunless tanner and a tattoo moisturizer. The lotion effectively adds a bronze sheen to the skin with continuous application while protecting tattoos at the same time. Many tanning lotions reduce the vibrancy of tattoos as skin is darkened by the formula but with patented tattoo fade protection technology, tattoos appear vivid even as skin becomes richer and darker in color. With added tyrosine, an amino acid produced by the body to increase melanin (skin’s pigment), the tanning lotion works with the natural chemicals of the body to safely darken skin without the risks of UV rays. The unique formula of Ed Hardy Tattoo Fade Protection allows the skin to darken through this method but also enhance tattoo ink.

The product contains synthetic additives, alcohol, unnatural fragrances, and several added dyes to create the lotion’s dark color. The lotion is Jackfruit and Lotus scented and works with the company’s patented Nouritan Technology, as well as Ideal Lift Technology to increase elasticity and Body Fit Technology to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The added bronzers are both natural and unnatural to ensure that the desired results are obtained.

The tanning lotion and tattoo protectant works instantly, darkening the skin after the very first use. The added dyes and bronzers ensure that the skin’s inherent tones are brought out, darkening to a natural, sun-kissed brown rather than unsightly orange like some tanning lotions. The product is a safe alternative to outdoor tanning, reducing the risks of skin cancer that accompanies exposure to UV rays.

Ed Hardy Tattoo Fade Protection is not suitable for freshly tattooed skin because of the synthetic dyes and chemicals which can cause irritations and reactions when used on broken skin. The lotion should only be applied following the healing period on skin free of scabbing. However, the lotion will work as a maintenance product to keep tattoos looking bright and fresh, even on dark skin.

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