Elbow Tattoos

People used to rarely think about their elbows when they were going to get tattoos, but these days it’s pretty well known that plenty of designs look fantastic as elbow tattoos. If you’re thinking about getting one of the many great elbow tattoos out there, then take a look at the information below to learn about some very cool designs and how you should approach getting an elbow tat.

The elbow is an interesting spot for a tattoo because of its angle on the arm, a center point for a variety of attractive designs. Most people choose the elbow for images that have a center point and spread out, but that’s not completely necessary. The main thing is to find a subject that can look great on or around the elbow area.

Common designs used in elbow tattoos are spider webs, mandalas, roses, and stars as well as geometric shapes, although any image can be placed here. These work well because they cover the elbow well and can look good regardless of whether the arm is straight or bent. In fact, many people like these types of elbow tattoos because they look slightly different at different angles, but still very cool.

The elbow is an extremely visible area and so the image chosen is generally significant to the individual. If you’re planning on getting an elbow tattoo, you’ll want to be sure to choose a design that means a lot to you and that you don’t mind showing off every single time you have a short-sleeve shirt on. The meaning of elbow tattoos is generally very obvious to people who see them, but they most definitely don’t have to be obvious; you can get a very visible tattoo that happens to have a very private meaning.

Spider webs are often used to convey a lengthy period, originating with sailors who were waiting to go home but has been adopted by prison inmates awaiting the same release. The spider web or cob web is symbol of the passage of time, but also the impending return of something. In some cases, a spider is tattooed on another point of the body, indicating its journey back to its roots.

Mandalas are also often used, on both the outside and inside of the elbow, and create a striking and appealing image. The mandala is a representation of the universe, a map of directions, karmas, and the wheel of life. The designs are usually symmetrical and unfold like a lotus flower with many petals, although there are many different styles. The mandala is a symbol of Buddhist principles that can be adopted and useful to anyone.

Just as popular as mandalas are flower elbow tattoos, which can come in all shapes and colors. The key with these designs is to get them centered over the elbow so they “bloom” out towards all parts of your arm. What’s great about flower tattoos is that you can pick from hundreds of them and you are just about guaranteed to have at least one or two cool meanings to use. If you want the perfect flower elbow tattoo, be sure to look through the whole list until you’ve found one with one or two meanings that you like and a look that will work as an elbow tattoo.

Another popular image for the elbow is a compass. The compass is chosen for the elbow because it is a direct point on the body, though it can be placed on the inner elbow as well. When imaged on the outside of the elbow, it has an ironic aspect as it cannot be easily seen by the individual, symbolizing that the right direction is out of sight.

If you wanted to get an animal tattoo on your arm, consider getting one that lines up with your elbow. The mouth area of the animal can blend in perfectly in that area, making for a very unique animal tattoo.

Stars, often nautical stars, are placed on the elbow as well because of their attractive symmetry. The star can also be accompanied by flowers, making it a more feminine image, or a spider web design. Basic star tattoos usually mean that the owners have big goals in their lives (“shooting for the stars”), while nautical stars represent military pride or perhaps one’s love for his or her country.

A flaming sun is also commonly tattooed around the elbow, creating a perfect circle around the bone. Many sun tattoos have a lot of detail in and around them, but sun elbow tattoos are generally more basic designs. The elbow itself gives the sun a cool texture, and any added detail is usually left to any parts of the sun that are surrounding the elbow rather than directly on that area.

A design that doesn’t usually have much meaning but works quite well around the elbow is the swirl tattoo. With these designs you can do absolutely anything you want, including adding unique shapes in the swirls and making them different colors. Even though the swirls themselves don’t have much meaning, the colors and anything in the swirls could be very meaningful to you. Swirl tattoos work well by themselves on the elbow, but plenty of people choose to include swirls in a much larger piece.

Chances are if you are thinking about getting a cool elbow tattoo, you’re also wondering how much pain there’s going to be with said elbow tattoo. Well, there will be some pain, no doubt about it. But that doesn’t mean it’s unmanageable. In fact, plenty of people feel that first bit of pain and are fine for the majority of the procedure. Besides, infections are rare with elbow tattoos these days (and all other tattoos, for that matter) so you really shouldn’t worry too much about it. You might feel a bit of pain during the whole process and then a bit of pain for a few days after, but then you’re good to go. Focus more on the design and the cool look it will give your elbow and before you know it there will be no pain at all.

Now that you know all about what to expect from the elbow tattoo procedure, you’ll really want to think about how to design a tattoo around your elbow. This can be kind of difficult since it’s an odd area to get some ink. You’ll want to make sure that even if the focal point of the design isn’t circular, that the design as a whole is so it looks great in that area. You’ll also want to think about if you want the entire elbow tattoo to be near the elbow or if you want it to spread further onto your arm, maybe as part of a sleeve or half sleeve.

Most tattoo artists out there have done plenty of elbow tattoos, but you still want to do your due diligence to make sure you pick one that can do an excellent job on your design. This is especially true if there is going to be a bit more detail in your elbow tat since these can be more difficult to ink. You can check online for some tattooist reviews or, better yet, talk to some local people about the artists they’ve worked with. You want to make sure that you have an artist that will treat your design as if it is the most important job they’ve ever done.

Elbow tattoos are all the rage right now for a reason. There are plenty of great designs that you can get in that area and they look fantastic when done correctly. If you are planning on getting an elbow tattoo, be sure to take your time on the design, don’t worry too much about the potential pain, and work with an artist who will do your design justice. Follow all of those steps and you can be sure that you will be happy with whatever elbow tattoo you decide to get.

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