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Address: 689 Innovation Drive Kingston, ON Canada K7K 7E6

Phone: (800) 427-8198

Eikon Tattoo Equipment and Supplies was established in 1994 as a small operation that became a large-scale tattoo supply company over the span of 21 years. A product of their decades of tattoo innovation, their line of power and meter supplies is well-known in the industry along with their line of coil tattoo machines and tattoo needles. They are based out of Kingston, Ontario but are known and ship all over the globe. As an online tattoo supply retailer, Eikon is committed to keeping up with industry standards as well as providing tattoo education through online video tutorials and reliable customer service before and after order have been shipped.

Eikon’s line of tattoo power supplies are Canadian-made with high quality parts to create a power supplier that is unparalleled by the competition. The website contains several troubleshooting videos along with information about the machine, ensuring that the customer is well informed about the product and its operation. Being able to properly utilize the product to its fullest extent without frustration or uncertainty allows the customer to get the most for their money but also feel satisfied with their purchase. As an example of their dedication to customer service, Eikon’s website provides a survey for all clients to rate their level of satisfaction. This enables the company to keep up with the customer’s demands and better fulfill their needs.

Eikon Tattoo Equipment and Supplies online inventory provides the tattoo artist or shop owner with all of the tools necessary to tattoo with confidence in reliability and sterility. Their products can also be purchased through dozens of other distributors both in-store and online all over the globe. The authorized list of distributors ensures that only authentic Eikon tattoo power supply and meters are sold outside of their online retailer.